Pokemon Court Chapter 941

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 941 respective calculations, floating astronomy

    In the face of Dragonite, which only uses Extreme Speed, Terrance will not let Ninetales appear.


    Just as soon as he appeared, Ninetales snorted and quickly stepped on his feet, swaying nine snow-white tails and evoking the arrival of the snow.

    The snow and ice energy, condensed into a deadly spear and smashed toward Dragonite!

    In the case of an arm being scrapped, Dragonite even used another arm to condense the flame. Fire Punch came to the ice spear at an alarming speed before he squeezed it. He grabbed it and held it with one hand. Ice spear.

    The ice spear melts rapidly under the flame, and the ruthless flame erodes the snow and ice, leaving Ninetales badly staring at Dragonite.

    This is defying it.

    The comprehensive strength of Ninetales is naturally not as good as this Dragonite, but it is not necessarily impossible to fight in the case of Attribute. In a flash, Aurora Veil is coming, which opens the distance between Ninetales and Dragonite, as if they are separated by thousands of miles.


    With the opening of the Drake Elite, the Dragonite smashed the ice spear and the body was directly integrated into a Hurricane whirlpool created by the air. The wind blew in Soaring in the sky and bombarded Aurora Veil, but this is not Drake's main intention.

    "Dragon Dance?"

    Seeing how Dragonite controls Hurricane, Terrance is a familiar, art-like technique similar to the Beautifly winds, and unlike Dragonite's successful destruction of Aurora Veil, Terrance quickly ordered:

    "Blood ice."

    In Hurricane, a fire snake was drilled from time to time to let Aurora Veil melt away. When Ninetales Ice Moon was successfully shaped, Dragonite broke through Aurora Veil and opened Hurricane to become a flash.

    Under the Extrreme Speed, Dragonite is incredibly fast, and because of the arm's injury, it is murderous at this time, it seems that the character is not kind.

    "Baby-Doll Eyes !"

    The full moon refracts light at a fast speed, even if the Extreme Speed is not as good as the Psywave of the Baby-Doll Eyes sweeping through. The Dragonite directly enters the Outrage Contest Condition and wants to ignore the mental pressure with anger.

    FormidableSeeing that Dragonite succeeded in ignoring Ninetales' Baby-Doll Eyes, Terrance was amazed that the Outrage was used more skillfully than Arcanine, only…The next step is destined to be a solution. Terrance has already calculated that the other party will use Outrage to resist Baby-Doll Eyes.

    As the light refracted, the shining light of the sky shook away. In the face of the dense Dazzling Gleam reflected from the ice moon, Dragonite swung left and right and still fiercely went.

    "It's fake, Dragonite, withdraw."

    At this time, Drake realized that it was not good, it was quick to open, and the light speed was too slow. So it was easy for Dragonite to escape the light. The only possibility was that this trick was a scorpion. They were all ready to attack the light with Iron Head. But now not only is Drake, but Dragonite itself feels the crisis.

    More threatening crisis than Dazzling Gleam…

    next moment.

    The ice moon erupted, and there was no Fairy energy emission. It was purely an illusion caused by Confuse Ray. When the ice moon exploded, the whole snow energy was ignited and turned into a "Sheer Cold" trick, like a torrent of snow and ice.

    At such a close distance, the Dragonite was allowed to move faster, and he could not escape this horrible trick, so that it would be swallowed in an instant.

    "This Ninetales actually has illusion? Although slightly more innocent than the Mismagius, the Dragonite that wants to fool the Outrage Contest Condition is enough. ”Phoebe Elite accidentally opened.

    The Dragonite entering the Outrage with anger will inevitably lose judgment. Next, it will rely heavily on the Trainer's command. This is the key to Terrance's main desire to use illusion. The preparation of Baby-Doll Eyes and Confuse Ray is equal to two different ways. It was not surprising that the Dragonite was defeated.

    It was too late when Dragonite heard the Trainer's instructions.

    "You are doing very well, Dragonite."In the silence of Drake, the third elf was released, and a behemoth appeared in the battlefield. Even if it was Arcanine, it was not as good as it.

    "Roar!!"The gray body, the red eyes, and the fierce, like a nail-like tail slap between the Ground, quickly and numerous dust storms, dispelling the remaining Hail.

    “Drake Elite took out Steelix.”

    Some people were surprised to say: "It is rumored that this Steelix dragon has excellent blood, but in fact it is not low in rock, earth and steel, and its strength is very strong."

    Drake's third elf, Steelix, appeared to occupy a large area of the venue. When he saw his new Rival, Ninetales swayed his tail and re-entered Hail to fight against him.

    "Don't come hard."Terrance ordered: "Use Hypnosis."

    Whiposis, which is sweeping by Baby-Doll Eyes, is incomparable to mental stress, but it doesn't wait for Ninetales to make a move. Steelix closes his eyes and drills into Ground!

    This kind of game uses digging holes, not to find death or to have absolute confidence, and Drake Elite is obviously the latter. After Steelix digs into the ground, Terrance immediately orders Ninetales to cover the Ground with ice, freezing the entire site, but as an Iron Tail swept out, the site was directly penetrated through a hole, allowing the ice to solidify and make a hard The protective layer also failed to withstand Steelix's offensive.

    “Heavy Slam!”Steelix rushed to the ground, the speed of dig holes was extremely fast, and even such a huge size did not let Ninetales and Terrance perceive each other's movements. In the face of such a strange Dig method, let Terrance see Steelix without any dust. When I was in the body, I suddenly saw it.


    The rotating body suddenly pressed, directly smashing Blizzard, and blasting Ninetales out, making it lose consciousness.

    "Using the rotation of Gyro Ball to dig holes, Drake Elite is a special Steelix."

    "Steel system…"After the referee announced the result, Terrance took back Ninetales and comforted it and quickly threw out Gallade's Poké Ball.

    "Let Gadeade play so soon…"Drake Elite smiled and didn't attack, giving the Terrance Mega Evolution time.

    Terrance is also not polite, directly out of Key Stone, let Gallade carry out Mega Evolution.

    When the white cloak appeared behind the Gallade, the white blade smeared with a red awn, it immediately turned into a shadow, appearing above Steelix!

    And waiting for Gallade…It was Steelix's swift body and the waiting for the Gallade to come…Amazing!

    Roar! !

    At the moment when the flame-blade blade was removed from the flame by the force of rotation, Steelix showed painful color, but still attacked with the horrible object defense Endure and then made a shock.

    The huge momentum and oppression, almost let Gallade involuntarily retreat back to Poké Ball, but with the will, Mega Gallade barely resisted success, but it was this deliberate resistance that made Gallade lose the opportunity of the best Teleport to leave.

    In an instant, Steelix's Explosion ushered in the entire venue, oscillating the light of the venue's protective cover and swallowing the Mega Gallade.

    First, Terrance took advantage of Dragonite to win the game, and then Drake designed Steelix to exchange for Gallade serious injury. No one will let anyone, the offensive you come and go.

    Engulfed by Explosion, even if Gallade was attacked, it was still seriously injured and the situation was in crisis.

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