Pokemon Court Chapter 932

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 932 chapter results test, vsTapu?Mingming, floating astronomy
    Sunlight flames, daylight shackles, etc., although most of the elves need Stockpile, but if the sun is very rich, or if the elves themselves have perfect control of the trick, they can be released quickly. If you refer to this, It's very similar to Altaria's Today Contest Condition.

    "If you think of the skills of 'Assist Natural Energy Enhancing Yourself' as these tricks, you can understand."

    "Then Altaria wants to be as skilled as Xerneas, so much more practice. Just honing this technique as a trick. Day after day, thousands of years later, maybe you can do it like Xerneas. , haha."

    Of courseThe premise is that Altaria can live for thousands of years to say…Terrance laughs at himself. As Altrain's Trainer, he has to find a way to help Altaria reduce this time!

    "So start trying the second idea!!"

    Since Tapu?You can create an environment rich in energy, so what about him?

    "Ninetales, Gardevoir, Mismagius!"

    After Terrance shouted, the three elves immediately nodded and looked at Altaria in the air, releasing the energy of Fairy.

    His idea is that the natural energy of the fruit tree is derived from Tapu?Hey, so rude, can the Fairy energy released directly by other elves be Assisted?


    After seeing that Altaria can really use the skills of the Ninetales to release the Fairy energy, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex are delighted. This method seems to be really successful!

    In this way, he can also artificially create a rich environment of Fairy energy.

    After Altaria blessed the Fairy energy released by Ninetales, Gardevoir, and Mismagius, Terrance showed a look of anticipation.


    "It’s a pity that it still seems to be limited by Altaria’s proficiency in this technique, and it’s still a 20% increase…”Terrance sighed: "But it's always a new method. It's already a great way to increase the strength of the two."

    Two percent increase, this is the current limit of Altaria.

    Even if the Fairy energy released by its Assist Ninetales, Gardevoir, and Mismagius can only increase the strength of 20%, but confirm the feasibility of this method, Terrance does not have to worry about the surrounding Fairy energy concentration.

    As long as there are enough Fairy spirits around it, you can let Altaria burst into a stronger battle at any time!

    "If you are in the Fairy Domain, Altaria will undoubtedly become the absolute core, the urgent task is to let Altaria continue to practice this technique, although in a short period of time this technique may not play a role in the regular battle, but for the regiment, it is a very effective killing, You can even use enough energy to pile up the Altaria to the true level of legend! ”

    The next day.

    Terrance begins to travel to Melemele Island to receive a fourth special training.

    Just that…Now Altaria has mastered the skills of Assist's natural energy. Is there anything else that can be specially trained?

    When Terrance went to Melemele Island, he had more doubts.

    "Tapu?Ming, Tapu?Butterfly, Tapu?Hey, Tapu?Fin fins, the four islands patrons are all here…"

    Melemele Island Somewhere in the forest, Terrance was surprised to see the four island patrons appear in front of them.

    "Tapu ~~"

    The arrival of Terrance, let the four islands patrons look at each other, then Tapu?Ming Ming flew up as a representative and took out a silver bracelet and passed it to Terrance.

    It is said to be a bracelet, but it seems that the craft is extremely complicated. The surface of the bracelet is also inlaid with a z-shaped pure crystal that is fused with blue and pink.

    "z bracelet, z pure crystal?"When Terrance took the silver bracelet, he immediately opened his mouth.

    And with Tapu?The interpretation of Ming Ming, Terrance also understood the contents of the fourth special training.

    "Understood, is the fourth special training to fight with you with this special z-ring?"Terrance scratched his head.

    The fourth special training…It is the test of the results of the special training in the first three days.


    The actual object is the patron saint of Melemele Island, Tapu?Ming.

    "The pure crystal of the Fairy system, I remember not like this, is it the exclusive z pure crystal of Altaria? But it doesn't feel like…"

    Terrance doubts, Tapu?Ming Ming pointed to an open space in the distance, indicating that there is a battlefield.

    Terrance glanced at the other three patrons and realized that the battle was extraordinary. Such a scale should not be as simple as a normal battle.

    "Altaria, let's go."

    Come to Tapu?After the open space pointed to by Ming Ming, Terrance and Altaria suddenly, the four island patrons released a venue.

    Electric Terrain, Spiritual Field, Misty Terrain, Grassy Terrain!

    The four venues merged with each other, and after the colors were intertwined, a circular field was formed, and everyone was wrapped in it.

    Alola's four island patrons are electric manufacturers, spiritual makers, mist makers, and grass makers. They have the four best venues in the world. Nowadays, the four venues are combined into one, which immediately gives a heavy sense of oppression. Let Terrance and Rotom Pokédex feel the power of this field.

    In this field, Altaria immediately felt the infinite Fairy energy and life energy, and it seems that it is easy to Assist natural energy.

    "It turns out that if you play here, you can let Altaria's unlimited Assist natural energy, and this area of protection, the battle aftermath will not spread out!"

    Terrance stunned and looked at Tapu?Ming, at the same time, only see Tapu?The sound of the whole body suddenly filled with sound, and the attack posture has been made!

    Two years ago, Altaria used to work with Tapu?In the first battle, Altaria was almost defeated, although it was caused by his Trainer's command mistakes, but even if Terrance made the perfect command at the time, I am afraid that Altaria is still not the other Rival.

    Looking at Terrance's current vision, then Tapu?Ming Ming has certainly not made all the effort, at least, it has not Assisted in natural energy.

    Now, can Altaria push out Tapu?Ming Ming is very curious…

    "Altaria, Mega Evolution!"Terrance looks serious and puts a silver z-ring on his wrist and immediately orders!

    With the protection of the other three island patrons, Terrance does not have to worry about the battle of Pidgey. At this time, he is very focused on watching the battle!

    Facing Tapu?Mingming, dragons are limited, then Altaria can only rely on Fairy energy and fire of life.

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