Pokemon Court Chapter 922

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 922th chapter of the mine country is willing to follow Terrance adults, floating astronomy
    Xerneas looked at Terrance. As the selected Trainer, Terrance gained the power of Fairy Aura and also accepted the elves like Diancie. He has qualified to compete with the Mega disaster. When Fairy Aura is completely mastered by Altaria, as long as there is enough Fairy energy. Provided to Terrance, then they can break out of the role of Xerneas and guard a Region.

    If it was the scream of Zygarde cells alone, Xerneas wouldn't guide Terrance so much, but when it found an abnormality in the space-time channel, Unown began to patch it, and it had to leave a backhand for the Kalos Region to prevent it from sleeping. The real disaster has brought the Kalos Region into crisis.

    “Is there something that our mining country can help?”The drill minister said nervously.

    "In the face of the disaster, the entire Kalos will be affected, and your mining country will not be spared. It is better to contribute to Kalos than to escape."Xerneas Road.

    "Alright!"AlrightThe drill minister nodded hard. The mining country has no contention with the world. It has been in the underground world and rarely communicates with the outside world. But if it is as Xerneas said, the huge disaster will come, and the mining country can't be alone.

    "If you don't mind, you can follow his command. He has passed on the ability of Fairy Aura to unify the power of your mining country."Xerneas Road.

    The drill minister was still thinking, and when Xerneas said this sentence, she was shocked and couldn't believe the smirking Terrance.

    At first, it was doubting who Terrance was, and it could be brought to the diamond mine by Xerneas. Until the other Diancie was confirmed as a partner of Terrance, the doubts of the minister disappeared, but now, come again. A more exciting news.

    Fairy Aura's heritage Trainer.

    There is indeed a qualification for the Fairy Elf.

    “If the disaster really comes, the 398 people in the diamond mining country are willing to follow the Terrance adults to save the Kalos Region.”

    "Drilling minister is polite. If there is a disaster, my personal strength is small. If I can get help from the mine country, I will be very happy."Terrance nodded.

    In the words, Terrance was also a little surprised at the number of people in the diamond mining country, 398 Carbink?

    This number does not know how much the total amount of Kalos Region Carbink is.

    WHAT IF…If the holy diamonds can be restored to the original state, I think that our mining countries can continue to expand and continue to absorb new people, and there will be more resistance when faced with disasters. ”The drill minister has a lot of thoughts.

    "Drilling Minister, Xerneas, you don't have to worry too much. Please believe in humanity. If the disaster really comes, not just the elves, other humans will never stand by."Terrance is serious.

    Kalos Alliance's four Elites, champion Diantha, and many Taoist trainers, hidden talents, will not shrink when the disaster arrives. Kalos is the home of countless people. He feels that Xerneas and Diamond Minister are worried. Some monks are worried.

    Even if Kalos is unable to resist, one side has difficulty supporting all parties. Unless the whole world is in a disaster at the same time, Terrance really does not believe that anything can be difficult for human beings.

    "I hope so."Xerneas looked into the distance and didn't know what to think about.



    Terrance, Diamond Minister, Xerneas, after a little time of communication, finally got the big show to play.

    Two Diancies were called by a drilled minister, and one was called by Terrance and gathered here at Xerneas.

    After seeing the true power of the original Diancie, Xerneas understands that the potential of the Diancie family is immeasurable and can explode a very powerful force, so it has no flaws, directly releasing its own Fairy Aura, and developing potential for the two elves.

    Terrance's Diancie experienced the baptism of Altaria's Fairy Aura from the Carbink period, and now re-bathing under the Fairy Aura of Xerneas, the effect is very small, but for the Princess Diancie of the Diamond Mine, this baptism is a big chance.

    Fairy Aura is bathed, even though it has little power to inherit from holy diamonds, even though it has not been inherited from Diancie's experience, but with the help of Xerneas, its potential has begun to catch up with its ancestors, even to catch up with the original Diancie. .

    When Fairy Aura dissipated, the two Diancies were reborn and grateful to Xerneas.

    "When I am away, I also ask you to lead the diamond mining country to shoulder the mission of guarding the Kalos Region, which is a reward for this power."Xerneas said to Princess Diancie.

    "No problem, thank you very much Xerneas."Princess Diancie saw that the minister was squinting at herself and quickly promised.

    "Excuse me, Xerneas, is this so that Princess Diancie has the ability to strengthen holy diamonds?"The drill minister is looking forward to ask.

    “Although it can be strengthened, the holy diamonds can only sustain the operation of the diamond mining country, and the next generation of Diancie has not been born.”Xerneas said: "Unless, your princess can understand the meaning of life, and like its ancestors, change to another form, so that the diamond mining country can pass on."

    "What should I do?"Princess Diancie was like a child who made a mistake and asked in a whisper.

    "Don't worry, with your current strength, you can already get the experience of the predecessors from the holy diamonds. I think there should be an understanding of the meaning of life."Terrance smiled and looked at his Diancie.

    Now, he finally understands the arrangement of Xerneas. Diancie has another life-like thing. If he can Assist the Diancie experience of the holy diamonds, it can not only adapt to the Contest Condition quickly, but also take this opportunity. Expel this impurity in the meaning of comprehending life.

    After all, there must be a sense of life in the early generation of Diancie, which is a good thing for Diancie.

    “Diancie, for the next time, you will stay with the Princess Diancie in the mine and strengthen the holy diamonds together, and then experience the experience of controlling the abilities of the Diancie predecessors.”

    "Really?"Terrance's Diancie has a quick opening.

    It found that he had already liked the diamond mine country. Not only did he have many Carbink, but also a Princess Diancie like a younger sister. Diancie immediately said happily when he heard the opportunity to stay here.

    "Well, but for a while, for the next Elite game, I still need you to help me."Terrance smiled and said: "Yes, if there is a chance, let's go to your hometown to see if your partner is interested in living in the mine country. If it is here, I think they should not refuse."

    After Terrance mentioned the couples of Diancie in Geosenge Town, Diancie instantly showed a surprise expression.

    "Great, I will try my best to understand the meaning of life during this time, and quickly become stronger (..??_??..)”

    Princess Diancie: "I am also my own (〃^?^)"

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