Pokemon Court Chapter 946

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 946 I am Elite Four! (End of the seventh volume), floating astronomy
    When the Diancie Mega Evolution, the air solidified at once, breaking the solidification, was the amazing sun rising after Salamence roared.

    Under the illumination of the scorching sun, the temperature of the air even broke through the limits of the site. Not only was the water evaporated at once, but the temperature also affected the audience watching the battle. Countless people were visible to the naked eye, and the flames were burning to protect the site. Confusion shield.

    Salamence's Sunny Day, with its bloody wings, makes it even more bloodthirsty.

    "Drake Elite's Salamence is best at dragons and fire moves. It can face Diancie from Fairy and Rock. Both the dragon and the fire are very weak. In contrast, the fire system can barely play some role!"

    Glacia Elite glimpsed, and she also fought this Salamence. At that time, Salamence couldn't be Mega Evolution, but the flames of the show were more terrifying than any fire elves she had ever seen.

    This single Salamence can withstand at least 2 main forces including her Trump Card.

    It is not a fire elf, nor a sunshine, but in this sunny day, Terrance feels the power of terror than the power of the sunny day of floating bubbles.

    “This is a technique that goes beyond Mr. Brandon's magnetic sand system to go beyond the normal sunny system!”

    If Terrance combined with the weather data recorded by the Weather Institute to summarize the level of weather practices, then Brandon's magnetism system and the Sunny Day released by Salamence are even better.

    With the power of the Mega Salamence Assist, a dark red Flamethrower was ejected, and Terrance had speculation.

    “Probably the power of heredity has caused Salamence to mutate!”Just like Terrance's Altaria Dragon Type talent, this Salamence Fire Type talent is also very scary, and the parents are probably a Charizard!

    The combination of the dragon's blood and the blood of the fire has made this Salamence's trick a strange change.

    The flames of incomparable horror are coming, and the destructive power has surpassed the fire of life of Altaria. This flame has abandoned the ability to heal, and it has been concentrated and endlessly bursting!

    In the face of this horrible flame, Diancie's palms opened immediately. During the opening process, several diamonds emerged from the distance opened. With Diancie's force, the diamonds condensed into a diamond sword and aligned. In the incoming Flamethrower, Diancie swung his arm directly, and the next moment, Jianqi! !

    The light of Dazzling Gleam, along the diamond sword, instantly transforms into a sword, and directly spreads the Flamethrower, turning it into a myriad of fire snakes floating in the air aimlessly! !

    See such a scene, countless people do not hold the breath, that flamethrower, but the protection of the site of the confusion shield are burning up the powerful trick, the power has been unimaginable, but the instant burning of a forest is certainly no problem, but it is such a powerful trick, But by the diancie hand wave out of the sword gas scattered, so that people can't help but shock the strength of Mega Diancie.

    Diancie holds a diamond sword, and at this point, it whispers, and the diamond suit on his body is even more smashed.

    Ability Diancie, who transformed from a net body to a magic mirror, has a qualitative leap in the mastery of the magic mirror, almost in an instant, the whole field is transformed into the magic mirror field!

    Numerous mirrors cover the Confusion shield, and although people can see through the magic mirror, the line of sight is blurred, especially Diancie's figure, which is more difficult to ponder under the reflection of the magic mirror.

    "Salamence, Twister!"

    The shocking field of magic mirrors made Mega Salamence and Drake feel a bit tricky. In a moment, Salamence rolled up a flame and a tornado, and the huge flame tornado slammed out around!

    The hot flame temperature, even if Diancie wears a diamond suit, can feel it. If it is worn on the front, the suit may burst.

    Salamence's intentions are already obvious, and I plan to demolish the mirror field, but Diancie naturally won't wait like this. As the flame tornado is pushed away, all the mirrors burst into a ray of light, and the light reflected by the light turns into a light. The torrents collide with each other! !

    The two energies pushed each other. In a blink of an eye, the violent and violent energy aftermath swept the entire field. The powerful aftermath caused the mirror field to collapse and completely devour Mega Salamence and Mega Diancie! !

    "Gravity!"The smoke did not scatter, and Terrance's words came out again. At the same time, Soaring in the sky fell under tremendous pressure and seemed to want to drop the Salamence in the air.

    However, under the command of Drake Elite, Salamence directly mobilized the power of Soaring in the sky, with the Gravity pressure of Mega Diancie, and started Focus Energy!

    Soaring in the sky Skin and Focus Energy's cooperation, let Salamence become Totem of Soaring in the sky, even Gravity can not affect it. Fly, with the success of Salamence Focus Energy, it quickly runs Tailwind trick, with Zen Headbutt The Confusion layer protects the body and is hit by the ultra-high-speed Contest Condition.

    “The power of Soaring in the sky through Focus Energy and Fairy Skin is nothing but Drake Elite.”

    Even though the dragon power was limited, the Drake Elite was still fierce. With its attack, Diancie swung the diamond sword quickly, but when the reflected sword touched the body of Salamence, it was bounced off!

    The metallic luster is pervasive, Iron Head and Iron Tail continue to sweep with the fall of Salamence, and all the shining light is removed after two or three times. Then, in a moment, its body collides with Diancie's diamond sword, and the sword of the diamond collapses. Scattered!

    The tremendous power shock made Mega Diancie instantly blasted –

    In the process, the powerful impact broke Diancie's diamond suit. Fortunately, the presence of the diamond suit made it not suffer too much damage. As Diancie stabilized his body, it re-emerged its defense. Mechanism, this time, it is a long sword with both hands, and it jumps out and kills with Mega Salamence.

    Mega Salamence's abilities are strong, even if you don't rely on the best dragon tricks, it still poses a great threat to Diancie, and continually collides with Mega Diancie when Attribute is at a disadvantage, but as time goes by, face Mega Diancie The aggressive and powerful offensive style, the wild and arrogant Salamence instantly felt a lot of pressure.

    “Drake Elite is falling into the wind…”

    Mega Diancie has a double-sword combination. Through the opponent's tricks during the offense, the diamond sword is constantly sharper, and Sharpen's trick is very fast.

    In addition, with the attack, Diancie is wielding swords faster and faster. Through the smashing of the power of Fairy, Diancie constantly polishes himself and the sword in the offense, and the Rock Polish trick is at the same time!

    Speed and X Attack, coupled with the weird Light Screen, Reflect, Magic Coat, Mega Diancie, Salamence, and the screaming, Drake Elite is also a sweaty conductor, but anyone can see his expression Helpless in the middle.

    They are facing…Not only Carbink of Terrance Breeder.

    What's more, it absorbed the power of a Fairy Legion and successfully inherited it, and inherited the power of the Diancie heritage of the diamond mines with a thousand years of history!

    The fire and the roar of Fairy, the shock of Rock and Oreburgh, the sound of the Elite replacement battle, the wild and arrogant Salamence, under the command of the old Drake Elite, the momentum is weak, and Mega Diancie, But there is also an orderly Assist inheritance technique that expands the advantages infinitely.

    At this point in the game, many top Trainers have closed their eyes.

    "This is already the first time. The older generation of strong people have been defeated by Rookie. It seems that the new era is coming!!"

    The fierce battle of two extraordinary elves has increased the pressure of the elves who maintain the Confusion shield. Diancie has even refused to maintain the diamond suit and ignore the scars, and Salamence is even more miserable. The flashing swordsman Lucas, with sharp diamonds and double swords, left countless traces on Mega Salamence.

    In the face of Diancie's horrible defense, even Salamence feels powerless!

    When the two sides ended the battle, Mega Diancie slashed into the ground, supporting the body, looking at the fallen Salamence, and then paying tribute.

    The teaching of the princess of the mining country is also remembered by it…

    Seeing Diancie's move, Drake Elite laughed and said:

    "I lost, lost to this new Elite, I am convinced!!"

    At the moment Salamence fell, Drake Elite understood that losing Terrace without Terrati's Altaria proved that he was not suitable for the new era.

    Looking at Drake Elite's smile, Terrance was suddenly stunned, and the audience came with cheers from the audience.

    "A very exciting match."

    At this time, the Speaker of the Hoenn Alliance slowly walked down and handed the Elite Medal on behalf of Hoenn Elite Four to Drake, which was worn by Drake, the predecessor Elite, for Terrance.

    "From today on, you will be responsible for the protection of Hoenn for the Elite Four."

    At this moment, Terrance still looked at the medal representing the identity of Elite Four, and some immersed in the recent war did not ease, but as Drake Elite and Nakaju patted him on his shoulder, and came around more The deafening shouts, Terrance's eyes finally clear.

    "I won!"

    Looking at the entire venue and looking at the podium, Terrance looked at the four strongest Trainers on the four Hoenn's four different expressions. From today, he is one of Hoenn's Elite Four.

    At the same time, the shouts in Terrance's ears are getting stronger…

    The four words are constantly being passed into Terrance's ears.

    Fairy Elite ! ! !

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