Pokemon Court Chapter 921

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main chapter 921 double disaster! Floating astronomy
    The diamond mining country does not welcome outsiders, even the elves will reject, let alone the human Trainer.

    Terrance was able to receive a friendly reception from the diamond mining country, which was the light of Xerneas.

    As for sitting on a chair made of diamonds, it is purely because diamonds are diamonds…That’s all.

    "If it is developed by humans, the diamonds outside will depreciate."Terrance patted the chair and was speechless.

    To say that it is a chair is actually a square blue diamond. Considering its preciousness, Terrance does not disappoint it too hard.

    For such an uncomfortable chair, he was still sitting for the first time…Although outsiders see you may want to beat him.

    At this time, Terrance's Diancie was pulled by the Diancie princess of the mining country, and both elves looked at each other curiously.

    Although the mutation was successful, Diancie was awakened by Terrance and still couldn't change some of the habits of the Carbink stage. Now I saw a similar life. It immediately observed it carefully and wanted to learn the behavior of the other person and adapt himself to the new Contest. Condition.

    "800 years ago, at the time of death, the tree of life released the life energy of the Kalos Region. By chance, a carbink that had entered the Fairy Gem vein became the first Diancie. Since then, your mine country has been established. . The first generation of Diancie took a long time to grasp the meaning of life, and used its own strength to create a holy diamond that maintains the operation of the diamond mining country. Therefore, the Diancie vein was successfully passed down with the holy diamond. ”

    It's not so much a conversation with the drill minister, but what Xerneas is explaining with Terrance.

    tree of Life……It should be the incarnation of Xerneas, Terrance guessed.

    "Every generation of Diancie will use its own X Attack holy diamonds to prevent the power of inheritance from disappearing and the mining country to be destroyed. But as time goes by, today, the power of inheritance must be very weak, under the force of inheritance. The birth of the new generation Diancie no longer has the power of the former Diancies."

    Xerneas inadvertently looked at Diancie, the Diancie princess who was not deeply involved, mentally and baby Normal, very weak, even one-tenth of Terrance's Diancie never reached.

    The inheritance of the first generation of Diancie has almost disappeared.

    "This…this…"ThisThe drill minister heard the words of Xerneas and showed a complex expression.

    “The new generation of Diancie adults is indeed like this. Even the basic skills of making diamonds are not mastered. I know that the Diancie adults of the previous generation have already been able to do this when they were born. I am thinking maybe In a few years, the situation will improve. If it doesn't work in the end, you can only go to Xerneas."

    "Only you can save our mining country."

    The Minister of the Diamonds sincerely requested.

    The first generation of Diancie once understood the meaning of life under the tree of life in Xerneas's life. The practice gained the ability of the autonomous Mega Evolution, and then spent a lifetime creating a holy diamond, leaving it in the diamond mining country.

    This holy diamond is not only the energy that sustains the operation of the diamond mining country, but also the inheritance of the new Diancie.

    Inside, it is a record of the power of Diancie in the past.

    After the establishment of the diamond mining country, the first generation Diancie continued to stay next to the tree of life, wanting to understand the meaning of deeper life, but did not succeed until the end of life.

    At that time, Xerneas was a tree, but it still felt the outside world.

    It was then that Xerneas had a cause and effect with the diamond mining country.

    Terrance glanced at the beautiful diamond mining country and glanced at Diancie, who played Play Rough in the distance. “That is to say, if this generation of Diancie adults can't grasp the power of strengthening holy diamonds, the inheritance of diamond mines and Diancie will be Disappeared?"

    "Is such that."The drill minister was powerless.

    Terrance fell silent, according to historical development, a few years later Princess Diancie in order to find Xerneas left the diamond mining country, met Ash line of people, and then successfully get Xerneas help, through fairy Aura to gain growth, was taught the use of life energy methods, Mastering the ability of the first generation of Diancie to be as autonomous as the Mega Evolution, so that the diamond mining countries can be preserved, but now there seems to be a problem, is xerneas early to the diamond mining countries, the next step in what direction will the plot develop? Terrance is very curious.

    “The reason I came here is mainly to help the two Diancies to gain the true heritage of Diancie.”

    Xerneas said slowly.

    Because the energy of holy diamonds is almost exhausted, the success of the new generation of Diancie has not been able to gain the experience of Diancie in the past, or it will not be able to master the ability to make diamonds in a few years.

    From the energy or skill level, Princess Diancie did not meet the criteria for strengthening holy diamonds, which is why it was forced to leave the diamond mining country to find Xerneas.

    "Ahhhh…" Really Xerneas adults! ”The drill minister was excited and almost shed tears.

    As for the "two" Diancie of the Help, it is directly ignored by it. In short, the mining country can run smoothly. The new generation of Princess Diancie can get the strength of the former Diancie, so that the mining country can be brilliant for hundreds of years. enough.

    "But I have a condition."Xerneas sank and said to Terrance: "I used to go to the Alola Region and explored the source of that power. I found that the source of power is the distant world from the planet in light years, and the two worlds. It is a special channel."

    "Look at Ultra Wormhole."Terrance opens quickly.

    "Is this the name of it? Let's call it Ultra Wormhole. The Ultra Wormhole has a close relationship with the space-time channel. I discovered that the collision between the two is making the time and space become unstable. I am worried that there will be a disaster in the future. ”Xerneas Road:

    "Yveltal was born soon, when it will once again destroy Kalos Region, absorb all things to life for their own growth, my responsibility, is to be responsible for restricting it, after that, I may be with it into a long slumber, coupled with Zygarde cell whining more and more intense, I am worried that when the double disaster will come together, Zygarde alone can not maintain the ecological balance of the Kalos Region, so I would like to ask you, when the Kalos crisis, reach out. ”

    Xerneas and Yveltal, which represent the destruction of the representative, often exist in the form of trees and scorpions, which is the main reason for Xerneas to make requests.


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