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Pokemon Court Chapter 924

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 924, cooperation with Zaobo, floating astronomy
    Altar of the Sunne. ◢随◢梦◢小◢.lā

    After the patron saints and Xerneas left, Terrance walked over to a cliff and looked around the environment.

    Then he pointed in one direction and threw Altaria's Poké Ball.

    Rotom Pokédex wasn't around, and he had to identify himself. After prompting the place to go after Altaria, they immediately flew towards Seafolk Village in the southwest of Poni Island.

    Seafolk Village is a group of people living on the boat, so in addition to the central tree and the Elf Center, the facilities including shops and restaurants are all ships.

    To put it simply, here is a village built on a boat, a fairytale lifestyle that makes this a unique seaside town on Poni Island. Why did Terrance come here because Seafolk Village has Poni Island? The only wizard center.

    "Come back, Altaria."

    After arriving at the open space, Altaria slowly descended and Terrance jumped from it and took it back into the Poké Ball.

    Although there was no proof of identity on the body, after explaining with Nurse Joy of the Elf Center, Terrance made a smooth call.

    He first contacted the Fallabor Gym and explained where he was, then Terrance began to contact Zaobo of the Aether Foundation. About fifteen minutes later, an Aether Foundation employee stationed at Poni Island immediately rushed to the Elf Center.

    "Mr. Terrance, please come with me."The man is a man in his early twenties, with green sunglasses, and Zaobo is a bit like, the other party said that he is an admirer of Zaobo, so Mimic Zaobo's wearing style…This person, who was sent to give Terrance by Zaobo, chatted in the Aether Foundation's exclusive helicopter and soon reached the artificial island "Aether Paradise" in the Alola Region.

    The Aether Foundation, although a non-profit organization for public welfare purposes, has the highest level of research capabilities in the Alola Region, and its comprehensive strength is one of the largest organizations in the Alola Region.

    All of this is due to the long-term Aether Foundation's prestige among the Alola people, and not only the people of the Alola Region support the Aether Foundation, but the Elola of the Alola Region, and the Aether Foundation often sends people to the wild. Protecting and saving the victim's elves has a trust in the Aether Foundation, so…The Aether Foundation is a popular choice.

    The support of the people and the elves has allowed the Aether Foundation to develop rapidly. The Aether Foundation is a rare top force in the Alola Region, founded by the Elf Alliance.

    Even with the Aether Foundation's exclusive helicopter, Terrance has gone through many formalities when entering Aether Paradise. It is conceivable that if no one leads, it is not easy for Terrance to go directly to the core of the Aether Foundation.

    Zaobo was the director of the Aether Foundation research department. After entering Aether Paradise, Terrance was directly brought to the research department. When Terrance came here, Zaobo was still immersed in his own research.

    Green hair, beards and sunglasses, combined with insidious gaze, make Zaobo look like a good person, but his research ability is opposite to that of the appearance. It is at the top level of the Alola Region, otherwise he can't sit on the Aether Foundation. Executive, director of research department.

    “Are you open the study of Ultra Wormhole?”

    Terrance looked at the transmitter-like device in the courtyard, curiously opening.

    "Unfortunately, I only succeeded once, and then I have never succeeded."Zaobo dispelled the help of the researchers, not to mention.

    "How, Terrance, join me, as long as we work together to open the Ultra Wormhole, it will definitely cause a whirlwind in the academic world!!"

    Touching the device like a transmitter, Zaobo said wildly.

    If it is an ordinary researcher, he will not invite at all, but Terrance is different. Terrance studied the process of giving Totem gas field, and Totem gas field and Ul Wormhole have a very close relationship, so face a thorough study of Ultra Wormhole Researchers in the field, even Zaobo, couldn’t help but open an invitation.

    The Totem gas field gave technology, which was exchanged by the Aether Foundation from Interpol. Zaobo was the first Aether Foundation to digest the research. When he learned that the person who completed the research was Terrance. At the time, I was surprised for a long time. After all, Terrance was studied under his nose and used Aether Foundation equipment…

    "Director Zaobo, you still don't know me. I don't know what research, compared to me…I believe that Rotom Pokédex will be a better helper. ”Terrance laughed.

    From Zaobo, a researcher is randomly selected. The professional literacy is estimated to be stronger than Terrance. The Totem gas field is a research route. Terrance is purely self-defeating, and he also assists Rotom Pokédex with many powers. Otherwise, it is by himself. It’s impossible to be so lucky.

    "Rotom Pokédex ?"Zaobo still remembers Rotom Pokédex. When he thought about it, he snorted and said, "Rotom Pokédex, too, is it not with you?"

    "No, I came to Alola because of some accidents. Right, Director Zaobo, let's work together. I need to give a fairy Totem gas field. In exchange, I have a reverse decomposition of the Totem gas field. Tips, as well as three special stones, they may have help for your research on the opening of Ultra Wormhole."Terrance smiled and said: "From the gas field to the reverse transformation of light energy, you should have not studied it?"

    “Hey, what is the application value of the reverse transformation of the Totem gas field?”Zaobo showed a confused expression.

    WellI don't know, but more ideas are always good. In addition, I have three stones with different functions. Their effects are to absorb light energy, store light energy, and make light after Purify light. Can be combined with other energy, how, is it not related to what…I think there should be some connection between these stones and Sparkling Stone and Pure Crystal, which may be a breakthrough. ”

    Terrance didn't bother to take Beautifly's physical strength skills and the stones that James and Meowth developed as their own conditions, and talked about the cooperation with Zaobo.

    However, he is not trying to find out how to open the Ultra Wormhole…Whether the Ultra Wormhole can be opened by manpower, he has no interest at all. He mainly wants the power of Assist Zaobo to study whether the Totem gas field may exist permanently on Beautifly.

    This is what Terrance can't wait to achieve.

    “Rotom Pokédex will also help.”Terrance followed.

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