Pokemon Court Chapter 947

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 947th chapter of the water arrow team and the lava team, floating astronomy
    Ever Grande City, Terrance is interviewed by Alliance Reporter to provide first-hand coverage for Alliance.

    These Reporters are all directly affiliated with the Alliance, and will not ask any questions that make Terrance difficult. The whole process of the Terrance response is very easy.

    According to the Elf Alliance system, Terrance also directly obtained the title of Fairy Elite.

    The title of Fairy Elite can be said to be the best selling point for the next report. It is not known whether there is a follower, but it is true that there is no one before.

    After taking a photo with the current champion and Elite, Terrance was left in Ever Grande City to attend the first meeting after the new Elite took office.

    "Fairy Elite, you still don't know how to use this thing?"

    In front of the conference room, a young man wearing dark pink trousers and a black coat with yellow lines didn't know which shadow to walk out. He had a sulky smile on his face and pointed to his own medal on the shoulder of Solaceon. .

    "Appreciate further details."Terrance stopped and said.

    "The medals are built with the results of the highest scientific and technological achievements in the current network and communication field. Unless there are two time and space, there will be no signal. Secondly, the medal is also the representative of the identity, you can connect to the Elite Four private network, and apply for the use of resources to Alliance according to your merits. ”Sidney Elite slowly opens.

    After becoming the Elite Four, it is equivalent to becoming a more senior civil servant than the Trainer.

    If the trainer Trainer eats part of the taxation of the local residents and the subsidies of the Alliance, then the Alliance Elite eats part of the tax of the entire Region, and the benefits enjoyed are not comparable to the Trainer.

    The richness of the Taoist Trainer is directly proportional to the development of the local towns. Like Terrance, it is a poor class of museum owners. Even if someone wants to compete for the location of the Trainer, they will never earn the Fullabor Gym and become a metropolis. The owner of the pavilion is even more fragrant.

    However, with the establishment of the Fallarbor Scenic Area, the development of the Fallabor Gym is unstoppable.

    After becoming Elite Four, Terrance will then rely on the entire Hoenn Alliance, but even so, it is not that Alliance Elite can mobilize resources unrestrained. Alliance has regulations on the resources that Elite can mobilize, except for part of the death income. Part of the specific reference is the contribution of Alliance Elite in his position.

    Of course, the death of Elite Four is enough to crush 95% of the pavilions.

    Some of the rich and oily pavilions can already be treated as alternatives, not counting the normal hall standards.

    "I remember, thank you."Terrance looked at his Elite medal and nodded.

    “Although the Elite Challenge did not succeed, I look forward to the next fight with you.”As Terrance nodded, Sidney licked his lips.

    "Haha!"Before entering the conference room, Sidney took care of his dark pink chicken head, which was extraordinarily angry.

    More than imagined…Be optimistic.

    Looking at the Sidney Elite, who was said to have been a bad boy, walked into the conference room, and Terrance's mouth slammed and went in.


    "It's already here."

    With the final Terrance seated, the Hoenn Alliance's strongest Trainer Group is concentrated here.

    The five are Hoenn Champion Steven, Elite Sidney, Ghost Elite Phoebe, Ice Elite Glacia and Fairy Elite Terrance.

    “According to job assignments, Terrance Elite will be responsible for the education of Hoenn Region Breeder knowledge, training knowledge and coordination knowledge. The Breeder Association and Contest Contest and Professor Birch-based research team will fully cooperate with Terrance Elite in your main work.”

    After Glacia took out a piece of information, he handed it directly to Terrance and let him see it.

    This is the same as Terrance's earliest requirement. Terrance wants to settle for a while, and there is also a factor for Wicktor. The old man is always looking forward to inheriting his genetics.

    Now that I'm on the top of Elite, I'm about to reach the top, and Terrance wants to put everything in order, without regret.

    Not to mention the education work in charge of the Hoenn Region, there is no need to invest time, but in comparison, the trip of this job is very stable and will not be tossed because of some unexpected situations.

    “No problem, I will adapt as soon as possible and adjust the Contest Condition in the shortest time.”Terrance swept a few glances and said immediately.

    "It doesn't have to be so serious. It's better to talk about what we care about most than the job."For example, the next Region exchange. ”Mt. Pyre's Phoebe Elite smiled and said: "This time with Terrance joining, I suggest that you should send Terrance Elite to participate."

    “The chances of winning are likely to be very high.”

    Every few years, the champions will have a party and play a game to decide who is the strongest champion. The form of this match is not open, but in order to promote the exchange of the Region, each Region will send an Elite. In the game, decide who is the strongest Elite.

    In this way, Elite represents a Region's Trainer to some extent, but it does not play a decisive role. It leaves some of the Region's face. If the champion is open to the game, part of the Region's face will be affected more or less.

    "This is indeed a good idea, but it still depends on my wishes."Steven smiled and lost in the championship exchange, but let him stay for a while, but now with the momentum of Terrance, even the title of the strongest Elite in the Region exchange is not impossible.

    “Agatha and other older Elites retired, the new generation Elite faint is the strongest in the Unova Region's Guardia, but this situation may change next.”Glacia suddenly said.

    "The super Elite called Guardian is really difficult. I used to look at her from a distance and felt a lot of pressure, so it really is a natural Psychic…"Sidney is boring with his nails.

    When everyone talked and chatted, Terrance wanted to interrupt, otherwise he felt that he would be sold by this group sooner or later.

    But before that, I didn't wait for this to discuss the result. Phoebe suddenly changed her face and immediately got up.

    "What happened?"

    mt There was news from Pyre. The Water Arrow team and the Lava team scored during the new Elite honour, and Snatch walked the 'Red Orb' and 'Blue Orb'. ”

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||“慢着……|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||Not only that, but there have been incidents of re-invasion by two organizations in various places. Many of the Regions such as Devon, Oceanic Museum, Fallabor Gym, and Weather Institute were invaded by the Water Arrows and Lava Teams, causing heavy casualties. ”

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