Pokemon Court Chapter 938

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 938th Hoenn's hymn, floating astronomy
    Five days later, people from all over the world gradually gathered in Ever Grande City.

    Among them, there are not only Hoenn people, but also Kanto, Johto Region, Sinnoh, Orange Island…

    Some time ago, the momentum of the Elite Challenge was already big enough, but compared to today, it was nothing.

    Because today, in addition to the succession battle, regardless of the outcome of the battle, there will be a new Elite Four born.

    Ever Grande City has nearly three times more visitors in a few days, and the streets, hotels, squares, and ships are immediately crowded.

    Most people are looking forward to the battle, but they are more looking forward to the ceremony of the award ceremony. This is the big thing about the pattern.

    "Wow, it doesn't look like a simple guy."

    Ever Grande City, Bai Cheng walked in front of Riean and was amazed at the crowd around him. "I am not talking nonsense. Even if I don't use the power of the waveguide, I feel that there are a few guys who are a little stronger."

    "There is so much nonsense. You shouldn’t come to Ever Grande City. Let’s wait and see the game.”

    Riean is speechless.

    "Look at the game? What game do you watch? Do you think that I am watching the guy's game? How couldI am here to attend the Evergrande Conference. ”Bai Cheng slowly shook his head and looked at the expression "You don't talk nonsense."

    "up to you……However, he has already become Elite Four, and you have just qualified for the Masters. Is it slow? ”Riean sneered.

    "What is this? I obviously haven't won the Evergrande Conference yet. Why do you think I am qualified for the Masters? You must be very confident about my strength, right, hahaha. ”

    After Bai Cheng grabbed the loophole in Riean's words, he immediately responded.

    "Fast, if you lose at the Evergrande Conference, jump to the sea, I will inherit your Poké Ball."



    “Speaking of it, today’s Ever Grande City is really lively.”

    Terrance is still feeling the excitement of Ever Grande City as assistant Sharan enters the Ever Grande stadium through a dedicated passage.

    He naturally knows that most of the reason is because Drake retired and took office, but he still underestimated the influence of Elite Four.

    "Mr. Terrance, please go to the lounge to change clothes."


    Because there is a honour ceremony after the succession of the battle, although the clothing is not so particular, but in order to cooperate with the next report, still have to do some surface work.

    After coming to the lounge, Terrance began to wait for the passage of time after wearing the Alliance custom-made combat dress.

    In order to raise his spirit, Terrance entered the Calm Mind Contest Condition again, until the fireworks lifted off, and the sound of numerous firecrackers sounded, he slowly opened his eyes and walked toward the main venue under the lead of assistant Shalan.

    At this moment, the Ever Grande stadium is full of people.

    The Speaker of the Hoenn Alliance, the Speaker of the High Court, as the principal of this succession war, began to deliver a speech: “First of all, thank friends from all over the world for coming to the Hoenn Region to watch this succession and honor ceremony. On behalf of the Hoenn Alliance, I would like to express to you. Warm welcome!"

    “Hoenn Region has a wide variety of natural environments, from tropical rainforests to deserts, but the most striking feature is its vast waters. The area of this water is almost equal to the mainland, and it is a huge contrast with other Regions. Around the mainland, there are also large and small islands, which we can only reach by water. Although it sounds beautiful, but we all know that Hoenn is a troubled region, because of the changes in the weather, environmental differences, resulting in many places all the year-round suffering from natural disasters, our Hoenn, the mainland is wrapped in mountains and woods, the main cities are in the coastal area, frequent disasters, The living environment in inland towns and villages is much worse, and people like Fortree City even have to live in tree houses, and there are countless more places than the Fortree city environment, but … "

    "These don't prevent me from like Hoenn, love Hoenn, loyal Hoenn! Since ancient times, Hoenn Region has become prosperous under the efforts of generations, and it is the responsibility of Hoenn Alliance to maintain this prosperity! ! ”

    "In the long history, humans and nature fight, and the Trainer group has played an indelible role in human development. Today, it is the succession of the Elite Four title that represents Hoenn Trainer's highest honor. Please look forward to it! !"

    With the speech of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Terrance and Drake embarked on the high platform.

    “Drake Elite has been a Elite Four for 32 years and has made a huge contribution to the stability of the Hoenn waters. Today, the position and responsibility that will take over his position is to guard the safety of the Falla Gym Gym, which is also safe for Hoenn. Contributed to the Terrance Pavilion!"

    At this moment, toward the audience of the Ever Grande stadium, people around the world, whether Drake Elite or Terrance, were deeply stunned and expressed their commitments in the speech of the president.

    The old and new take over, although the highest honor of the Trainer has been taken from Drake, Terrance will also bear the corresponding burden. Terrance is ready, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, not only for himself, but also for this piece. He was given a new life and accepted his elf world.

    "This feeling……Also not bad…"

    As the speech came to an end, Hoenn's current champion Steven, Elite Four's Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and thousands of spectators stood up and stood up for the Speaker of the House, Drake, Terrance, and Hoenn.

    Listening to this applause, Terrance's mentality has changed differently, and it is more profound to think about the meaning of Elite Four.

    At the same time, the atmosphere of the scene immediately entered the **, and is still heating up. At this great opportunity, today's program has also entered the battle of succession, showing a link between the strength of Hoenn's new and old Elite Four.

    “Not only us, but the Elion Four of other Regions may also be staring at it.”Phoebe blinked and looked at Terrance standing under the stage. "This is a young Elite with unlimited potential. Maybe it will be a terrible monster in the future Region Elite exchange."

    "Replace the dragon's Fairy?"

    Kanto Region, the Elite Four that is most concerned about this succession battle is Lorelei and Agatha. The two are the "culprits" for Terrance to raise the challenge of Elite. Now that Terrance has finally reached this point, it is currently the main road. Agatha Elite of the Trainer smiled and said:

    “It seems that the first Fairy Elite in history is going to appear—”

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