Pokemon Court Chapter 933

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 933th chapter Terrance's exclusive Z moves, lightning quenched! Floating astronomy
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    After the war started.

    Tapu Koko is full of Spark, and under the Agility Contest Condition, even Rotom Pokédex's powerful shooting function makes it difficult to capture it.

    Play Rough !

    In an instant, Altaria reacted, and the wings formed by Fairy's energy were closed together, bombarded with each other's body, and then each side was shaken out by powerful forces!

    Even with preliminary temptations, Yu Bo has directly swept through every corner of the field. If not three patron saints protect Terrance, he may be completely eliminated in the first place.

    "Tapu !"

    Upon realizing the progress of Altaria, Tapu Koko nodded and began to gather natural energy. Suddenly, the electrical energy between the heavens and the earth, instantly hitting Tapu Koko, melted into it!

    Assist's electrical energy in nature strengthens itself, and it is clear that Tapu Koko is doing better than Altaria.

    Seeing the change of Tapu Koko, Terrance's expression was dignified. He looked at the z-ring that he just got, and immediately urged his spirit to stimulate its power. With Terrance on the pure crystal, the next moment, and Terrance Altaria, who has a good connection, has entered a mysterious Contest Condition.

    This is not the ordinary Fairy series z pure crystal, but the Sidao patron saint specially prepared for Altaria, the exclusive pure crystal of Altaria!

    After consuming Terrance's great physical strength and mental strength, the unique z moves began to launch!

    Under the launch of the z-style, Altaria madly absorbed Fairy energy and life energy from the outside world, and all the capabilities soared, directly breaking through the 20% standard, and the strength increased by 30%…Four percent……50%…Until the comprehensive strength increased by 50%, Altaria stopped, and at this time, it exuded an amazing power, even Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, who lived with Altaria, were shocked.

    "The effect of the exclusive z-style is to let the Altaria Assist natural energy enhance its own strength? It’s a terrible z move…"Terrance said, holding his chest.

    Not only Altaria, but Tapu Koko has also undergone great changes. Assisting the natural energy is like being the Lord of Thunder and Light, bathing with countless thunder, above it, thunderclouds condense, under the earth, there are thunder Ringing, horror, Altaria and Tapu Koko collided again after both sides Assisted in natural energy!

    It was the first time that Terrance had seen this level of war, but it was very exciting, but Terrance also noticed his own changes. With the use of z moves, the feeling of his own Contest Condition slipped.

    At that moment, Terrance almost thought that the body was going to be evacuated.

    “I am practicing Fighting and Calm Mind every day, still have such a big burden after using z moves…”Terrance shook his head, and suddenly thanked the nightmare Mega Ring of the Nightmare. If it wasn't for the Mega Ring to force Terrance to exercise his strength and body, I am afraid he can't afford this level of z-style now.

    Tapu Koko's thunder power is very powerful. In contrast, the power of the most powerful Trump Card Electivire from Laiyue Elite is as vulnerable as the Baby Normal in front of Tapu Koko's Today Contest Condition.

    This lightning force, not at all like ordinary Pokémon can master, Thunder Roar, the earth is shaking, of course, Altaria is not a soft persimmon, after 50% of the natural energy reinforced, it is both strength and speed or the strength of the fairy energy have an extremely frightening ascension, at this time, Altaria's Fairy Energy actually solidified, directly into a blade, attached to its claws, toward Tapu Koko released Spark tear away!

    During the collision between the strong Spark and the Fairy blade, Tapu Koko came through the side of Quick Attack, and the Electro Ball blasted. There were dozens of light-looking numbers. Each Electro Ball contained a terrible power of lightning. If the power of countless lightning is added up, it will be enough to instantly flatten a town! In the face of this fierce offensive, Altaria's Fairy power directly into Flash, Dazzling Gleam smashed away, and swept through the sky of Electro Ball.

    Such an amazing energy collision, the aftermath is enough to make the ordinary Elite main force hit, so the super-scale battle is only carried out in such a small range, Terrance in the close observation, the heart has been plopping.

    In addition, Tapu Koko is too fast, as if it really reached the speed of light Normal, Terrance has no time to command Altaria, facing Tapu Koko's offensive, can only rely on Altaria to judge.

    In the confrontation, Altaria produces infinite flames. The fire of life emerges from Fairy Aura out of thin air. It sweeps across all parts of the body. After the life energy is integrated into Fairy Aura, Altaria's fire of life changes qualitatively, and the color begins to approach Fairy energy, compared to life. The fire, now called the Fairy's fire, is more appropriate.

    At this point, it is already the exclusive trick of Terrance's Altaria, which is difficult to copy.

    Under the heat of Pound, which is the fire of life, the moment of Altaria's recovery of its own injuries, there is also an extremely powerful power. This heat wave, if there is no four-site protection of the four island patrons, I am afraid it will be direct Let the forest burn out…

    And in the face of this horrible blow, Tapu Koko immediately into more lightning power wrapped throughout the body, directly using Wild Charge charge, because the speed is too frightening, fairy fire formed by the waves directly through it through a large hole, Wild Charge charge, At an incredibly frightening rate of increase, the altaria was knocked out directly and smashed into a protective cover formed by the fusion of four kinds of sites.

    However, for Altaria, which has a cure, the attack can't make it lose its fighting ability. I saw that this time Altaria exudes numerous cotton feathers, and seems to want to resist the speed of Tapu Koko in this way, but let both Terrance and Altaria Unexpectedly, this top-level softness is so fragile under the thunder of the other side.

    The soft, tough, elastic cotton, which was cut by the arc of the Tapu Koko, instantly fluttered and turned into bits of debris.

    "Is it still strengthening?"Feeling Tapu Koko's Contest Condition, Terrance's mouth twitching, Tapu Koko is still strengthening himself all the time. Although it has maintained a similar strength to Altaria at first, it has become more and more pressured by Altaria over time. .

    Tapu Koko seems to be using this method to squeeze Altaria's potential to make it faster and more efficient with Assist natural energy! !

    During this period, Altaria did make a leap forward, because only the moment Assist natural energy is in the trick, it is qualified to keep up with Tapu Koko's special training progress, and with the power of Tapu Koko's thunder and lightning into the Altaria body. Altaria's physical strength also seems to change, getting tempered!

    Tapu Koko, in the form of lightning hardening, helps Altaria to increase its strength and allow it to withstand higher strength!

    This thunder and lightning is not an ordinary thunder and lightning, but a special lightning power that incorporates the energy of life.

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