Pokemon Court Chapter 923

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 923th chapter of the four gods gathered, floating astronomy
    "Emmmm, are you not ready to send me back to Hoenn? Where is it here? ”

    Terrance was sitting on Xerneas in a fog, and it had been a long time since he had not had time to explain it to the police in Napru Road. It was a great deal.

    First, I went to the diamond mine in the Kalos Region, and now I was taken to this strange place by Xerneas. Terrance was a little motion sick.

    He felt as if he had inadvertently strolled around the planet.


    As Xerneas stopped, Terrance had a touch of helplessness on his face and his feelings came here again.

    "That is here…"After Terrance was smashed down by Xerneas, he looked around again.

    "Altar of the Sunne…"After watching the surrounding environment, Terrance quickly recalled this place.

    Here…He is impressed as if it is an important location on the Poni Island in the Alola Region, at the far end of the Vast Poni Canyon.

    “Help You complete the final control of Fairy Aura and need the power of Assist.”Xerneas Road.

    theyTerrance glimpsed, the next moment, four different directions, flying four figures.

    The first figure is purple all over the body, like being wrapped in a shell, showing only the body and face, and some feminine elves.

    The second figure, with wooden corners, is like a red hat, a black body, and a very heavy elf.

    The third figure is a kind of elf-like elf who lives in the shackles and is covered in pink.

    The fourth figure is the elf with Black's body, orange hair and legs, and half of each hand with a patterned outer shell.

    "Tapu Finni, Tapu Ta, Tapu Butterfly, Tapu Koko, why the four patrons of Alola will gather here…"Terrance looks at Xerneas, and some are powerless: "Isn't that what they are?"

    Alola's four gods gathered together, and Xerneas, it seems that the ancient existence of the Fairy system has arrived. Terrance estimates that if Rotom Pokédex is here, it will be excited to shoot crazy, but unfortunately, after going back, you can be teased. it.

    "Everyone, please."

    Terrance brain tween, Xerneas solemnly opened, directly entrusted Terrance to the four patrons.

    The four patrons, why did you know Xerneas, Terrance is not known, maybe a long time ago, maybe Xerneas came to Alola to explore the power of Z and what consensus they reached, but in general, Terrance has a bad feeling.

    Soon, the patron saint of the four islands of Alola surrounded Terrance, constantly turning around to observe Terrance, and the dance movement made Terrance burst into horror.

    Because he actually saw the change of expression on the faces of these four patron saints, it seems to be…Smile?

    "long time no see……"Terrance said with a smile, he once helped the four patrons to send back a very strange animal Celesteela to Alola Wormela, did not expect that a long time past, several patron saints remember themselves.

    Fortunately, this dance time did not last long. The four islands guardian statues were confirmed. After nodding at Xerneas, they flew back to their own territory.

    "From tomorrow, you need to go to an island every day, and Altaria accepts a special training from a patron. After four days, Altaria can fully master Fairy Aura. This is a rare opportunity, you must take it seriously."

    "Okay, I understand."Terrance nodded immediately.

    Terrance feels that he is arranged to be clear, but this Captivate is hard to refuse. Fairy Aura's practice has always been Altaria's top priority, although the specific direction has been, but the progress has been rising.

    Now that there is an opportunity, it is natural to cherish it, even if it pays a big price.

    As for the price, Terrance felt that perhaps he had already been assigned a big task to save the world, without knowing it.

    Everything has its own merits and losses. Terrance naturally understands this. From the time of getting Fairy Aura, the road to his own Trainer has become easier, but on the contrary, the shoulders are heavier.

    If you ask Terrance to regret it, of course he does not regret it. Such a chance does not know how many Trainers want to get it.

    "Xerneas…"Seeing that Xerneas was leaving, Terrance looked up and rubbed his hand.

    "The Fairy imprint…"

    The Fairy mark disappeared, and Terrance was still distressed. This was the best ability to communicate with the Fairy Elf and get the Fairy Elf.

    However, Xerneas's remarks made Terrance a little embarrassed, shyly scratched his cheek and apologized.

    "Before giving you this ability is somewhat ill-considered. Although I don't know Trainer very well, if you want to get the recognition of Fairy's elves, let's work hard, feel their hearts, understand the meaning of their existence, sooner or later, Even without the Fairy mark, you can do the same thing."Xerneas glanced at Terrance and said.

    "I am leaving, after five days, I will pick you up."

    "Alright!"Terrance nodded.

    Watching Xerneas leave, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief, and Xerneas's words made Terrance linger for a long time. After careful consideration, he immediately watched.

    Fairy's imprint can certainly increase the affinity of the Fairy Elf to him, but it is not omnipotent. At least the special Togepi does not affect him because he has the Fairy mark. From this, he seems to be too dependent. This ability is gone.

    “The top Trainer can communicate with their elves, not because of anything else, but because they spend their time going to Breeder to learn about their experiences and participate in their lives, which makes Trainer and Elf For one, to be one, this is the power of shackles."

    "If you only rely on the Fairy mark and ignore your heart, it really falls."Terrance is silent.

    “Well, as Xerneas said, try to be a qualified Fairy Elite, and even if you don’t have a Fairy mark, you can get the Fairy Elf!”After the silence, Terrance immediately cheered for himself.

    Special training is starting tomorrow, and it is imperative that Terrance should hurry to find an opportunity to report peace to the Naplu Road.

    After disappearing for so long, everyone in the local police and Olde Green House must have been in a hurry.

    In addition, the player of the Elite Challenge is missing, and it must be a big event on the news…

    "This is the words of Poni Island…Decided, go to Aether Foundation and find Zaobo to eat and live…"After considering the relationship between Professor Kukui and Zaobo, Terrance decided to go to the Aether Foundation. Zaobo Help has cultivated so many Cutiefly himself. Naturally, thank you personally for better, and another important thing. You also need the power of Assist ether.

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