Pokemon Court Chapter 928

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 928, the second step: life control, floating astronomy
    After returning to the Aether Foundation, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex met very quickly. *With *dream*small* said.lā

    From the Hoenn Region to the Alola Region, Rotom Pokédex asked Terrance to ask for a big meal on the grounds of running around.

    For such a simple request, Terrance is naturally full of promises…

    To say that Rotom Pokédex likes food, the Aether Foundation's research department has it all. Even if Rotom Pokédex blasts the body, it doesn't necessarily digest the electricity.

    "Is that three stones?"

    Zaobo took over the "magic stone fragments" in Terrance's hand and looked at it with a doubtful expression.

    Although there are countless kinds of ore, but with the knowledge of his Zhabo, how could he not even hear about the "magic stone", and the nature of this stone is similar to that of "Sparkling Stone", it is actually let Zaobo Curious.

    The next moment he got the "Scarred Stone Shard", he gave birth to an idea to take the time to study.

    "In short, they will be handed over to you," Terrance nodded. "Maybe you can refer to the 'Bracelet' to study the 'Magic Brake Stone', then Director Zaobo, I still have something to do, then go."

    When it fell, Terrance immediately returned to his place of residence and started to update Altaria's data with Rotom Pokédex.

    The two elves of Gardevoir and Ninetales use the Fairy system to attack. Altaria once tried to crack and still need some effort, but now it is easy to crack, like the instinct Normal, so that the Fairy energy of both ends collapses instantly.

    At this time, Altaria did not rely on "cotton feathers" or "annihilation of sound waves" and other attacking tricks. It was completely resistant to the ability of Fairy Aura. From this point of view, Altaria’s control over Fairy Aura is indeed A lot of improvement.

    Around this change, Altaria and Ninetales, Gardevoir re-examined other uses of Fairy Aura, while Rotom Pokédex re-established the Icemoon tactics, Fairy Domain, based on Altaria's upgrades.

    As Altaria's control over Fairy Aura increases, there may be unknown changes to these team skills.



    Another day, after adjusting the Contest Condition, Terrance and Altaria came to Akala Island.

    Tapu ?The fins are water and Fairy, and they hold the water of Purify, while the patron of the Akala Island, Tapu?Butterfly is a Psychic and Fairy, and has similar abilities.

    For today's special training content, Terrance has a lot of speculation, but when he sees Tapu?After the butterfly, I found that my guess was not close to the real special training content.

    "Hey…Hey. ”

    Akala Island, Ruins of Life, Tapu?The butterfly clearly told Terrance and Altaria today's special training content.

    If the first special training is to let Altaria complete Fairy's control, then today's second special training is to let Altaria complete life control!

    “Xerneas once told me that Fairy energy has a very close relationship with life energy. Is it around this?”Terrance asked curiously.

    "哒呔~" Tapu?The butterfly nodded and looked at Altaria, then gave instructions to let Altaria try to integrate life energy into Fairy Aura.

    "This…"Heard Tapu?Butterfly after the instructions, Terrance and next to the Rotom Pokédex suddenly a Zheng, energy fusion They are not strange, but this is not easy to do things ah, even the fire of life, Altaria is also with Rotom Pokédex spent a long time summing up experience, Then himself into the magma, in countless times in the blow after the rebirth of the fire only initially mastered.

    Now I hear Tapu?The butterfly makes Altaria fuse Fairy Aura and life energy, and they can't help but worry about the consequences of the collision between the two…

    "哒呔~哒呔哒哒哒呔~" Tapu?The butterfly has a serious expression.

    See Tapu?The expression of the butterfly, Terrance and Altaria can only choose to believe it. After the autonomous Mega Evolution, Altaria directly tries to fuse Fairy Aura and life energy. The next moment, there seems to be a terrible conflict between the two, an explosion directly ignites , swallowed Altaria.

    The explosion that lingers itself is more powerful than the power of Ribombee's Fairy Wind, even if the explosion of flame energy and life energy merges with this time.

    Try it once and let Altaria hit it directly.

    "哒呔哒呔" saw that Altaria was swallowed up by the explosion and was caught in the smoke, Tapu?The butterfly smirked and smiled, and then emitted a luminous scale powder. The scale powder was amazing, with a hint of aroma. After Altaria was touched, the injury on it directly recovered.

    "Rotto Rotto Rotto !! It is scale powder Rotto! ! ”See Tapu?Rotom Pokédex exclaimed with the butterfly's move.

    Legend, from Tapu?The luminescent scale powder spread by the butterfly body can activate the body and has the effect of curing the wound or disease. But sometimes, if you touch a lot of these scales, the body will produce some terrible changes, so this is also a very dangerous thing.

    Have a Tapu in the distant past?The butterfly butterfly mediates the legend of disputes between the islands by spreading the scales to heal the fatigue. And the truth of the legend, there is also a saying is Tapu?Butterfly butterflies use the power of scales to make all the fighters dying…

    Terrance also knows these legends and sees Tapu?After the butterfly spreads the luminescent scale powder, he immediately pays attention to the changes of Altaria. In addition to the cure, the scale powder also plays the role of "revitalizing the body".

    Tapu ?The process of body activation brought by the butterfly is like adding the catalyst Normal to the energy fusion, making it easier for Altaria to merge the two.

    The activation process is the key to avoiding inefficient fusion of energy in academia. Terrance also knows, and now sees Tapu?Butterfly butterfly exudes his own scale powder, and Terrance instantly understands the intention of this special training.

    There are a lot less ineffective collisions with the scales Help, Fairy Aura and life energy, and the power of the explosion has gradually declined.

    According to the sequelae of the Diancie mutation process, Terrance knows about a similar life energy in Fairy's energy.

    This material and life energy are the main conflict objects in Tapu?Under the help of Butterfly, Altaria takes this opportunity to gradually understand the Fairy energy from the micro level, and try to make the two life energies perfectly blend and transform each other, because only then can Fairy Aura and life energy be merged to reach Tapu?The special training requirements laid by the butterfly.

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