Pokemon Court Chapter 920

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 920th chapter of the diamond mining country, Princess Diancie, floating astronomy
    Kalos Region.

    An unknown forest.

    The environment Terrance here has been observed for a long time, and the initial judgment should be away from people.

    In front of the mountains, the forest is dense, the wind blows, and Wanmu is sloping. Like the hurricane Normal in the sea, it seems that it is a dangerous place.

    After arriving at the place, Xerneas shook, and Terrance and Diancie were directly smashed from the body.

    "Where are you going next?"

    Terrance doubts the opening.

    "Diamond mine country."Xerneas didn't look back and said slowly.

    “The Diancie family has a specific inheritance system. Your Assist Fairy Aura mutates Carbink. This process is incomplete. Losing the previous memory is one of the sequelae of the mutation. If it is not the power of the Fairy mark, it may never be I don't think about the previous things."

    Xerneas fell, and Terrance tightened Diancie tightly and cautiously asked, "There should be no other sequelae?"

    "It is a pity."Xerneas Road.

    "Energy is not a single, fairy, vegetation, flame and so on as close to the life of the attribute, are with a huge vitality, of which fairy contains the most energy of life, you assist fairy energy help it to mutate, but ignore the impurities in the fairy energy, And with Altaria to fairy Aura control, but also can not let Diancie thoroughly digest this ability to quantify for their own, is still a hidden danger, this similar life energy hidden danger, is from the fairy energy is stripped out of the vitality, it will and diancie their own vitality conflict, The time that eventually causes it to survive may be shorter than the normal carbink. ”

    Xerneas walked in front, and Terrance and Diancie couldn't help but keep up with it. When it was finished, the time was over, the trees were raging, and the sound of the waves rang, and a hole appeared in front of Terrance and others.

    "How to solve it?"Terrance asked quickly.

    Absorb this extra life energy?

    Let Gengar feed on the energy of life?

    Or can you get the ∞ energy technology from Assist?

    Terrance quickly thought of a few ways to try it out, but in the end he looked at Xerneas, and since the other person came here with Diancie, there must be a reason for it.

    Directly with Diancie and Xerneas into the cave, the environment inside suddenly surprised Terrance, which is not like a cave, but rather an entrance to the entrance to the underground palace.

    Although the hole is not high, but inside, but like another world, there are large blue diamonds on both sides of the road. Walking into the cave, you can still hear the sound of dripping water.

    The cave is very bright, because the blue diamonds inlaid everywhere reflect a faint glow, and they are mapped together, making it a no-brainer with a glorious palace filled with various gems.

    The entry of Terrance, Diancie, and Xerneas immediately caused the incitement of a group of elves in the cave.

    Dozens of Carbink suddenly stepped out and formed an army-like formation on their own, and they looked carefully.

    However, when these Carbink saw Diancie, Qi Qi exposed the expression of ghosts and messed up the formation.

    Although he lost the ability to perceive the Fairy's elves, Terrance can probably understand each other's words…

    Seems to be……What Diancie Princess?

    “Stop it! “Stop it! Give me back. ”At this moment, a relatively old Carbink drilled out of it. After seeing Xerneas, it immediately took a few steps forward.

    "Xerneas adults, I didn't think you remember the diamond mine country. Oh, yes, do you remember me? 75 years ago, there was a great destruction in a place called 'Aurora's Forest'. In that disaster, it was you who saved me with Fairy Aura."

    This aged Carbink seemed to be very respected. As soon as it came out, the surrounding guards immediately retreated and left the position to it.

    "Drilling Minister…"

    For the first time, Carbink was listening to the elders in the mining country talking about their experience of traveling to the mainland when they were young. As the Minister of Diamonds described the situation at the time, the surrounding Carbink showed a curious expression.

    “Xerneas is a friend of our mining country. It can be traced back to the early days when Diancie was born and the diamond mine was first built. You must not be slow!”

    It is clear that Carbink is speaking their own language, not telepathy, but Terrance has accidentally understood their language.

    He glanced at Xerneas and understood that perhaps Xerneas was using telepathy to convey what they meant.

    "Diancie of the mine generation has been born…"Xerneas looked at the drill minister and asked.

    "Xerneas adults, this generation of Diancie adults has just been born less than a year, the strength is not yet mature, etiquette is not fully mastered, please forgive me, would you like to see it?"

    "Mm."Xerneas nodded.

    "Right, Xerneas is an adult…"The drill minister twisted and twisted and looked at Terrance and Diancie around him. The doubts were born, but there was no time to ask.

    “Does there be other Diancie inheritance besides our diamond mines abroad?”

    Since the birth of the new generation of Diancie in the mining country, the Minister of Drill has been taking care of each other, so he did not admit the same mistakes as other Carbink.

    The emergence of the new Diancie is good or bad for the mining country, and the drill minister is troubled.

    In the face of the doubts of the drill minister, Xerneas nodded slowly and responded.

    After communicating here, Terrance probably understood why Xerneas brought him to the diamond mining country.

    Here, there is another Diancie.

    As well, the complete heritage of Diancie.

    These may be the key to solving the sequelae of their own Diancie mutation.

    “Is there a guest?”

    When the Princess Diancie of the diamond mining country came out, the two Diancie immediately looked at each other.

    Terrance found that his own Diancie development seemed to be better, bigger than the Diancie public in the mine. After thinking about it, he could only attribute it to the huge Fairy energy that the entire Fairy Army offered…

    "Diancie, this is Xerneas, a benefactor of my country, and this is the great Terrance and his partner, another Diancie."

    The Minister of Drilling quickly introduced the Princess Diancie of the mining country.

    The princess is very cute. Hearing the guests of the mining country, not the bad guys, immediately politely bowed.

    "It turned out to be like this…How are you? (?????)??"

    "Hello there."Terrance smiled and licked his own Diancie, whispering: "I still don't say hello."

    Diancie: "Hello (????)"

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