Pokemon Court Chapter 931

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 931 Power Herb, floating astronomy
    Nowadays, the strength of Altaria, which can Assist natural energy, is greatly increased!

    Because the strength of the upgrade is 20%, it is promoted in the standard of the championship Trump Card.

    Altaria, the original strength, can rival the Trump Card Elf. If you can Assist the natural energy in battle, you can imagine how big the advantage will be.

    Even the same level of Rival, if the other side does not have the corresponding details, then absolutely lost to the current Mega Altaria.

    On Mega Altaria, there is already a shadow of the legend.

    "There is still a problem now, that is the concentration of natural energy!"

    Terrance glanced at the Aachen fruit trees around him, and thought about it.

    These are all Tapu?Made with Grassy Terrain, it contains very rich Fairy energy and life energy. Therefore, Altaria is equivalent to a natural energy-enriching Region Assist natural energy enhancement itself.

    In this case, it can enhance the natural energy to enhance the strength of the two, but if you change a natural energy thin place?

    Such asEver Grande sports field.

    Will there be this power at that time?

    Terrance remembered it, at the time at Mt. On Chimney, the region where Xerneas is located does not have such rich Fairy energy and life energy, but the natural energy of Xerneas Assist is so large, and Altaria's now wise Assist is not a realm at all.

    “It’s time to go back and experiment, but it’s a preliminary guess that the richness of the environment’s energy will definitely affect Altaria’s performance.”Terrance is upset.

    If the guess is correct, then it is still at a loss to Altaria's mastery of this skill.

    “Xerneas certainly didn’t show her strongest strength at the time, so in contrast, Altaria is just getting started in this area.”

    But this is also normal. Xerneas and Alola are the four islands of the patrons. Which one is not the old Fairy who has lived for thousands of years. All of them have been through the long years of honing their abilities. Altaria wants to catch up with them at once, not at all. reality.

    After seeing the performance of Altaria, Terrance set a small goal: in any environment, it can Assist natural energy and enhance the strength of Altaria.

    "Tapu?Hey, thank you so much today. ”

    When leaving, Terrance and Altaria are heading towards Tapu?Thank you.

    The red vanilla is the key to getting Altaria to master the "Assist Natural Energy Enhancement" technique. It opens a door to Altaria. Then, Terrance, they just need to enter this door and go deeper. And for Altaria's next promotion, Terrance also had some ideas. As for the extent to which Altaria can reach in the future, it depends on their own efforts.


    Tapu ?After watching Terrance, they nodded and then went back to the original place and fell asleep…In this regard, Terrance they are speechless.

    "Then let's go back, it's already late."Said Terrance.

    At this point, Soaring in the sky Moonlight has dissipated, and the night is overshadowed by the hills, with only a little starlight.


    Although it was already late, neither Terrance nor Altaria took a break.

    Resting for a few hours or even a day or two does not have much impact on today's Psychic Terrance and Altaria, who controls the energy of life.

    After returning, they continued to explore this new ability.

    There are still a few ideas from Terrance that have not been tried and cannot fall asleep.

    Altaria first confirmed Terrance's initial speculation that it tried Assist's natural energy in a normal environment, and it didn't do much.

    Although Fairy energy and life energy exist in every corner of the world, Assist's natural energy in different environments is limited by Altaria's mastery of this skill. The effect is very different. This time, Altaria probably only Enhanced the strength of less than half a ……

    If you change to Altaria without eating red vanilla in this environment…I am afraid I can only Assist a trace of natural energy.

    "I said it! In just 3 days, how can Altaria gain a 20% strength…Originally changed to the ordinary environment, Altaria is really just getting started. ”Terrance smiled and was not too disappointed because he still had an idea and did not try.

    However, at this time, Rotom Pokédex suddenly flew over. Under the direction of Terrance, it found out with Tapu?哞哞 A red herb-like plant.

    "I suspect that is Power Herb Rotto."

    Rotom Pokédex delivers a stereo image that shows Power Herb to Terrance.

    Power Herb?

    Terrance gave a slight glimpse, carefully observed, indeed, whether it is color or texture, Tapu?The red vanilla given by 哞哞 is very similar to Power Herb, but there are some differences…That is Tapu?The red vanilla color given by 哞哞 is more vivid and red!

    "Power Herb has a special bonus for the big tricks that need Stockpile to use. It allows the sprite to speed up the Stockpile process. It's a very rare plant Rotto! However, this kind of plant is not omnipotent. Its effect will decrease with the passage of time. Most Power Herb can only support the wizard to use one or two tricks. Only some Power Herbs who have been in the year can support the sprite to use multiple times. The trick is Rotto. ”

    Rotom Pokédex immediately introduced Terra Her to Power Herb. After listening to its introduction, Terrance accidentally said: "Do you mean Tapu?Is the red herb given by 哞哞 Power Herb? ”

    “There is indeed this possibility. The higher the Power Herb year, the better the effect. As the year grows, the color will become more vivid. But compared to the vanilla picture that can be queried, there is no better than Tapu?Power Power Herb gives a higher vanilla in the Rotto. ”

    "That could be Tapu?The ability to use it has spurred Power Herb and made Power Herb an incredible change. ”Terrance judged.

    Terrance meditates, Power Herb…There is indeed this possibility.

    Like the flames of the sun and the sun, it is an attack that takes a while to accumulate the power of daylight. In a sense, it is Assisting natural energy. Since Power Herb can accelerate the accumulation process, then the natural energy of Altaria Assist It’s not hard to understand how to play Help, just…

    "I don't know if ordinary Power Herb can help Altaria…Let it Assist natural energy easier! ”Terrance thought about it and felt that it was not reliable.

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