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Pokemon Court Chapter 935

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 935 Mega Diancie! Floating astronomy
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    Zaobo’s words surprised Terrance.

    I just got a reminder from Tapu Koko that I want to get the permanent Totem gas field to Assist the power of Ultra Wormhole or Solgaleo, then Zaobo came up with the way to open the Ultra Wormhole, and it has its own merits, and it really helps him. .

    Lucas is great, Solgaleo is good, and Ultra Wormhole is good. In any case, as long as the Help Beautifly becomes stronger, Terrance will fight for it.

    Sparkling Stone, who applied for it, has arrived at Fallabor Gym. Although Beautifly may not be able to participate in Terrance's first battle at Elite, it still has a chance to play.

    First use the Sparkling Stone Help Beautifly to maintain the Totem gas field for a few years. When the right time is right, Help Beautifly seeks a permanent Totem gas field. This is Terrance's plan.

    Although it is impossible to make Beautifly as powerful as Altaria, the world's first Beautifly title, Terrance intends to help Beautifly get it.

    “If Beautifly can also Assist natural energy…”

    Thinking of Beautifly's Morning Sun, Sunshine Flame, Energy Ball and other tricks, Terrance immediately thought of Altaria's skill, but unfortunately, Beautifly didn't have the chance of Altaria.

    "Hey, hello, what?"Zaobo’s doubts aroused Terrance, and Terrance glanced at him and said, “Nothing, but I should leave. If the research on Ultra Wormhole is progressing, please contact me.”

    Oh…Ok, but the three stones are temporarily placed here for me. ”Zaobo nodded.

    "Well, please."Terrance Road.

    Whether Terrance came to the Aether Foundation or left the Aether Foundation, it didn't cause too much trouble, and no one knew it. Terrance took a crucial step in Alola's journey to the unknown.

    Kalos Region.

    Xerneas arrived at Terrance as scheduled and sent Terrance to the diamond mining country of the Kalos Region.

    After a few days without seeing Xerneas, Terrance looked at it calmly and was puzzled.

    "Xerneas, are you not curious about the results of Altaria's four days of practice?"

    "If you practice the results…I will see the pure crystal in your hand. ”Xerneas glanced at Terrance: "But remind you that if you want to master this pure crystal, it is not enough for your current mental and physical strength."

    "I know, I still have to continue to exercise, I will work hard."Terrance dialed Leafage and saw the entrance to the diamond mine country immediately.

    Psychic and the body's exercise methods may be more accessible after becoming Elite, and Terrance plans to find a way later.

    At present, the Calm Mind method sent by Wicktor Master and the Fighting technique won from Bruno Elite are enough for him, but the efficiency of the practice is somewhat low, but it is also related to the contact time between Terrance and these things. It is difficult to train what effect.


    "Mm."Terrance nodded and walked into the diamond mining country with Xerneas.

    As soon as they entered, they immediately received the reception of many Carbink.

    "Xerneas adults, Terrance adults, diamond ministers and…Well, the two Princess Diancie have already waited for two guests inside. ”A Carbink guard and Terrance they said.

    After five days, Terrance immediately looked forward to the growth of Diancie.

    After coming to the center of the mining country, Terrance immediately saw the two Diancie standing under the holy diamond.

    "Guess who I am?"

    "Guess who I am?"

    After the arrival of Terrance and Xerneas, the two Diancies spoke at the same time. Under the Mimic, the sounds were all normal. After Terrance, some helplessly pointed to the left one.

    "I said how can you do this kind of game?"

    "It's not fun."On the right, Princess Diancie of the mining country saw Terrance clear them at a glance, and suddenly showed a frustrated expression.

    "Well, Princess, there is another Diancie, you don't want to make a fuss."At this point, the drill minister jumped out weakly.

    "Terrance adults, I am really sorry, it is our family Diancie adults who have taught your friends to break down, obviously…"The drill minister quickly explained.

    "It doesn't matter, I am very happy to see Diancie so energetic."Terrance laughed, these are small things.

    After being recognized, Diancie smiled and quickly came to Terrance's side, only five days later, but Terrance felt Diancie grow taller and very eye-catching.

    "It seems that both of you have understood the meaning of life."Just then, Xerneas suddenly looked at the holy diamonds and looked at them both.

    "After bathing Fairy Aura, I have gained the experience of Diancie in the past. I think you can transform into another form. Come on, let me have a look."

    Sure.Upon hearing Xerneas' request, the two Diancie nodded immediately and walked to an open space.

    "Really mastered?"It’s only five days since Terrance looked at them, and it’s only five days. Is the power of the holy diamonds in the diamond mines so powerful? Or is Xerneas' Fairy Aura so extraordinary?

    Mega Evolution ……

    The transformation in Xerneas' mouth is another form, the Mega Evolution in Terrance's understanding.

    Faced with the gaze of Terrance, Xerneas, and Diamond Minister, the two Diancies looked serious and directly ran their life energy and began to ignite their own life!

    Two shocking white lights linger, and the two Diancie figures are constantly changing.

    After the Mega Evolution, the diamonds on their heads became heart-shaped, and two white ribbons were hung from the crown, and the arcs were added to three, located below the neck, waist and skirt structure;

    In addition, the lower part of their body is replaced by a large piece of diamond, and surrounded by a number of long strips of diamonds, the end of the ribbon and the long strip of diamonds are each decorated with 12 tiny octahedral diamonds, very Contest.

    As the white light dissipated, the two Mega Diancie floated in the air, and the beautiful posture made Terrance not slow down.

    "Let me out Rotto!!!"At this point, feeling the changes of the outside world, Rotom Pokédex constantly squeezed out of the backpack, this movement reminded Terrance, let him quickly put Rotom Pokédex out.

    "Scorpio Rotto, beautiful!"

    Sure enough, Rotom Pokédex was attracted by Diancie's Mega Evolution. The first time I saw Mega Diancie, and two of them, Rotom Pokédex immediately shot.

    "For the blessings of Xerneas and Terrance, our holy diamonds have regained their original energy…The great grace of the two adults will surely keep in mind. ”Looking at the two Mega Diancies with enthusiasm, the Diamond Minister is still very excited. The figure of Mega Diancie has not appeared in the mine for many years? It was only heard in the stories of the elders…

    "It is indeed an extraordinary force…I hope that you can use it well and don't let your ancestors live. ”Xerneas nodded slowly.

    "Well, Diamond Minister, Princess Diancie, in fact, it is me who said thank you, thank you for your willingness to share the heritage of the mining country."Terrance saw Diancie's changes, although he still didn't know what it was capable of, but now, looking at the confident expression of Mega Diancie, Terrance suddenly reached a point of agreement with him.

    "Next, are you going to fight?"Asked Diancie.

    "Yeah, the battle of Elite."Terrance laughed.

    Perhaps what we are fighting for now is…Hoenn's strongest Elite position.

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