Pokemon Court Chapter 940

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 940 engulfs the sun, Reversal, Astronomy
    The technique of Arcanine, although complex and unpleasant, is very close to Arcanine's own character. It uses this technique to make the damage much smaller than other elves, and the success is not low. There is almost no Oolong event.

    In the face of this seemingly "to the same end" blow, Drake Elite, although experienced, but failed to anticipate Terrance's courage.

    After all, a little accident, it is possible for Arcanine to bury himself!

    Light and shadow also flowed in the eyes of the audience. Arcanine's movements were hard to grasp, but Flygon still made the fastest resistance. Sand Tomb walked forward and gave Drake Elite a moment to consider.

    The two-word instruction was issued, and just a few moments Flygon understood the instructions. At the moment Arcanine broke through the Sand Tomb cage, Earth Power swept the Stone Edge and slid it from Ground! !

    Assisted the power of the earth, this Stone Edge has a terrible force, and Flygon and Drake Elite are the best time to make Stone Edge perfectly resist Arcanine again, forming a second line of defense.

    At the same time, rolling up the amazing energy of the dragon, Flygon fiercely turned into a dragon god swooping away from Arcanine's soft ribs.

    Two tricks to buy time, let Flygon successfully grasp the key to winning, but in this moment the audience shortness of breath, arcanine all over the explosion, thunder and inflammation of the force completely into the driving force, but the cost is arcanine injury quickly deteriorated, assist the power of explosion, Arcanine calculated each other's position, surging up, directly staggered each other attack, Outrage into the faucet directly pounced on the Flygon back neck, let two elves into a meteor fell to the field down, to Flygon for the meat pad, arcanine with weight gave it the last blow.

    In less than a minute, the atmosphere of the venue ignited. As the referee announced the result, Drake took back the Flygon and released the second elf.

    "I have encountered this kind of battle for the first time, but are you not going to take back Arcanine?"

    The impact of multiple tricks, of course, caused Arcanine to erupt a terrible blow, but it itself suffered a huge injury in the impact process, and did not know whether it can maintain normal action.

    "It can still fight."Terrance smiled slightly.

    Facing the orange-like dragon-like elves in the air, Dragonite and Arcanine slowly dragged their bodies and swallowed the light of the sun. Like the Reversal, the whole body burst into flames.

    "Flame Ability?"

    Seeing this scene, many people have a look of horror.

    "Is Arcanine's Ability not just three? Intimidation, Flash Fire, the heart of justice, when is there a fierce fire? Is it the new Ability? ”

    "Not a fierce fire."

    It can be seen that Arcanine changes are rare.

    These people, who acted as helpers to explain the audience, were shocked by the detailed explanations.

    "It's not a fierce fire, but it's better than a fierce fire. The Sunny Day with the previous arrangement, along with the Morning Sun skills, became the key to Arcanine Reversal."

    "Using Morning Sun to engulf the sun to bathe itself, coupled with the less physical strength, the more powerful the Reversal moves, which caused Arcanine to master such a terrible flame…NoEven the core skills borrowed from the power of the sun. ”

    "If you don't guess, this Arcanine's Ability is a threat. In the first game, the Outrage volatility shows that Longwei is the result of intimidation, but Rival is the top dragon elf, Arcanine's dragon. Weibulun is not a class, the impact is not big, but if you switch to other Rival, then a dragon will probably shock the enemy, even alive and faint!!"

    "I thought that this Arcanine only changed the role of an elf, but now it seems that it can burst out a more embarrassing, more horrible, more destructive blow!!"

    Devouring the sun's light, Reversal's Arcanine, like the activation of the Ability fire, bathed in the fire to regenerate.

    Soon, a Lei Yanlong swept up and pointed to the Dragonite in Soaring in the sky, making the audience speechless, who is the dragon…

    "It's really an incredible tactic, but that's all. Dragonite is not Flygon!"

    In the face of Arcanine's crazy offensive, Dragonite's astonished color flowed on his face, and then broke out with a not bad color Arcanine…SPEED

    Extrreme Speed !

    "Will you use Extreme Speed's Dragonite? I remember that the world can let Dragonite learn Extreme Speed…Only Blackthorn City, the dragon trainer, is this Dragonite…"

    Out of Extreme Speed's Dragonite, the speed went straight to Arcanine, which made Terrance unpredictable, but at this time Arcanine's destructive power was absolutely more horrible, and the form did not allow them to cancel this attack, Terrance gritted, Arcanine I Rush away.

    Dragonite, also gazing, is more relaxed than Flygon to think about how to meet this blow.

    At the speed of Assist Extrreme Speed, Dragonite hurried back, and the huge Blizzard swept away in the mouth, eroding the dragon of Thunder, and then condensing Water Pulse, the water flowed, even if it did not show the dragon The trick is that the Dragons are still overbearing and as proficient as the Normal.

    Two tricks against Lei Yanlong's high erosion directly left Arcanine with only a trace of consciousness. In this case, Dragonite single-handedly claws and rushed up, and Dragon Claw took it directly!

    However, the destructive power of Arcanine's Outrage made Drake not judge correctly. The dragon energy was eroded by Blizzard and the fire energy was eroded by Water Pulse. What did Arcanine break out of this force?

    Outrage and Dragon Claw, Arcanine shouted, although the consciousness was weak but the eyes were fierce, the momentum completely shocked Dragonite, let the two elves get involved in the explosion.

    "Is this step still taken? This time, even if Arcanine has a fire of life from Altaria, it will not be able to lie in the center of the elf for ten days and a half."Terrance is helpless.

    Laser Focus moves: condense the spirit, instantly increase the explosion, it is easy to cause Dire Hit to the enemy.

    This trick, in conjunction with Arcanine after Reversal, can completely reveal its fierceness, but at the cost…It is a mental injury. Mental recovery is more difficult than physical damage. This is the main reason why it has to lie for ten days and a half. It is important to know that Terrance did not intend to use Arcanine for this taboo technique at first. Not good, it will leave a dark wound, but what is Arcanine's character is so!

    Among the smog, Arcanine fell into exhaustion and was taken back by Terrance in the Poké Ball.

    Dragonite in Soaring in the sky, the one-arm has been ruined, and it is looking at Terrance with anger.

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