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Pokemon Court Chapter 929

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 929th chapter of the third step: natural control, floating astronomy
    The content of the special training is first controlled by Fairy, and then controlled by life. The former controls the Fairy energy from the macro level, the latter understands the Fairy energy from the micro level, and the two training processes give Terrance some ideas. ~随~梦~小~说~щ~~lā

    According to the two special trainings, Altaria is still in the basic stage and has not touched the most critical core of Fairy Aura.

    The second special training content, because there is a precedent for the fusion of life fire, Altaria has his own experience in controlling life energy, plus Tapu?The scaly powder of the butterfly butterfly, Altaria is more and more powerful in controlling the microscopic energy of Fairy. This microscopicity has gone beyond the traditional microscopic and explores the essence of Fairy energy.

    Two very different life energies now only produce small conflicts.

    Over time, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex also discovered the change of Fairy Aura. It is like that after Fairy Aura is integrated into life energy, the vitality of Fairy's energy is activated, and it is controlled by Altaria.

    This special ability made Terrance think of a Fairy system.


    Moonlight, like Morning Sun, is a trick to restore your physical strength depending on the weather. This trick is best for physical recovery when the moon shines most. In the end, Moonlight is also a use of Fairy energy. Dependence may be the life energy in Fairy's energy.

    "It turns out that the full use of Fairy energy through life energy, and let Altaria thoroughly understand the essence of Fairy energy, is the main purpose of this special training…"

    Three hours after the time passed, Altaria had gone through dozens of fusions and eventually stabilized and found the best feeling.

    These dozens of fusions, Tapu?The scaly powder of the butterfly butterfly is continuously spread. After consuming a large number of scale powder, Tapu?Butterfly and also Tapu?The fins were the same, and the special training was stopped after the exhaustion of the tired color.

    "哒呔~" Finally checked the training results of Altaria, Tapu?Butterfly Butterfly nodded with satisfaction and began to bid farewell to Terrance and Altaria.

    "Thank you for the Tapu?Butterfly. ”Terrance touched Altaria's head and thanked Altaria for the Tapu?Butterfly.

    Alola is a shared country, Poni Island and the patron saint of Akala Island have shared their ability to help Altaria training, so that Terrance is a little overwhelmed, he also wants to do something for the patron saint, but he does not know that he can do Something can only be kept in mind in this heart.

    In Tapu?After the butterfly leaves, in order to better meet the special training on the third day, Terrance continued to consolidate the previous two days of training with Altaria.

    Terrance also found out that the content of the special training is following the gradual progress. On the third day of the special training content, he guessed that it might involve the true core competence of Fairy Aura.

    Ula'ula Island is the largest island in the Alola Region, with several towns and high snow peaks.

    Tapu ?You are the patron saint here.

    Different from the first two patrons, Tapu?It is a grassy and Fairy system. Its special ability is to control nature and control the growth of vegetation.

    On the third day of the special training, some green peaks in Ula'ula Island, Tapu?He was resting on a tree, and when Altaria came here with Terrance, it slowly opened his eyes.

    "Tapu."After seeing the arrival of Altaria, Tapu?He began to explain the contents of the third special training, and in the process spawned a towering tree.

    Almost in a blink of an eye, the branches and leaves of this towering tree shrouded the entire hill, which was extremely shocking. There were countless pink fruits on the branches of the trees, which looked delicious.

    "Akai fruit?"

    After seeing this pink tree, Terrance unexpectedly opened.

    The number of such trees is very rare and can only be seen in certain Regions, Tapu?It is incredible that 哞哞 can actually give birth to this tree fruit in an instant.

    Compared to the special abilities of the other two patrons, Tapu?The special ability of 哞哞 shows a lot of grass genies, but can reach Tapu?Oh, this kind of power…There should be very few.

    "Tapu! Tapu. ”With Tapu?哞哞 In-depth explanation, Terrance clearly understood the third day of special training content.

    The first special training: Fairy control!

    The second special training: life control!

    The third special training: natural control!

    Through the first two special trainings, Altaria has been very good at controlling Fairy Aura, and now they are finally exposed to the most incredible power.

    Mt. On Chimney, Xerneas's Beat Up against Terrance's elf can prevail because it can easily transform the power of nature into its own power!

    Even if Terrance's elf individual strength is strong, it can't compete with nature.

    Many legendary elves are just awe-inspiring because they have similar abilities.

    The legendary elves like Xerneas, the special foundations that control the ultimate, are their strong roots, and now Altaria is about to get to the Xerneas Assist Big Nature.

    “Can Altaria do that step too?”Terrance to Tapu?He asked.

    "Tapu, Tapu."Tapu ?He shook his head and motioned that he didn't know, and said that everything depends on your own efforts.

    After referring to the fruit trees that were made, Tapu?He lie straight to the side, screaming and sleeping…

    Just like in the rumor, Tapu?I don’t really like to carry out activities, and I’m very steady…But what is it due to Tapu?The stagnation of the character is only because Slack Off does not want to move. Different people have different opinions on this. Now that Terrance and Rotom Pokédex have seen their sleepiness, they have their own judgment on this statement…

    “Fine.Terrance and Altaria looked at each other and looked at the fruit tree helplessly. Unlike the previous two patrons, Tapu?I don’t seem to want to guide Altaria. Therefore, Altaria can only try it on its own. It can feel the rich Fairy energy and life energy contained in this tree. Altaria can also mobilize them, but how to convert these energy into Its own strength immediately made Altaria guilty.

    If you can do it easily, and what Ninetales's icemoon tactics are, it's just a matter of integrating the power of the entire Fairy Legion!

    Both Terrance and Rotom Pokédex are thinking of ways.

    To say that the elves who are best at Assist Nature Power are undoubtedly grassy elves.

    Especially the Energy Ball, the essence of this trick is the energy of life collected from nature.

    In addition, there are some attractions, such as Flash Fire, water storage, electricity storage, and herbivores, which are also used for external energy.

    But these, the limits are enormous…

    How does Altaria Assist Nature Power, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex think about it in less than a minute, and instantly watched Lock On a move.

    “Natural Gift !”

    Referring to this trick, Terrance immediately smiled.

    In the early days, the first time he used his own Breeder skills to teach the newly born Swablu trick, this is the case.

    The essence of this trick is to gain strength from the tree fruit to attack, according to the energy of the absorbed tree, the Attribute and power of the move will also change.

    Think about it from another angle. Isn't Assist the power of nature?

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