Pokemon Court Chapter 948

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 948 Indigo Alliance champion, crossing, floating astronomy
    "The water arrow team and the lava team are so daring!"

    When the top battles in the Hoenn Region were all gathered in Ever Grande City, the two organizations launched Sucker Punch everywhere, and the Elites were instantly furious.

    After hearing that the company and Fallabor Gym were invaded, Steven and Terrance frowned.

    Compared to Steven's calmness, Terrance is much more nervous.

    Behind Steven, Mt. Behind Pyre is Phoebe, and behind the Fallabor Gym is Terrance. The two organizations instantly angered the three Elites, which is no different from the Hoenn Alliance's official face.

    "Everyone calms down first. The two organizations have made great strides. The casualties are inevitable, but the most important thing is that the things we lost are more worthy of attention than some casualties. The specific information should be sent to your medals immediately. It is."

    Phoebe Elite angered and said calmly.

    Her grandparents live in Mt. Pyre is the guardian of the red orb and the blue orb.

    Baozhu was taken, she is also extremely Rage.

    "The Water Arrows team has not been attacked twice. This time they seem to have been planning for a long time and succeeded. They have obtained the core technical materials of the deep-sea submarine that the latest research has been obtained."After a while, Steven said.

    Under the help of Glacia Elite, Terrance also quickly grasped the specific usage of the Elite Medal, which is a more advanced technology than Rotom Pokédex. Virtual projection is just one of the most basic functions. With Terrance's browsing, he The face is getting worse.

    "The fire rock team is planning a 'Meteorite', the value of this Meteorite, it really deserves their Snatch."Terrance said with a bite.

    "Is that Meteorite?"Steven suddenly spoke.

    “Well, that is the Meteorite that is suspected to be related to the 'Rayquaza 'Mega Evolution.”Terrance Road.

    That piece of meteorite is Altaria's mother from Meteor Falls, after the gift of Terrance items, in conjunction with the weather Institute, combined with sootopolis City history, determined that it is with Rayquaza Mega Evolution about wonderful, who can effectively change weather changes, has been doing a good job of keeping the wonderful secret, and few have learned that it is also an important bridge between Terrance and the weather Institute.

    In the original work, this Meteorite was obtained by a person named Professor Cozmo, and the final result was also lava team at Mt. Chimney took it away, but with the arrival of Terrance, everything changed in the unknown direction.

    “The bottom line of the two organizations seems to be deeper than the imagination of Alliance.”Steven meditated, reaching out to the top of the top three Alliance forces, and successfully slamming them, it seems that the ambitions of the two organizations have touched the last step, and can't wait to jump out.

    “I remember that the work of the Water Arrows and Lava team has been responsible for Mr. Steven and Phoebe?”Sidney suddenly said.

    "Yes, the technology of the text and Mt. Pyre, the two treasures that can affect 'Groudon' and 'Kyogre' have always been what they got from Covet. Now they succeeded in getting them, and then Hoenn is in danger…"

    "The care of the red orb and the blue orb has always been Mt. The top priority of Pyre is that it is impossible for any one of them to break through Mt. Pyre's Guardian of the Pass, unless the two organizations do not cooperate, but considering that they have invaded in multiple places, I suspect Mt. There should be a ghost inside the Pyre. ”Phoebe is gloomy.

    If she is Phoebe because of her sexuality and age, it is a big mistake. Even the old ghost of the Kanto Region, Elite Agatha, said that Phoebe is a natural assassin, the most suitable for the Trainer with Ghost.

    The original meeting room with a calm atmosphere, from this news, instantly made the atmosphere very heavy.

    It didn't take long for the Speaker of the House to come, even if he was rarely involved in the Alliance decision, and because the two organizations that could affect Hoenn's safety took the initiative.

    “I have applied for assistance from the Alliance headquarters. The Indigo Alliance Champion will assist us in investigating the two organizations, Steven and Phoebe, and you will investigate with them.”

    "The Speaker of the House, I want to know the casualties of the Naplu Road Hall."Terrance said at this time, the information has hidden the casualties in various places, although this time is very inappropriate, but compared to the company and Mt. Pyre, the security force of the Napru Road Museum is the weakest, and Terrance has reasons to worry.

    "No one died, but the elf…"The Speaker of the House of Representatives looked at Terrance and said heavily.


    Terrance tries to keep himself calm and says: "I am taking the initiative to apply for this investigation, please be sure to agree."

    Although I don't know which elf is dead, Terrance's heart has been involuntarily shaken. Steven and Phoebe can still be calm, but Terrance, who has never experienced too much hardship, can't resist his anger at the Lava team. .

    Once the lava team broke into Mt. Chimney, the account that made Aian injured, didn't count, and now they hit the idea again on Fallabor Gym. Terrance didn't want to wait, he wanted to try the organization himself.

    "You just took office, don't understand the situation of the Water Arrows and Lava team, are you thinking about it again…"Glacia Elite suggested.

    Unlike the small organizations that Terrance annihilated, the Water Arrows and Lava teams are large illegal groups that face the Hoenn Alliance's top-level combat pursuits and have not yet revealed flaws or even open Taunt Hoenn Alliance. Their danger level has already been Affected the safety of the entire Hoenn.

    No Worries."Terrance's expression remained the same. Seeing his resolute attitude, the Speaker of the House and Steven and Phoebe looked at each other and nodded. "The information will be prepared for you after the event. Your main work will be done by Glacia Elite and Sidney Elite. Helping."

    Thank you

    Terrance's mood is far away. He is not as familiar as Steven and Phoebe in the combat style of the Lava team and the Water Arrow team. However, he has a card to play with.

    "Ash, I don't know if you will have a relationship with these two organizations. If there is a most crucial battle, you will definitely participate."

    Although Terrance has forgotten most of the animated plots more than a decade later, according to Terrance's speculation on the main line, Ash's animated protagonist is bound to have a relationship with the Water Arrows and the Lava team and even Kyogre and Groudon, so Terrance only needs to pay attention to Ash's. The trend is very good, Lock On, the two organizations, giving them a big blow at the most critical moments.

    Even if you can't pin your hopes on Ash, it's a clue that is worthy of reference.

    With the re-layout of the water arrow team and the lava team, the Hoenn Alliance immediately fell into the Contest Condition.

    Terrance's expectation of a stable life has not yet arrived, he has to be involved in this incident.

    "The two champions, two Elite lineups, hope to sanction the hearts of these two Hoenn."The chairman of the House of Representatives said.

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