Pokemon Court Chapter 936

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 936th Elite Challenge, floating astronomy
    Naplu Road Museum.

    When Terrance came back, assistant Sharan quickly came to Terrance and was about to play the important game of the Elite Challenge. Terrance disappeared into the unknown a few days ago and almost frightened her.

    "Mr. Terrance, the day after tomorrow is your battle with Sidney Elite. What else do you need to prepare?"

    "No need."

    When Terrance returned to the Napru Road Hall, he immediately began to work for the Beautifly Totem gas field. In addition, it put the rest of his mind on Diancie.

    At Mt. At Chimney, after the mutation, it used to fight against the four elves, although Gardevoir only wanted to stop Diancie, but this performance…It is enough to prove the strength of Diancie.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a long-awaited dragon.

    Now Diancie has gained the inheritance of the diamond mining country. After the Mega Evolution, the strength is beyond the imagination of Terrance, and it is worthy of serious exploration by Terrance and Rotom Pokédex.

    Unlike the Masters regular season, the Elite Challenge has received much attention.

    There was no surprise in this Elite Challenge, and the two Trainers were still promoted to Norman and Terrance.

    Mr. Norman of the Petalburg Hall is still the same, and there is no plan to challenge the Elite. The only challenger is Terrance.

    As trainer, who made a big splash in the past year, Terrance first won the support of the Contest competition faction, became the second coordinator of the ZHE, and then established the Fallabor scenic spot in the name of Gym Fallarbor, allowing Fallabor Gym Famous Hoenn, the occurrence of these things, so that Terrance has long been Hoenn Region household name of the celebrity figure, especially after he defeated Mr. Norman, he is regarded as the most powerful contender of the elite position.


    "Terrance brother…"

    "Terrance brother!"

    When Terrance was about to leave the Napru Road Hall and go to Ever Grande City, Grandma Ellen, who was too old to go around, wanted to go to Ever Grande City to cheer for Terrance, but it was stopped by Terrance in time.

    Looking at the children around Rina, Aian, Tyga, Crisna, Scarlet, Miyu, Terrance smiled and shook his head: "Now Ellen's body is not suitable for long-distance travel, so you should not go, stay with Ellen grandma. The Elite Challenge will be broadcast live or broadcast on all channels, and you can see me on TV."

    Although reluctant, these children can understand Terrance's ideas, and they chose to stay with Ellen's grandmother and watch Terrance at Olde Green House.

    "It doesn't have to be so tight, I have come over Mr. Norman, and the Elite Challenge is no different from the Masters in my opinion."Terrance laughed and licked Tyga's head and said, "In this case, I am leaving."

    "Terrance Big Brother, be sure to be Elite Four!"

    These children quickly talked.

    "Do not worry."Terrance waved his hand, while assistant Sharan took the backpack from Terrance and they drove to Mauville Airport.

    At this point, there were two people who didn't say goodbye to Terrance. Kathrine leaned on a wall and sighed after seeing Terrance slowly leave.

    I remembered Terrance, who had just become the owner of the museum, and helped him to solve his happy knot. He thought of Terrance, who is about to get the highest honor of Trainer. Kathrine has some emotions, and time flies…

    "Kathrine Teacher, are you going to visit the site? It will be fine to hand over to the pavilion. ”Just as Kathrine watched Silence quietly, the apprentice Troie of Fallabor Gym didn't know where to go.

    "Don't go, just wait for the results."Kathrine said casually.

    At this point, Terrance's points accumulated in the Masters were equal to those of the Elite Four Group, and then the strength of Terrance's battle with Norman…

    "Will the Terrance owner win?"

    "Maybe, he always leaves the Daoguan to study the Fairy department, who knows if it is for today."Kathrine turned over silver. In Hoenn Elite, a wicked Elite and a dragon Elite, she now wonders if the Terrance transformation is planned.

    “Ewww.”Troie groaned and groaned.

    "Then I will not go, Aian brothers will not go, I am also very boring to go alone…"

    At this point, Terrance went to the airport and sneezed a few times, so Sharan’s assistant immediately worried: “Mr. Terrance, do you want to eat a cold medicine…”

    "No…I don't need itTerrance Express, he suddenly found out that if the Olde Green House people do not go to the scene, they should have no support group.

    Not right…

    "There should still be supporters, but they should all be unknown people emmm"

    "But it's better than nothing."Terrance put his eyes together and planned to take a break.



    "Mr. Terrance, Mr. Terrance, not good."

    Under the Calm Mind Contest Condition, Terrance opened his eyes as soon as he heard the assistant Sharan's voice. He wondered, "What's wrong, so panic."

    "I received a message from Mr. Raoul Contesta and he asked you to see this."

    Terrance took the laptop that Sarah handed over and saw the news on the page.

    Elite Four Drake retired…

    "Drake Elite, he…"It’s obvious that Terrance hasn’t slowed down yet. If Drake Elite retired, wouldn’t he be able to advance directly to the Elite Four?

    The news was released two minutes ago. At this time, there were very few people. After seeing this news, Terrance did not immediately go to Ever Grande City. Instead, he stopped at Mauville City and contacted Mr. Raoul Contesta.

    "Mr. Raoul Contesta, what's going on?"

    "This is the result of the tripartite game. In the end, the next Elite Challenge will change. You will keep an eye on it. I will inform you as soon as I have the news."

    I understandTerrance sighed slightly and didn't seem as simple as the surface. After the conversation with Mr. Raoul Contesta, he revisited the retired news of Drake Elite.


    In the news that Drake Elite announced his retirement, the main reason for his retirement was because of age, 58 years old, and the age of Trainer is indeed old. As the oldest Elite Four, the most powerful and the most powerful Drake Elite announced his retirement. In the case that many people find it strange, it is also understood by many people.

    After all, now that everyone has the Region established by the Elf Alliance, the Elite Four Group tends to be younger. The older Trainer has retreated to the second line because of the Contest Condition, and they are no longer fighting on the line.

    “For me, is it good news?”Terrance contemplates.

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