Pokemon Court Chapter 949

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 949 chapter buried, floating astronomy
    There is an Elite Four in the Naplu Road Hall, which is a happy event for Celebrate for the Naplu Road Museum, which rarely goes out of celebrities.

    However, it is not the time of Celebrate, because the lava team invaded the Fallabor Gym, and the entire Naplu Road Hall was filled with a heavy atmosphere.

    Fallabor Gym, Terrance from Ever Grande City patted the back of Kathrine, a low-skinned, pale-faced man, whispering: "Give me the next thing."

    In this incident, three Bug Type elves, Kathrine Breeder's responsible for the ordinary challenger, were burned to death by flames. There were many more serious elves, and in the pursuit process, seven Bug Type elves of Fallarbor Forest died.

    When Terrance's Elf is from Mt. When Chimney arrived, the Fallabor Gym was already caught in a thick smoke.

    Afterwards, five members of the Lava team were left under the full force of the Nepro Road Museum Wild Elf and Terrance's Elf, but they were still “Meteorite” by the lava team core Executive Snatch.

    However, during the interrogation, Terrance discovered that the five members were just bait for Flash Fire power, and a fanatic member who had been completely brainwashed and loyal to the Lava team.

    Five people volunteered to stay, simply to get more time to send away "Meteorite", and when the security forces of the Napru Road Hall reacted, their purpose has been successful, the lava team Executive has taken Meteorite to escape .

    "I'm fine, go see Troie."

    After a moment, Kathrine said slowly.

    After experiencing the tempering of Nightmare Island, her mind is already very strong. This time, the sudden situation once again reminded Kathrine of the tragic experience of Nightmare Island, so she will be so depressed.

    But Kathrine is more worried about Troie than himself…

    The members who fought to resist at the time, in addition to the elves of Fallabor Gym, and the Taoist apprentice Troie who practiced in the pavilion at the time.

    "His Beedrill may not be able to play in the future, I see it…This is a big blow to him. ”

    Got it

    Terrance sighed deeply and missed the best treatment opportunity with Troie's Beedrill injury. Even Altaria's fire of life can only guarantee that it will not die because of the deterioration of the injury, but before he wants to recover it, The Contest Condition, which is still not available at the current level of Altaria.

    The main reason is that Beedrill itself is very rare, with the same proportion of injuries, other elves may have the opportunity to recover, but the short-lived Bug Type like Beedrill, the recovery probability is not big, unless there is a miracle.

    Although it wasn't long before things happened, Troie was even thinner than Kathrine. The teenager in his early teens experienced this kind of thing, and the blow was not something that outsiders could imagine.

    "Strong, there may not be a chance. The Bug Type elf has a short life, but there is also the possibility of improvement."Today, Terrance can only do his best to comfort.

    The possibility he said is through genetic potions.

    Although genetic potions are expensive, Troie and Beedrill are injured in order to protect the Fallabor Gym, and Terrance will not sit idly by.

    “My Beautifly has once improved my vitality. The same method may work for Beedrill. After that, there are countless ways to get Beedrill back. You are now giving up, it’s too early.”

    As Terrance spoke, Troie's eyes sitting on the bed and taking care of Beedrill gradually became clear.


    "Well, I will give it to Nurse Joy first. I don't think Beedrill wants to see that his Trainer is so insane."


    Troie slowly stood up and then suddenly opened:

    “The Terrance Pavilion owner, I thought about it, I am going to challenge the Evergrande Conference, go on a trip and look for ways to get Beedrill back.”

    Now that Troie has obtained the Trainer credentials as an apprentice in the pavilion, he is qualified to challenge the Evergrande Conference. After a few seconds of looking at his eyes, Terrance said: "You only have a Heracross elf, and this Evergrande Conference should not catch up. I will look forward to the day after you board the Ever Grande a year later."

    Troie's talent won't stop him from being a apprentice in a pavilion. This time, Terrance doesn't know whether the impact on him is good or bad.

    But Terrance respects his choice.

    请指定两种不同的语言Troie's expression was so serious that he looked at Beedrill again and then made his goals clearer.



    The ten elves who died were placed in the highest specification by Terrance in Mt. In Pyre, tombstones representing their merits have been established.

    There are so many things that Terrance can do, and death is sad, but both Kathrine and Terrance know that the enemy will not stop because of their sadness.

    Next, Terrance received detailed information about the lava team and the water fleet.

    These materials, at the strong request of Kathrine, Terrance also copied a part to her.

    The lava team leader Maxie and the water fleet leader Archie are all genuine, well-versed, elite players who want to win the game.

    The Executives of the two organizations are also senior Trainers close to the top-level combat, and they are alone against the ordinary lord.

    In addition, the two organizations are also well versed in the team, often in the team battle can play the power beyond the conventional Trainer, the most important thing is that they understand the Assist technology, elves, the wild environment to create various favorable conditions, various factors, It's all about making the Hoenn Alliance feel dangerous and trying to get rid of them.

    The deeper the understanding of the two organizations, the more they feel that they are unfathomable.

    Although the behavior is daring, but each step of their plans is perfect, and there are few loopholes, making it difficult for Hoenn Alliance to seize the opportunity to completely wipe them out. It is difficult to describe them with the word "狡猾".

    In this style of action, then unless it is a critical moment to achieve ambition, they may not reveal any flaws, so that Alliance has a chance.

    "Under the underground tissue that can be active for a long time under the eyes of Alliance, there are still two brushes."Terrance's eyes were on the photo of "Maxie", remembering his appearance and going straight out of the study.

    As the newest Alliance Elite, it must maintain a certain degree of exposure, so he is probably the busiest one in the Hoenn Elite Four.

    At the same time, Terrance also Lock On Ash's itinerary, this guy is still spinning in the Johto Region Region, and it will take some time for him to go to the Hoenn Region.

    Evergrande Conference, the most popular event in the Hoenn Region, even the Champions Challenge, the Elite Challenge, and the annual Evergrande Conference are so hot that even Terrance is curious.

    This time, Terrance, the new Fairy Elite, will be a special guest at the Evergrande Conference for an opening exhibition.

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