Pokemon Court Chapter 925

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the first chapter of the 925 chapter: Fairy control, floating astronomy
    Zaoboben intends to invite Terrance to study the Ultra Wormhole. Now that Terrance is actively cooperating, he is naturally very happy, but Zaobo always feels that something is wrong. ~随~梦~小~说~щ~~lā

    "It’s no problem to give a fairy Totem gas field. I have it here, but Sparkling Stone…I don’t…Zaobo helped the glasses and made the tone worse.

    "This…this…"How can this be done? ”Terrance coughed.

    “Sparkling Stone is a rare commodity. Although there may be a few pieces stored in the foundation, if you want to use it, you must apply and have the consent of the chairman, otherwise…Go straight to talk to her. ”Zaobo didn't want to back the pot and directly returned the problem to Terrance.

    Looking for Lusamine, talk…Terrance looked at Zaob and looked at it.

    Anyway, he has applied through his own channel. Although Sparkling Stone has no news yet, it should be faster, and it is better not to owe more than one person.

    "Okay, I know."Terrance nodded helplessly. He thought that he could "sit" a Sparkling Stone from Zaobo. It seems that there is no drama.

    "Sparkling Stone I prepared myself. In addition, the three stones I don't know have any help for you. I have to rely on your own analysis. If you are in a hurry…The stone will be sent to you tomorrow, and we will discuss it in detail later. ”Terrance continued.

    The Rockets' three big singers gave him the Present "Magic Stone Shards." He couldn't study anything, and he was still on the shelf. It's better to see if you can change from Zaobo here.

    "No problem, I will prepare a place for you first."Zaobo said: "Yes, do you want to inform the director Lusamine of them…"

    "If it is not necessary, don't bother them. I should go out to do something in the next few days."Terrance Road.

    Well, okay then.Zaobo nodded. As the Aether Foundation Executive, it is not necessary to report to the chairman of the board of directors.



    Next day

    Terrance left the Aether Foundation early in the morning, after Zaobo said it.

    He came to Poni Island again and looked for Tapu?Fin fins.

    To get Altaria to control Fairy Aura perfectly, you need the Help of the Four Islands Patron Saint of Alola Region for mysterious special training.

    The first day of special training is by the patron of the Poni Island, Tapu?Fin fins to help arrange.

    And Altaria Flying at Poni Island Sky, Terrance doesn't know where to start looking for Tapu?Fin fins are better, and finally you can only try to let Altaria sense the position of each other through Fairy Aura.

    "Where is it…"Terrance touched his chin, although Poni Island was so big, but it was not easy to find an elf.

    Fortunately looking for Tapu?Fin fins are not part of the special training. When Terrance and Altaria flew to Vast Poni Canyon, a familiar figure flew from a distance!

    "Tapu?Fin fins! ”After seeing this figure, Terrance was delighted to speak.


    Tapu ?After the fins flew to Terrance, he glanced at him and Altaria, nodding their head at Terrance and pointing in one direction.

    "Do you mean let us go there?"Terrance asked.

    "呐奈~" Tapu?The fin fin nodded again and flew over.

    “Fine.Altaria, we also keep up. ”

    Follow in Tapu?After the fins, Terrance they soon came to a town of Sky.

    “Here is Seafolk Village?”Terrance glimpsed, don't understand Tapu?Why did the fin fins bring him here, but Tapu?Shortly after the fins stopped here, they moved again and began to fly further into Seafolk Village.

    After flying for a long time, Tapu?The fins stopped and waved their arms, creating a thick layer of fog. Then, where the fog passed, the sea was frozen and formed a hard layer of ice.

    "It seems that this is a special training place."Terrance looks around, Tapu?The Misty Terrain made by the fins is exaggerated and covers almost the size of a Napru pavilion, perfectly forming a dense fog area that looks even more powerful than the Mistyevoin's Misty Terrain.

    Upon arriving at the special training venue, Terrance jumped directly from Altaria and stood on the ice. Soon, Tapu?The fins moved again, this time, it just screamed…

    Spirit flash

    Next to the central tree in Seafolk Village, a girl with long blond hair and gray pupils is quietly sitting on a stool and painting. There are several drawing boards around her. At this time she is holding a brush and depicting several trees. Ribombee flying around.

    However, when she was halfway through the painting, a voice that was difficult for humans to hear suddenly passed. These Ribombee, who were models, suddenly flew up and looked into the distance, followed by…Fly quickly towards the sea!

    "What happened here?"When the girl saw the Ribombee flying away, she immediately stood up in surprise, this is the first time she encountered this situation…Ribombee would have left on the way to painting, which was abnormal.

    After several Ribombee flew away, there was another Ribombee who stayed. This Ribombee was a girl's elf. After hearing this voice, the Ribombee immediately flew to the girl's head and began to tell her the story.

    "You mean…They are affected by Tapu?The call of the fins? ”Mina put down the brush and hesitated to look in the direction of the sea.

    "Ribombee, go ahead, tell me what happened."

    At this moment, Poni Island was in several directions, with Cutiefly and Ribombee being summoned to fly to the sea where Terrance was located.

    Fifteen minutes later, Terrance had gathered hundreds of Cutiefly and Ribombee on their side, and saw the elf in the lead. Terrance subconsciously said: "Totem gas field?"

    The mysterious streamline, combined with the lap shape of the other Ribombee, has already shown the identity of this Ribombee. Terrance looks around and sees many Cutiefly flying over and revisiting Tapu?Fin fins, I want to understand what the first special training is.

    With Tapu?The interpretation of the fin fins, Terrance's expression constantly changing, and finally looked at Altaria.

    Tapu ?The purpose of the fin fin training is to hone the foundation of Altaria, which is the ability to control Fairy's energy.

    Altaria, the technique of controlling Fairy energy, was able to do it just after the Mega Evolution, but at the time Altaria could only control its own Fairy energy.

    After getting Fairy Aura, Altaria got the ability to control the outside Fairy energy. Now, the latter is the special training.

    Just that…The training method is too cruel.

    After Terrance and Altaria confirm, in the mouth of Terrance, Tapu?The fins acted as thick fog, and with hundreds of Cutiefly, Ribombee's Fairy Wind attacked Altaria!

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