Pokemon Court Chapter 943

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 943 Toxic field, poison dragon, floating astronomy
    "Is it like this again…"

    With the appearance of the Gallade, the falling Charizard instantly suffered numerous attacks and was caught in the sword and directly lost consciousness!

    Drake Elite gave a slight glimpse and smiled. He felt that the young people nowadays couldn't be underestimated. The original Sidney, Phoebe, and Steven were the same, but they didn't let him eat.

    Terrance in front of me makes Drake feel that she is old.

    "Go, Dragalge!!"

    In the face of Gardevoir's weird combat style, Charizard's hand has not played any role and will end.

    At this point, Terrance lost three elves, Drake lost four elves, and only two of the elves' Drake Elite were serious.

    When he re-throws Poké Ball, a horrible creature suddenly appears on the field.

    The elf has purple skin and is surrounded by dry seaweed. It looks like a hippocampus. Above the head is a red cross-shaped leaf, which also extends two dry seaweeds like the corner Normal.

    It also has two seaweeds like the tentacles Normal, and the left and right sides of the body each extend a seaweed like hands.

    Like its shape, Dragalge is known as a grass-like elf, the top predator in the deep sea!

    "Dragalge…"Terrance quickly let the Gallade Mega Evolution, then they looked at the Dragalge with two expressions, and felt the deep pressure.

    "This Dragalge should be arguably Dr.'s no.2, I heard that in order to conquer this Dragalge, his Trump Card Salamence almost died. ”The Speaker of the House of Lords recalled.

    Dragalge lives in the deep sea and is a beast that the Totem Gyarados in the sea will fear.

    The sea occupies more than half of the planet's area. There are more elves in the ocean than on the land. The powerful elves are countless. This Dragalge is a long-lived old dragon in the deep sea.

    It is rumored that this violent elf will attack indiscriminately. Because Dragalge's Toxic can easily corrode any vessel, the sea it inhabits has always been a forbidden place for various ships.

    The usual Dragalge is enough to be taboo, and the strength of this Dragalge seems even more terrifying.

    “Dragalge uses Twister!”

    When Twister condensed, the violent Twister immediately let Teleport use the two consecutive Gallades to return. In the next moment, Gallade turned the two shackles into Psycho Cut, and a dozen swords swept away!

    “Can it show this strength even on land?”Terrance didn't know much about this Dragalge, and even the sprite, even the Drake Elite, was barely used.

    Terrance's doubts have just been born, Twister's color is transformed into purple, spewing out countless poisonous pulp, these corrosive Toxic, quickly converted the site into a water venue.

    Precisely……A venue called poison is more suitable.

    Almost in an instant, except for the location where the Gallade stood, the venue was no better.

    Into the Toxic field alone, Dragalge looked at Gallade as if he was looking for a prey to hunt.

    “When I saw this Dragalge for the first time, an elf was eating Weilord up to 15 meters. At that time, the whole fleet was shocked. The Wailord was very large, but the whole body was still corroded without a perfect place. Now, think about it, it’s still a little disgusting…"Recalling the experience a few years ago, Drake's big disciple Fitz patted his chest.

    This long-distance poison dragon, which didn't know how long it took, was conquered by the dragon master Drake. Now it is even more terrifying. After resisting Psycho Cut, Twister hit it again, directly covering the entire venue, and letting Terrance lose the Gallade in sight.

    “Drake Elite seems to test the new Elite in the way of Mimic.”Glacia saw this Toxic field and smiled instantly, especially when she thought of Drake's character, the more she felt that the style was like him.

    After being placed in the misty field, Drake Elite also used similar techniques to create the same situation for Terrance.

    In the Toxic world, Dragalge has almost no flaws. It is difficult for Gallade to find an attack. This is not to say that Gallade can't attack the other side, but Terrance doesn't want to go straight to attack.

    Stinger, poisonous hand, adaptability, three majors, which one is difficult to entangle, plus this terrible venom, Terrance really dare not let Gallade hard hit, he wants to find the right opportunity, but Drake Elite does not leave him, command Dragalge protects himself.

    "Do you not attack?"Seeing Terrance's performance, Drake continued to order: "Then we use Acid Armor!"

    Drake's words, Toxic invasion, Dragalge liquefaction through cell changes, perfect melting with the Toxic field, self-destruction for venom, and increased defense!

    Compared to the ordinary Acid Armor trick, Dragalge makes the Acid Armor even more strange, almost making himself a poison, in order to strengthen.

    With the tyrannical physique of the dragon, after strengthening it suddenly makes its breath more dangerous.

    "Can't wait."

    Terrance wanted to wait for the other side to take the initiative, and then look for flaws, but Drake didn't seem to want to do that. In desperation, Gallade had to use Teleport to slam, break through the venom, poisonous mist, poisonous gas, and wave Psycho Cut to each other.

    Psycho Cut collided with the horrible venom of the wrapped Dragalge. Dragalge resisted the damage and the Dragon Tail hit it. At the same time, the venom on his body began to invade the Gallade body along the blade. It was not what Terrance expected, just a simple touch, Mega Gallade falls directly into the poisoning Contest Condition.

    Twister and Toxic combined to form a combination of the Aqua Ring's attack and defense, resisting most of the Gallade's damage, and at the same time etching the venom through contact, it is the star of Gallade!

    Although Teleport escaped the other side's Dragon Tail, Gallade inevitably endured the Toxic that he couldn't afford.

    No matter whether it is flame, lightning or frost, it can't stop the Toxic infection on the arm and quickly invade the whole body. After seeing this horrible Toxic, Terrance took a deep breath and replaced Gardevoir, otherwise it was in the misty field of Gardevoir. In less than three seconds, it will be eroded by this Toxic field.

    "The horrible venom and the physique of the dragons are really unsolvable."

    Everyone lamented that even the Mega Gallade had to leave all concerns, and under the command of Terrance, the toxins were not completely infected and quickly attacked.


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