Pokemon Court Chapter 942

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 942 Fairy in the mist, floating astronomy
    As the Drake Elite lost three elves, the game entered the intermission period, and many viewers discussed the game just now.

    "How do I feel that Drake Elite was going to let Steelix replace a powerful force of Terrance Master in this way?"

    "Yeah, the Mega Gallade was seriously injured at the expense of Steelix. I don't feel bad, so the strength of Gallade is hard to come out. The most important thing is to reduce the threat from Mega Evolution. After all, At present, Gallade's Contest Condition, I am afraid I can't support the Mega Evolution."

    In the first half, the match between Terrance and Drake made many people see the extraordinary scene of the battle of Hoenn Elite. Whether Arcanine's Reversal, Ninetales's fate, or Steelix's turnaround, the audience was hooked, and Terrance The strength of the new Elite is also highly recognized.

    "Even the Drake Elite is in the doldrums, it seems that defeating Mr. Norman's Masters star is extraordinary."

    There is a lot of discussion in the Ever Grande sports field, and the live broadcast platforms around the world are also discussed.

    In the second half, Terrance took Gardevoir into consideration, considering the injury of Gallade and intending to restore it in the Poké Ball.

    The fourth elf of Drake Elite is a Charizard!

    This is the second time that Drake Elite has sent a non-dragon elf. According to the previous lineup, he made a big change and sent a non-dragon fire elf. His intention is self-evident.

    “Gardevoir uses Misty Terrain.”

    Terrance's words just fell, and I saw a foggy crowd, and Misty Terrain quickly covered Gardevoir's figure, which made Charizard lose it.

    This unfavorable situation can't last long. Drake knows that Terrance's Gardevoir's perception is very good. In the mist of the Gardevoir's home, Charizard is definitely unable to take advantage, so Drake soon ordered Charizard to use the flame vortex to disperse the mist.

    It’s just that everyone is wrong…The mist is like a burning fire in the sea, but the flame has no effect on the mist, which can not help but subvert the audience's perception of the venue.

    “Is this Gardevoir so high for Misty Terrain…”Sidney smirked, and some of them were distressed by Drake's predecessors. It was Terrance's endless stream of cards, which made people feel a headache, not to mention the Altaria…And the rumor…

    Most of the audience were judged by Gardevoir to be very good at Misty Terrain, but as time went by, several Elite snorted, especially Phoebe, and she was incredulous about the strongest mental power: " Gardevoir combines spirit and Misty Terrain!"

    This kind of use makes her feel amazed. With such mental strength, switching to other Trainers will motivate Psychic moves, and Psychic's tricks are quite different, but Terrance here has a different approach, combining spiritual strength with Misty Terrain. together.

    With countless mists turning into chains, breaking through the sea of fire and quickly tying Charizard, Terrance has predicted that there will be many Mimics after this war.

    However, this is not a simple Confusion control mist, but a fusion of mental power and mist. It is a special battle style of exclusive Gardevoir. This battle style was born by Mimic Mewtwo. It is difficult to control easily. If there is no special mental strength, play it. There is no effect on the results.

    "Alloy claws!"The whole body was tied, Charizard's backhand with an alloy claw swept the amazing venom Fury Cutter, and the combination of steel and poison allowed Charizard to quickly break free of the simulated Fairy lock without affecting his own situation, flying in Sky.

    However, the chain below swarmed, and refused to let Charizard go so easily. Charizard didn't even see Gardevoir's face until now, and he was ruthlessly suppressed, like a piece that was played by Gardevoir.

    The mist that blends with the mental power is like being given the elasticity Normal, it is difficult to blow away, it is difficult to break up, and Charizard is completely innocent. It can only fly to Soaring in the sky to find a suitable attack opportunity.

    However, when Charizard flew to Soaring in the sky, he was once again in a state of sorrow, because in the mist below it sensed the atmosphere of nine Gardevoir, under the influence of the mist, so that it did not know which one is true.

    "Calm down, Charizard."Drake snorted and stared at the mist himself.

    He also couldn't see the situation inside, but it didn't prevent him from making the right judgment: "Use poisonous fog!"

    Upon hearing the order, Charizard opened his mouth and quickly Spit Up a purple wind, which quickly merged into the mist. The terrible thing is that this purple wind erodes the mist more easily than the flame, and the erosion speed is abnormal. fast!

    The toxic fog is not a trick, but a combination of three tricks. Under the fusion of smoke, Toxic and Heat Wave, it creates an amazing smog of wind and instantly devours Misty Terrain, even if it is spiritually integrated. Misty Terrain also began to dissipate and could not withstand the purple wind.

    “It’s a Drake Elite that uses the Attribute change to break the Mimic legend.”Terrance gave a slight smile and smiled:

    "But the outcome has been fixed."

    Misty Terrain was eroded in the moment, Soaring in the sky, there were nine holes from all sides of the hole, and Charizard was surrounded by no dead ends. This scene made Drake and Charizard instantly squint, not understanding Gardevoir. How to succeed with Lock On…

    "It's the chain of mist that has left a mark on Charizard!"Drake suddenly woke up.

    After all, the chain is also the product of the fusion of mental power and Fairy energy, which contains changes in the Psychic system!

    The Confusion coordinates cooperated with Future Sight to directly cut off Charizard's back road. Nine Confusion light beams were shot at the same time, and Gardevoir was not idle. This Future Sight made it a calculation before it was completed. The important thing is to do other things…

    Use the Healing Wish to restore the Gallade Contest Condition at your own expense!

    Healing Wish moves, can sacrifice the rest of the user's physical strength, energy, to restore the physical strength, energy, Status Condition!

    This trick is also effective in the process of replacing the elves, ignoring the Poké Ball retraction and release mechanism, so this move does not violate the rules of the game, has a very good tactical value, Gallade restored the physical strength when Charizard was swallowed by the Confusion group. Replaced Gardevoir to re-stand on the site.

    Gardevoir's mist tactics are only suitable for use once. Drake Elite has found a cracking method. It is no longer suitable for Gardevoir to harden. In this situation, it directly uses its own tricks, avatar assistance, and restores the Gallade to the Contest Condition. Great advantage.

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