Pokemon Court Chapter 939

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 939th chapter Lei Yanlong system! Floating astronomy
    “Drake's predecessors are profound, but in the face of a Fairy master, should they be able to perform well?”

    As Terrance and Drake slowly step on the sides of the battlefield. Sidney snarled in several Elites sitting side by side on the rostrum.

    The Elite Challenge was originally a battle between him and Terrance, so he did a very detailed study of the Terrance team.

    Obviously, the Fairy system in Terrance's team is in the mainstream. If Terrance becomes Elite, it will be called Fairy Elite.

    The discovery of the Fairy Department is the biggest controversy in the academic world's research on the Elf Attribute in recent years. This emerging Attribute has never seen a representative Master Trainer with a thin foundation and few materials.

    Even so, according to the records of known materials, some people know that the Fairy system is quite similar.

    "Fairy is a sinister system, a dragon system, and the Fairy system spirit is very resistant to evil spirits. It is almost an immune dragon trick. Compared to me, against Terrance, Drake Elite is even more difficult."

    The relationship between the Fairy department and the dragon system is not tolerable compared to the ice system and the dragon system. Even against the ice master, Drake Elite is well-versed, and the long Trainer career gives him plenty of time to hone his skills against ice. But Fairy is…

    "Come on, let me see your Fairy Legion."

    Drake looked at Terrance slowly, only to see him pull out Poké Ball and open, a dragon appeared!

    At the same time, Terrance also threw out Poké Ball and said: "That is natural, but the premise is to pass it!"

    In the skystorm, a dragon elf flies out, and as it flaps its wings violently, the venue suddenly raises a dust storm, but against it is the skylighting fire, under the fire, it is a fluffy linen Hair and body are like dog elves that blend with the wind and fire.

    "Flygon vsArcanine…"

    The Speaker of the House of Representatives narrowed his eyes and said: "Flygon is the darling of the desert like Banjara. It can also Assist Sandstorm to hide the figure, and the line of sight is not disturbed by Sandstorm, and Arcanine…"

    “This Arcanine shows the top fusion skills of thunder and inflammation. The explosive power of thunder and inflammation can show amazing destructive power. It is extremely difficult, but whether it is electricity or fire, it has little effect on Flygon…”Glacia Elite Road.


    Everyone saw that Attribute was not good for Terrance, but they could not make any judgment on this match.

    "What is this ghost type?"Sidney exclaimed, up to three meters of Arcanine, not only has a huge body, but also powerful and powerful limbs, so that it looks full of explosive power.

    The long tail of the tail, rolling under the flame, is like a fire whip waving in the air, extremely shocking.

    "What a terrible guy…"Phoebe is a little bit stunned.

    "The main thing is that under this type of body, the flame can still perfectly coordinate with the body, it is not easy."Steven Road.

    As the fire collided with Sandstorm, Terrance had no worries, and the Metronome showed: "Arcanine, Extreme Speed!"

    Under the flames, Arcanine, which is three meters high, did not show any sense of inconsistency. The four-legged rushing room, even the venue that can withstand the championship-level battle, was burned with a trace, almost in an instant, Arcanine saw the red mans Jumping into the air came to the front of Flygon, and the fierceness was revealed.

    "Dragon Tail !"

    The Arcanine of the Beast Normal jumped from the ground and visually shocked many people's hearts. The light and the light were the visual effects of this hand, which satisfied most of the audience.

    Assist Sandstorm's power thrust, Flygon hurriedly twisted his body, and the huge Dragon Tail swept across, colliding with Arcanine, which rolled up the body and made the Flame Wheel.

    This style has not yet reached the level of winning and losing. Under a brief confrontation, although there has been an astonishing power, both sides have been able to retreat.

    In fact, Arcanine is weak, and the leg has to bear tremendous strength to stand up. Don't look at it. But Arcanine's Flame Wheel is weaker than the Dragon Tail. This is because the other party is not under Extreme Speed. Time is fully reacted, and the result of the trick is made under the rush.

    From this point of view, this Flygon's Breeder time is definitely not short.

    “Sandstorm is messy.”

    At the same time, the flame of Arcanine's ascent, and the flame of the Flame Wheel, completely ignited the temperature of the site, changing the airflow and increasing the difficulty of Flymon's Sandstorm control.

    "Sunny Day !"

    Quickly seize this opportunity, Terrance opened the order, Arcanine instantly condensed a hot fireball, blasting white clouds, covering the sun that originally existed in the air, making the venue more hot.

    Under the high temperature roasting, every Sandstorm has been subjected to high temperature baptism. At this moment, Lieyang completely suppresses Sandstorm and makes Flygon's expression uncomfortable.

    “Sandstorm and the hot sun can coexist in a particular environment, but Master’s Flygon doesn’t like sunny days…”In the auditorium, Drake's big disciple Fitz glimpsed and struggled all the year round. More often, they were accompanied by rainy days…

    Bathing in the hot sun, Arcanine's fierceness seems to be even more motivated by Normal. It is hot, and the current is intertwined with the fire snake. It is not only not blocked by Arcanine, but it is released. The wilderness is more calm.

    Under Thrash and Outrage's Contest Condition, Arcanine wants to be unconscious, even with its willpower.

    However, it can stimulate Smelling Salts through current stimulation, keep calm, and erupt the wildness of the limit.

    Ray and Yan rose up, letting Drake Elite reveal a thoughtful expression, and when he realized that something was wrong, Arcanine had turned into a flash.

    The lightning and flame coats slowly merged together to form a body with a dragon head. In the dragon-shaped body, there is a dragon, which makes many people exclaim.

    "Thunder and inflammation are blind, the main attack is Orrage!"

    "To fight the dragon spirit, Arcanine still has its own means, that is the dragon trick."

    "With the explosive power of thunder and inflammation, Arcanine's Extreme Speed Dragon, known as 'Extrreme Speed', is even more horrible, just…"

    This is a combination of multiple Attributes, which makes the tricks messy. Although Terrance is a master of coordination, this is not to say that other Trainers can't see such drawbacks:

    "The coordination is good, and the attack will be revealed. The energy chaos will cause a heavy blow to Arcanine itself. It is hard work, so the arrogant attack is really the next strategy in the battle."

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