Pokemon Court Chapter 926

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 926 Purify water, floating astronomy
    In the face of these hundreds of attacks, Altaria Rapid Mega Evolution, which spreads Fairy Aura, wants to disintegrate Fairy Wind. ?followDream?.lā

    Most of the Cutiefly and Ribombee are weak, so the power of the trick is not strong, but they are huge, and countless Fairy Wind hits, it is difficult for Altaria to disintegrate every Fairy Wind at the same time.

    In this case, if you can use the trick, Altaria will never be so passive, but the content of the special training is that Altaria can only use the Fairy Aura to resist.

    Hundreds of Fairy Winds are often bombarded on Altaria when Altaria disintegrates more than thirty or forty.

    If the rest of these Fairy Winds are weakened by Fairy Aura, and the user strength is weak, plus Altaria's own comprehensive quality is superior, otherwise, if other elves bear so many tricks, I am afraid that in a photo will be Be spiked!

    But even with Fairy Aura, hit by the first round of dozens of Fairy Wind storms, Altaria is still uncomfortable.

    Not only the body directly suffered from injuries, but also the pain of the wind blade tearing the body, after all…It is purely dependent on the body to bear these moves.

    Even if the power is weaker, you can't help but have a lot of tricks.

    "Altaria, come on."Seeing that Altaria was frustrated, Terrance couldn't help but cheer it up.

    Only, what worried Terrance was finally coming, Tapu?The thick fog of the fins has enveloped Fairy Wind when it has resisted Fairy Wind, leaving Altaria in the fog, in Tapu?In the thick fog of the fin fins, Terrance can feel the Contest Condition of Altaria faintly. It seems to be under great pressure. This pressure is added, which makes it more difficult to manipulate Fairy Aura.

    Just after this change occurred, Cutiefly, Ribombee second round fairy wind blowing, endure the pressure of thick fog, altaria once again let Fairy Aura spread, carry out the collapse of fairy wind, but the effect is not as good as the first round of disintegration effect, With Fairy Aura's grip on fairy energy, Altaria has only disintegrated more than 10 fairy wind, and has been hit by the huge fairy that many explosion wind have collided with.

    With the second round of Fairy Wind, Altaria's injury has further expanded, but with its current willpower, it is not because this level of injury affects the Contest Condition and influences, but Terrance initially judges if Encore has just that degree. Attack, I am afraid that Altaria's Contest Condition will inevitably decline.

    "How do you qualify? In Tapu?The thick fog of the fins under the pressure of the collapse of all Fairy Wind…"Terrance was immersed in meditation, and he felt the pressure. If Altaria's current progress is made, it seems that it is difficult to achieve this goal.

    In the past, Altaria used Fairy Aura as the core of the Icemoon tactics to guide Fairy Energy of about 40 Fairy Elfs into the Ice Moon, just like Fairy's Master…But now think about it, it took a lot of time to control the integration and transformation of Fairy energy, and other elves also deliberately cooperate with Altaria, which led Altaria to use Fairy Aura to control Fairy energy very easily.

    But now, under the threat of hundreds of Fairy Wind, almost no breathing time, countless tricks will be bombarded on the body, Altaria immediately unable to get up, and has Tapu?The interference of the fin fins, Altaria's play is even more affected.

    This expansion made Terrance aware that Altaria's control of Fairy Aura was still very young.

    Soon, Altaria has already suffered seven rounds of Fairy Wind. Under tremendous pressure, Terrance unexpectedly, although the Altaria Contest Condition is getting worse, it has increased the control of the outside Fairy energy!

    After the eighth round of Fairy Wind, Mega Altaria was hit hard, leaving only a touch of consciousness.

    At this time, Tapu?The fins manipulated the water in the sea, entwined with dense fog and splashed on Altaria.

    The sea shone with sparkling light, flowing through Altaria's body and mind, and then in the eyes of Terrance, Altaria's injury…It was recovering quickly. When Altaria's injury was completely improved, it was even more incredible that Altaria, who had experienced eight rounds of extremely energy-intensive training, was full of spirit and fullness!

    "rumored Tapu?Fin fins create a special water for Purify's body and mind. And to get this Purify water, you have to endure Tapu?The fog produced by the fins and get its approval. So this is Purify water of mind and body? ”

    Seeing the changes in Altaria, Terrance subconsciously compared the water of Purify with the fire of life. In the end, he found that although the fire of life can heal the wound, but the recovery of energy, the fire of life is far from the water of Purify. The effect is amazing. However, one thing is that the fire of life can erupt a powerful destructive power, that is, it does not know how the water of Purify is.

    "Come on, Altaria!!"Until now, Terrance can only cheer for Altaria.

    I don't know if it is because Terrance is too noisy, too noisy, too annoying, Tapu?After the fin fins glared at Terrance, they immediately separated a thick fog and wrapped the Terrance.

    In the thick fog, Terrance immediately forced, felt the double pressure from the body and mind, the body and mind were tortured, it was difficult to concentrate, which made it miserable, and finally realized the same feeling as Altaria.

    However, under this Contest Condition, Terrance unexpectedly found that the quenching effect on mental power was very good at this time, so he decisively operated from the Calm Mind method, and did not want to miss this opportunity in vain.

    Just like this, in Tapu?Under the control of the fin fins, the pressure of the dense fog gradually escalated, and the tempering of the spirit of Altaria's Fairy Aura and Terrance, half a day…It has slowly passed.

    Terrance has also gradually lost the baptism of Purify's water and how many times has it been experienced by Altaria ten times? Twenty times? Thirty times? Unable to remember, they all lost their sense of time, leaving only the fog against, the Altaria is even worse, and the impact of the endless Fairy Wind.

    It is worth mentioning that every time after the baptism of Purify's water, Altaria's ability to control Fairy's energy will increase a lot. It seems that the ability has also been Purify Normal. At the end of the special training, Altaria can simultaneously disintegrate all the Fairy Wind is gone.

    Even, there is spare power and Tapu?The fins compete for the control of Misty Terrain, though, every time they are Tapu?The fin fins are ruthlessly crushed back.


    With the last Purify water scattered like a splash of water Normal, Tapu?The fins stopped the special training and told Terrance that his mission had been completed.


    "Tapu?Fin fins, you…"

    With Tapu?The fins were close to themselves, and Terrance showed an expression of anxiety. The patron of Poni Island, which was exhausted at this time, seemed to consume a lot of energy Normal.

    In the face of Terrance's concerns, Tapu?The fins simply shook their heads, then turned around and thanked the Cutiefly and Ribombee, and these Cutiefly and Ribombee, naturally, did not dare to accept, and thank you very much, Tapu?The fins gave them the opportunity to bathe Purify's water. Thanks to each other, Terrance expressed his gratitude to them again, and then the dense fog dispersed. The Cutiefly and Ribombee flew back to their own places.

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