Pokemon Court Chapter 944

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 944 Diancie! Diancie! Floating astronomy
    Gallade Although the attack method is different, the change class is less pitiful.

    As soon as you encounter an enemy with a small level of difference, and there are many means, the weak is obvious!

    Obviously, Gallade is not good at frontal combat, not good at dealing with Status Condition…

    Infinitely flashing light and shadow is the proof of Gallade's storming Dragalge. In the Toxic field, Dragalge swept the Dragon Tail, and the parts of the body resembling seaweed also used as weapons to resist the rapid offensive of Gallade.

    "Use two flail!"

    Fighting with Dragalge is getting more and more fierce. The various movements of Cut in the mind of Gallade are constantly emerging. Attacks from various angles are different from those of Teleport, but there are too many parts of Dragalge that can be used as weapons. Drake is even rare. Directly command command, Dragalge blocked most of the Gallade attacks.

    However, under the confrontation between the two, the more attacks are still Dragalge.

    But the injury is more serious, but it is Gallade.

    Even if Gallade succeeds in hitting the enemy, it will inevitably endure a stronger invasion of Toxic!

    Nowadays, it is dragging the poisonous body and fighting hard!

    As the battle intensified, Terrance took a deep breath and spoke quickly.

    "Come back, Gallade."Before Gallade couldn't keep going, Terrance took the initiative to give up this round. He judged that the injury that Gallade could bear had reached the upper limit. If he went on, he would definitely leave a serious sequela, which is difficult to treat.

    “I prepared a special medicine for Toxic for Dragalge, just in the hands of Nurse Joy.”Seeing Terrance take back the Gallade, Drake Elite admired his approach and spoke quickly.

    "Thank you."After handing Gallade's Poké Ball to the coming Nurse Joy, Terrance immediately fell into meditation.

    Altaria's Fire of Life, Safeguard, Fresh, and Heal Bell are all effective against Toxic, but the Dragalge method is numerous but not fearful, but Terrance still wants Diancie to try it out.

    Terrance's move back to Gallade also made many Trainers nod. After all, the situation of the elves occupies a more important position in the mainstream concept than the winners and losers. The Trainer can control the elves' battle-related injuries within an affordable range. , is the qualified Trainer.

    Gallade's end, although it consumed a lot of physical strength of Dragalge, but made the Dragalge more powerful, whether it appeared or not in the audience's impression…

    "It’s terrible, I don’t want to fight the Dragalge…”At this time, many Trainer thoughts about this idea. After seeing the horrible appearance of Dragalge, they grew up with goose bumps.

    If possible, Terrance certainly didn't want to fight such a Dragalge. The horrible venom was a little bit confusing. Under the venom of the venom, the strength of the Gallade didn't even hold for a minute. Drake Elite's tone, no special medicine seems to be finished, it is really creepy.

    "But even so, I have to win."In the Terrance whisper, Diancie's Poké Ball was thrown.

    If one of the elves in his team can ignore the venom, Altaria counts one, Diancie, and counts one!

    As the Poké Ball smashed a red light, the sky shone, and with the sparkling light, Diancie in a diamond suit slowly stood on the Toxic venue, politely bowing to the other side.

    Please advise

    In the first place, I understood that Diancie’s meaning was only Terrance. The etiquette it learned from Princess Diancie made Terrance laugh and laugh. Diancie always regarded this etiquette as the normal Diancie's acting style, but it knows This is the requirement of the mine country for their princesses.

    Diancie appeared, suddenly aroused a lot of discussion, countless discussions sounded, many viewers widened their eyes, staring at the unknown elf.

    "What is that elf?"

    "I don't know, I have never seen it."

    During the audience's discussion, Host explained it immediately, but with the explanation, the commotion was even more intense!

    "Diancie is a mutant of Carbink. The body of pink Lucas is praised by some scholars as the most beautiful in the world. The mutation method is still a mystery. It is called the existence of the legendary Elf Normal. It has the air. The carbon in the middle is compressed between the two hands, and the ability to make many diamonds in a flash is very rare!"

    The legendary elf.

    Make diamonds.

    The two key words of light and light instantly let all those who are concerned about this succession battle focus on Diancie, and they are not willing to move.

    There are only one or two Diancies in the world, and 99.99% of Trainers are unaware of its existence. If there is no professional explanation, I am afraid it is really difficult to distinguish.

    But because of the explanation, they were shocked. I didn't think that Terrance, the new Elite, still has such a terrible card!

    Steven, three Elite, Zhongju Speaker, Norman, and many Masters players are silent, watching the game quietly. This Diancie is still unknown, and they are not good at making any judgment…

    But the name of the legend, it has to be brought to the attention of people.

    "This guy is so unprofessional."Hearing the commentary, Terrance's mouth is pumping, can Carbink's mutant be able to say it? You are not afraid that after the battle is over, Carbink is caught as an endangered elf? !

    Terrance was under the black line and directed Diancie to launch an offensive.

    Light Screen, Safeguard, Diamond Power, Magic Coat, a four-defense mechanism composed of diamond jerseys, draped in Diancie, let it shine with the beautiful Lucas, Contest and honor.

    Looking at this dazzling battle suit, Drake Elite and Dragalge are also a strong offense.

    In the face of Diancie's absolute defense, Dragalge's venom, which poses a great threat to the Gallade, instantly lost its effect.

    "Use Hydro Pump!"

    Drake Elite immediately decided to let Dragalge convert the attack.

    The sky is condensed, forming a sturdy Hydro Pump with a diameter of one meter, aiming at Diancie. At the same time, the Dragalge enters the water column and swims at a very fast speed. In the process, it madly accumulates water energy and gathers in At the tail.

    "Unfortunately it is not in the deep sea, otherwise the Aqua Tail of this Dragalge can directly bring the sea water Slash for a moment."Drake Elite's big disciple Fitz saw Dragalge to make Aqua Tail, and his eyes flashed in the eye, apparently confident in the Dragalge's water system, so that there is hope for breaking Diancie's defense.

    "The venom has lost its effect, and Gallade has consumed nearly half of the physical strength. How much power does the Dragalge show?"

    In the face of the current, Diancie has no fear, hands clasped together, aimed at Dragalge, using the exclusive trick of Diancie, Diamond Storm!

    The gradual inflow of light makes many people feel like they are in the universe, witnessing the beating of the stars, and the birth of the light is a crystal diamond.

    These diamonds chase each other, in an instant formed a shocking storm, roaring, diamond Storm and hydro Pump collide with each other, burst out of the shocking trend, at the same time, Diamond Storm in each diamond, instantly release endless Light, Dragalge Aqua Tail just waved out, its water flow force will be dazzling Gleam quickly devoured, no half point of resistance!!

    The combination of Diamond Storm and Dazzling Gleam, the coexistence of Contest and destructive power, struck the Dragalge between the Sparks.

    Seeing this scene, I don’t know how many people are suffocating, even if several Elites are smashed, the elves are named as legends, and the strength is extraordinary.

    With a single shot of Dragalge, Diancie stood quietly on the field with a calm expression.

    Its Contest's blow and overbearing destructive power directly stimulated the enthusiasm of the audience, and many people shouted the name of this legendary elf.


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