Pokemon Court Chapter 934

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main body of Chapter 934, the possibility of permanent Totem gas field, floating astronomy
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    "Too great, is this the legendary level of battle?"

    As the pace of the battle is getting faster and faster, Terrance is so addicted. Even the Champions Challenge, there is no such match. Now both sides of the battle have Assisted in the enormous natural energy. The power of the explosion is not just their own. The power of it.

    Tapu Koko and Altaria are both igniting natural energy and igniting the power of nature! !

    Unconsciously, even with the fire of life constantly recovering from injury, Altaria's inevitable Contest Condition fell into a trough.

    But it can still hold…Because as the Altaria Contest Condition slips, Tapu Koko will also weaken the offensive, but it will not give Altaria a chance to relax and let it out of its full force under the pressure that can be withstood.

    "Tapu !"



    At the end of the day, Altaria couldn't hold it anymore. The other three patrons made a magical effort. Purify's water, glowing scales, and the power of life were provided to the Altaria Help in various ways. Finally, they experienced a length of six. After an hour of war, Altaria had a qualitative mutation in the skills of Assist's natural energy.

    According to Rotom Pokédex's judgment, with the current Altaria's Contest Condition, ◎ natural energy enhances Khoury's strength even in ordinary routine venues. If the natural energy is rich, or if you use the exclusive z move, the increase may be even more horrible!

    In fact, the most important…After being hardened by lightning, Altaria will be able to withstand the increase in natural energy in the future.

    In the last rounds of confrontation, after Altaria broke through the limit, the three patrons did not heal again, but watched the battle dead quietly, and played against Altaria, even if Tapu Koko is strong, it is already I am tired.

    This made Terrance feel sensational, maybe Assist's natural energy Altaria, maybe it can beat Tapu Koko, who doesn't have Assist natural energy.

    Of course, this boring guess is that there is no chance to confirm it.

    As the strongest of the four island patrons, Tapu Koko has always had the upper hand, but is very recognized for the performance of Altaria.

    In just four days, I completed a series of special trainings. Although there are helpers of the four islands patrons, they are also inseparable from Altaria's persistence.

    In the end,

    Tapu Koko looked at Terrance, exactly the z bracelet he gave to Terrance.

    With the call of Tapu Koko, the z-ring suddenly detached from Terrance's wrist and flew into the air.

    This was followed by a very erroneous scene of Terrance and Altaria and Rotom Pokédex.

    "What is this?"

    Terrance saw Tapu Koko slamming the half of the shell with his hands and wraping the z-bracket. After a moment, he made a black line with the "eat" z-ring. Tapu Koko began to dance a weird dance.

    This dance…Extremely melodic, Terrance subconsciously associates three words and jumps.

    In addition to Tapu Koko, the other three patrons also took the z-bracket in turn, wrapped it in the body, and danced the rhythmic dance, which seemed to give the z-ring magical change in this way.

    While processing the z-ring, the four islands patrons sang a wonderful melody. When Terrance watched for a long time, they suddenly felt that they were jumping well…

    When the z-ring returned to Terrance's hand, Terrance found that the z-crystal, which disappeared because of a z-movement, had once again reunited on the z-bracket and looked more secure than ever. It is like being integrated with the z-hand ring.


    After completing this series of things, Tapu Koko flew to Terrance and carefully asked Terrance about the z-ring.

    Upon hearing the advice of Tapu Koko, Terrance nodded solemnly, this z pure crystal…After the strengthening of the four islands patrons, it has become more powerful. They do not recommend that Terrance be used in normal times, unless it is in the face of major disasters, otherwise it is best not to use it, because it will impose a great burden on the body of Altaria and Terrance. .

    "I understand, thank you very much."


    Terrance quickly patrolled the four islands to understand the meaning of them…This last z-ring is used to help Terrance face major disasters.

    As for the z-form of the new z-crystal burst, which can make Altaria become strong, Terrance certainly hopes that it will never be seen, which means that no major disaster has occurred.

    "Tapu Koko, I have one more thing I want to ask you."Suddenly, what Terrance thought of, asked:

    "Excuse me, is it possible for the Totem gas field to exist permanently on an elf?"

    In the face of Terrance's question, after the Sidao patron was silent, Tapu Koko gave a reply and received a reply from Tapu Koko, and Terrance took a moment.


    Solgaleo and the study of Ultra Wormhole?

    The answer given by Tapu Koko is the power of Assist Solgaleo or the Ultra Wormhole. As for the more, it is not known.

    Terrance remembered this information and nodded hard.



    Aether Paradise.

    This is the fifth day that Terrance has come to the Alola Region, and two days before his Elite Challenge.

    "Zabo, how are the three stones studied?"

    As he left, Terrance couldn't help but ask Zaobo's research on the three pieces of magic stone.

    "There is indeed Help."Zaobo helped the glasses and said: "No, or thinking."


    “Correct.”Zaobo said with a faint voice: "Is the magic stone a man-made stone?"

    Terrance immediately said: "Why do you say that?"

    “Although they are hidden, they still have traces of technology.”Zaobo proudly spoke. Although it was not very timely, he was still aware of the anomaly of the magic stone through research. However, he was also very surprised. Which genius researcher did so perfectly, almost put him in this Alola Region. The top researchers gave the past.

    "I have one hand."Terrance smiled and said: "What ideas, talk about it."

    “In terms of the energy consumed by the Ultra Wormhole, I have been using mental energy as the energy to open the Ultra Wormhole. Now, think about it, it’s silly!!”

    "The Mohn Professor of the Aether Foundation has demonstrated that the ultra wormhole can be opened by the power of the Cosmog, and that Cosmog Ultra will consume a lot of energy in wormhole Aether Ndation's data records that COSMOG is psychic Type, so I have been using mental energy, but after getting the magic brake stone, I was inspired, Cosmog seems to feed on light, and it consumes energy, but is not spiritual energy, then, Is it possible that light energy blends with spiritual energy as a special energy? ”Zaobohaha laughed.

    "There are stones in the three magic stone that can absorb light energy by themselves. There are stones that can store light energy. There are stones that can make the light energy merge other energy into the light. Do you understand what I mean?"

    “You mean trying to use the energy that combines light energy and spiritual energy as energy, open up the Ultra Wormhole?”Terrance is interested in opening.


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