Pokemon Court Chapter 937

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 937 succession, Terrance vsDrake, floating astronomy
    Shuihua City is a sea city near Lilycove City. At its Harbor, a sailboat slowly leaves and targets the Ever Grande.

    Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, it is rare to see people crossing the dangerous seas with sailboats, because sailing is the next choice regardless of the speed of travel or the safety of navigation.

    But this sailboat is different because its captain is the Elite Four Drake.

    Standing on the deck, Drake looked at the waves in the distance, his hands in the cuffs of the open coat, revealing his powerful abdominal muscles.

    Under the white captain's cap, it is a serious face, and his gray color can be seen from the gray beard and hair.

    "Master, did you really decide?"

    "Well, when Terrance defeated Norman, I understood that it was time to quit the stage, but to try to get some benefits before leaving."

    Drake looked at his eldest son, Fitz, and said, "I was going to wait for the right time to hand over the Elite Four's seat to you, but time is too late. The new generation of geniuses will come out, and the older generation will eventually leave. ."

    "I am too stupid…"Fitz wearing a sailor suit lowered his head.

    "You, you are very talented, there are infinite possibilities, I can't do anything about retiring. Among the four factions represented by the current Elite Four, only our strength is insufficient, if not by a few old The generation of Trainer support scenes has long been removed from the Alliance."

    Drake laughed and touched the handle of the sailboat. From a few decades ago, he followed the elders in the waters of the sea. During this period, he struggled with the sea, struggled with the weather, and struggled with pirates to make these living at sea. Drake is one of the many powerful Trainers out of the crowd.

    Only because of the development of science and technology, the sailboat has withdrawn from the stage of the sea…After becoming a sports project, the Drake, which represents the power of the sea, gradually declined, although with a few powerful trainer came into contact with a lot of technology, but the development is eventually slow, and the Elf Alliance of the famous large fleet compared to the weak, and some famous maritime trading enterprises compared to the economic backwardness , strength and economy are not top, the trend of decline is evident.

    "There is no chance that there will be no reversal in the future. What is the most important thing you forget when you fight with nature? This retired, enough for us to digest, as long as you can grow up, then this time will not suffer, after all, compared to technology, I think the world of elves and Trainer is the mainstream. ”Drake sighed.


    "If nothing else, the Elite Challenge will evolve into a succession between Terrance and me. In this battle, I will make every effort. However, the other party is not a general, and can only listen to the fate of people. Go ahead and go to Ever Grande."

    As Drake fell, his big disciple Fitz sighed heavily.



    "Drake seniors he…Sure enough to make this decision? ”

    At the same time, Hoenn's other three Elites, after seeing Drake's statement, meditated.

    Especially Sidney, after thinking about it, put the computer directly together and screamed Yawn boringly.

    He also guessed that a war that had been preparing for a long time under high pressure seemed to be cancelled.


    In a core room of the Hoenn Alliance, the Speaker of the House ignored the frequent phone calls. He didn't have to think about it, and he also knew that the representatives of the various parties came to ask about the situation…

    Retirement was initiated by Drake Elite. It was not so much the initiative to retire. It was better to say that Drake had reached a consensus with the Contest contestant and he had a deal that no one would suffer.

    "Yumu, the matter of the succession will be handed over to you, time…You can combine the views of Terrance or Drake, but try to arrange this replacement battle within a week, and don't hinder the normal operation of the Evergrande Conference. ”

    "Yes, I understand."As the Speaker of the House of Representatives fell, his secretary quickly retired to deal with this time.

    It wasn't long before the time passed, and Terranc's cancellation with Sidney spread throughout Hoenn.

    “Why can't you continue to challenge?”Terrance, who has arrived in Ever Grande City, asked Mr. Raoul Contesta inexplicably.

    "It is reasonable to say that the Trainer promoted from the regular season can play against every Elite Four, but this time the situation is special, is the decision made above. Cancelling this match is also a consideration for the next succession. Even if you have the confidence to beat Sidney, it is best to let the variables disappear for the sake of stability. ”

    “We have also put a lot of pressure on this, but this is all about getting you to the top of Elite.”

    "Of course, if you want to challenge the other three Elites, you can successfully climb the Elite position and challenge."Raoul Contesta said: "In short, the above means that you should not affect the battle with Drake Elite because of the battle with Sidney. Try to win this battle as much as possible, although Drake Elite has made a retirement statement, but the face The project still needs to be done."

    When Terrance stopped talking and stopped, he finally gave up his original plan. Drake Elite’s resignation statement really made him unexpected.

    "Forget it, I will win this battle beautifully. I don't have to worry about it here, but I hope that the things I can ask for will be completed smoothly."

    "No problem, as long as you can succeed in becoming an Elite Four, that is almost a thing of the past."

    Somewhere in Ever Grande City, Terrance and Raoul Contesta reached some consensus.

    Although there is no need to play against Sidney Elite in the future, there are more serious battles such as Terrance, which is definitely a battle that cannot be lost. Terrance immediately took time to train and took advantage of this precious few days.

    With the cancellation of the Elite Challenge, it was almost certain that the replacement battle between the Elite Four's Terrance and Drake would be promoted.

    Compared with the Elite Challenge, this Elite replacement battle is even more dazzling. Even the ordinary people who don't care about the Trainer and don't pay attention to the Elf in the Hoenn Region are looking at it here.

    At this time, in an independent training center at Ever Grande City, Terrance looked at Arcanine, Gardevoir, Ninetales, Diancie, Gallade, Altaria and seriously said:

    "This is a game that can't be lost. It is because I have already decided that I can become Elite Four, so I can't lose."

    The six elves saw Terrance's expression so serious, and they nodded seriously, but at this time Terrance was troubled…

    “Beautifly seems to be unable to play in a short time…”

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