Pokemon Court Chapter 945

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 945 Mega Salamence vsMega Diancie! Floating astronomy
    Diancie, Contest and strength coexist, this elf is still in the regular event for the first time, in the attitude of being trained by Trainer.

    In fact, there are not a few Trainers who have conquered the legendary elves, especially at the top level. Defeating some of the weaker Legendary Pokémons is not something to boast about.

    Like Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos, they have their own ethnic groups, but in addition to the three gods of the Orange Islands, others are also known as the legendary elves, but in the eyes of the top Trainer, the strength is much worse, not at all. The value is mentioned.

    And Terrance, a Diancie, is obviously not the kind of ordinary Legendary Pokémon, but it is genuine and worthy of the existence of the word "legend".

    "I was the first time I saw Diancie."Seeing the strength of Diancie, Drake Elite laughed and felt good. He didn't think that he could fight so hard in this battle, and he could play against Legendary Pokémon!

    "Go, Salamence!!"

    With a big laugh, Drake throws Poké Ball and sends his last elf, which is his Trump Card!

    Salamence !

    Salamence has a blue body and a pair of red wings. Just after it appeared, it made a roar and shocked the soul. This Salamence threatened the Ability to be developed to the extreme, and even produced substantial spiritual pressure, causing Ground's residue to oscillate. Get up and float into the air.

    However, in the face of the terrible threat of Salamence, Diancie has a normal face and has not been affected.

    "Interesting, Salamence, let's fight together again today!"Drake Elite took the evolution of Key Stone in the eyes of everyone, and at the same time, as Salamence landed, the Mega Stone ornaments carried on it also appeared in front of the audience.

    Salamence, Mega Evolution!

    “Sure enough, Drake Elite also mastered the Mega Evolution.”The audience did not surprise that Drake Elite mastered these forces, but everyone was curious, and the strength of Salamence plus Mega Evolution can be how strong!

    “With Salamence alone, Drake Elite is sitting on the throne of Elite. No one can shake it for decades. With this Mega Evolution device, Salamence will probably appear on this stage with a more overbearing look.”The Speaker of the House of Representatives secretly said in the heart.

    With the light of Mega Evolution, Salamence's posture has changed dramatically, and the wings have become crescent-shaped. It is like a bloody moon. It is chilling and has a strong bloodthirsty atmosphere. After Mega Evolution, Salamence hands are hidden on the abdomen. On the tank strip, it seems that it is always ready to stick out from the darkness and tear the prey in front of it.

    The Salamence Mega Evolution will become more rude, and even Breeder's Trainer will attack. The Drake Elite is not the first Trainer to use the Ram Evolution for the Mega Evolution. As for the first attempt, the person has died in his own elf. In the hands, Mega Salamence also has an alias, a new moon for blood.

    “Can Diancie beat it?”

    Seeing integration with Soaring in the sky, Salamence, who activated Soaring in the sky skin, stared at Diancie with a bloodthirsty look, and many of the audience who were still cheering for Diancie were silent.

    "Even if Terrance had a big advantage before, but this Salamence and Master have different ambiguities from Normal, it is Master's original elf, so definitely won't lose!"

    After Drake's big disciple Fitz saw the appearance of Mega Salamence, the heavy thoughts finally eased and smiled.

    In his opinion, as long as there is this Mega Salamence, even the legendary elf is not afraid. Even the Terra Altaria of Terrance, he does not think that he can compete with this Salamence.

    Altaria, the Elf, Drake Elite also has Breeder, and the Altaria strength is enough to be the main force of Drake, so for Altaria's understanding, Drake is not necessarily worse than Terrance.

    In this way, the outcome is not easy to say.

    "The hardest part is coming. What are you going to do?"

    Phoebe, Sidney, Glacia, Steven, and the new Elite Terrance, who are looking calm, are curious.

    In front of this Mega Salamence, I am afraid that in addition to Steven's Mega Metagross, no one in the field dared to win.

    "2vs1, Terrance currently has an advantage. Maybe Diancie can consume this part of the Salamence and then win with the super-strong Altaria."

    Thinking of the combat power of Terrance's Altaria, many people have confidence. If you repeat the Gallade against Dragalge's story, Terrance may not have the hope of winning.

    "Terrance Elite specializes in Fairy and Drake Elite specializes in dragons. In fact, the Terrain Elite is bigger, but in this last battle, even Terrance Elite has to do its best and even pay a great price to win. As a result, he and Drake Elite are still a little different, after all, age is there."

    Many people felt that only Terrance looked at Salamence and suddenly showed an unusual look. The gaze seemed to be very satisfied with the strength of Salamence Normal.

    "After this war, Diancie will be famous in the world."

    During the gaze of Terrance, the Diancie of Mega Salamence also looked at the whole body, and the audience who thought that Diancie was ready to launch the attack also watched it.

    The entire Ever Grande stadium was quiet.

    Everyone who is concerned about this game is silent.

    Seeing the light, even the Elites were shocked and said: "Is that the light of evolution?"

    The strange autonomous Mega Evolution, which appeared on Terrance in succession, is still an unsolved mystery.

    next moment.

    “嗡”, Diancie exudes a huge power all over the body, so that the Drake Elite at the scene suddenly stunned. Salamence was originally stagnant in the air, but under the power of Diancie, he could not help but feel a jealousy. Breath.

    With the completion of Mega Evolution, Diancie is still Contest

    But the addition of heart-shaped diamonds, white gauze, and the diamonds around the body, made Diancie more noble, like the presence of Normal on the high, exudes a fascinating charm.

    When Mega Diancie appeared, many people who inferred the direction of the battle, their faces were like a slap in the face, red and painful, and seeing the calm expression of Terrance and Mega Diancie from beginning to end. Fortunately, Sidney Elite, who was struggling with Terrance, stunned.

    How much is this guy in the end, even hiding so many cards

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