Pokemon Court Chapter 930

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the birth of the legendary chapter 930, the astronomy
    “Natural Gift is also very restrictive, and it is very different from the nature power of Xerneas' direct Assist, and the power of a single small tree is really hard to produce help for the current Altaria, but maybe this will be a train of thought. After all, Altaria will only do this…"

    Terrance thought of it and immediately shouted to Altaria: "Altaria, feel the energy of this tree with Fairy Aura and Natural Gift."followDream?.lā"

    On the other side, Altaria, who was unable to do anything, heard Terrance's suggestion, nodded quickly, and then followed the instructions of Terrance to feel Tapu?The Fairy energy and life energy in the fruit trees produced by 哞哞.

    Acacia is a special kind of fruit that can be used in Natural Gifts. It has a rich Fairy energy and is a very good training food even if it is eaten directly.

    Because after the Acacia fruit is eaten, the anti-strike training is carried out, and the efficiency of the defense is much higher than that of the direct combat training.

    When Altaria began to combine the Fairy Aura and Natural Gift skills to feel the natural energy, there was a different feeling in the blink of an eye, as if there were many spots in front of the eyes, Normal, which Altaria is most likely to touch, Fairy energy and life energy.

    Using Fairy Aura to mobilize these energies and use Natural Gift techniques to absorb them into the body, Altaria went very well, but due to the natural nurturing of the Natural Gift, Altaria absorbed the Nature Power very slowly.

    But even so, it is a big step!

    As life energy and Fairy energy blend into itself, Altaria feels that the body is undergoing an unknown change, but it can conclude that this change is a good thing.

    As the changes drastically, the qualities of Altaria's body began to soar, but soon, the energy that melted into the body dissipated, and Altaria's soaring physical fitness disappeared.

    "Can't you?"Terrance, holding Rotom Pokédex, detected Altaria's current Contest Condition, fell into meditation and kept thinking about it.

    Did he look at the Tapu still sleeping?Hey, scratching his head, and finally attribute the problem to the problem of proficiency. After all, many changes are also the same. If you are unskilled, the time to become stronger is very short, and vice versa.

    Directly mobilizing the energy in nature enhances itself, which is much stronger than the Dragon Dance and Calm Mind, and Altaria can't last too long for Terrance to understand.

    "But without the first special training and the second special training, Altaria is probably not able to Assist the power of nature."Terrance contemplates, “Altaria, you try to use the natural power of Assist directly into the trick.”

    Since it is impossible to let them melt into themselves for a long time, then the intensive moves, Terrance immediately made a decision, Altaria is also very acquainted, immediately used this technique to release a Moonblast, launched in the sky, quickly opened a few clouds, and finally the trick disappeared In sight…

    "Tapu ……"After Altaria finished this thing, Tapu?哞哞 Rarely opened his eyes and looked at Altaria, but it was closed again.

    Terrance subconsciously looked at Tapu?Take a look and then re-evaluate this with Rotom Pokédex.

    "The power is really much stronger than the usual Moonblast, but it's still the problem. The natural energy of a performance Assist is too little. It doesn't make any decisive help for the current Altaria."Terrance is slow.

    At present, the life energy of the Altaria Assist and the intensity of the Fairy energy make Terrance think of another trick, Nature Power.

    Attacks with Nature Power, depending on the location used, the moves will change. At present, Altaria is different from this one in that it can make natural energy melt with its own control of Fairy energy and life energy. In itself, in its own moves, but the effect is still not so optimistic, it is too far worse than the Xerneas.

    "But be sure to master this technique!"

    Terrance and Altaria understand the infinite possibilities and potential of this technique. Naturally, they will not be too boring to dismiss the special training process, and once again concentrate on it.

    Among the three patron saints, Tapu?哞哞 is the least interfered with Altaria's special training process. It is only responsible for the fact that when Altaria borrows all the energy of the fruit tree, it gives the fruit tree life again, and today's special training is the longest time.

    From the morning to the evening, it’s almost a day to go.

    Altaria has been trying to Assist Nature's X Attack itself or launching attacks. One day, although the one-time Assist's Nature Power is more, but for Mega Altaria itself, the strength is less than half.

    But the most valuable thing is that the process of Assist Nature Power, Altaria, after a day of training, is now very skilled.

    With Moonlight coming out, Tapu?He finally woke up from his sleep and seemed to be planning to end the special training of the day. Instead of leaving directly like the previous two patron saints, he took out a piece of red vanilla and gave it to Altaria, wanting it to eat.

    this is theHerbsAfter Terrance observed, I found Tapu?Although the something that he took out was somewhat similar to vanilla, it seemed to contain a mysterious power, and even Rotom Pokédex did not test it.

    Tapu ?The final Present is the last link of today's special training, according to Tapu?After asking for the red vanilla, Altaria immediately wondered.

    "Tapu !"When Altaria finished eating vanilla, Tapu?Nodded, and directly arranged Grassy Terrain, one, two, three…Soon, the top of the mountain was full of several AOpen fruit trees, and finally, Tapu?Let Altaria Assist once again the energy in nature.

    Altaria, too, does it.

    At this time, Ula'ula Island has entered the night and the street lights have been turned on.

    However, this night was extremely special, and every household went out of the house and pointed to Soaring in the sky.

    “What is it?”In the Po Town police station, the former Interpol, now Island kahuna, was surprised to see the Moonlight that enveloped the entire Ula'ula Island, and it was incredible to look into the distance.

    The original stars of the light, all under the sudden emergence of Moonlight under the color, like the fog of the normal light flowing in Ula'ula Island Sky, so that the islanders can not help but pray…

    At the same time, the other three islands, the three patrons, also looked in the direction of Ula'ula Island, looking at the Soaring in the sky of Ula'ula Island, the beautiful Moonlight.

    "It's the vanilla."

    When Altaria eats Tapu?After the vanilla given, the intensity of its Assist Nature Power suddenly increased. If the Assist's Nature Power can only improve its strength by less than half, then…A full increase of 20%!

    "Tapu !"With Tapu?Nodded, Terrance understood what it meant, and some proudly looked at Altaria, which launched Moonblast in Soaring in the sky.

    "Assist Nature Power? Maybe after decades of recalling today, I will be very glad that I have witnessed the birth of the legend. ”

    After all, this is the ultimate dream of Trainer.


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