Pokemon Court Chapter 950

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 950th chapter of the waveguide gloves, floating astronomy
    As the Evergrande Conference approached, the players gathered in Ever Grande City, waiting for the official opening of the conference.

    Compared with the Elite replacement battle, this kind of event is more "close to the people". People from all walks of life can understand it, and the atmosphere is more lively. The most important thing is that the Evergrande Conference lasts longer. This is the heat. The main reason for maintenance.

    "This time the champion, there should be no suspense."

    At an office in the Ever Grande stadium, Terrance said with a boring interest after seeing the list of seed players.

    With Bai Cheng, this guy is participating, and only two of the Darkrai and Lucario elves can easily sweep all the Rivals.

    The strength of these two elves, even in the Masters, is top notch. Dealing with these players at the Evergrande Conference is purely bullying.

    "I said that the player who randomly selected the next exhibition will not be him? What if I lose? ”

    Terrance suddenly spoke. He had already planned to send Togepi to fight. If Rival was Bai Cheng, then he came to Darkrai, and Terrance really had no place to go.

    "No, Mr. Bai Cheng is the candidate for the championship. The contestant will not let such players play the show with you."Assistant Sharan smiled slightly.

    "That's all right, but even if it's okay, I'll say hello to me in advance, but it's a matter of changing the elves."Terrance thought to open: "I went to see him, and now I have no work, just to tell the story."

    The last time I saw Bai Cheng was half a year ago, half a year later, his body should recover better…

    Ever Grande City player village.

    After dressing up, Terrance came here alone, and then found it directly according to the room number provided by Sharan. But what surprised Terrance was that Bai Cheng didn’t have a good rest and no overtime training, but he was strange. People chat and brag.

    "If you lose, you lose. You have to lose hahaha."Bai Cheng patted the shoulder of the opposite Trainer and said with a big laugh.

    Obviously, he just had a match with the other side.

    I…I will definitely win in the next game. ”

    The younger-looking Trainer gnashed his teeth, especially after seeing Bai Cheng’s unspoken expression.

    "Impossible, the person who can win me after being defeated by me, this world has not yet been born."Bai Cheng from the channel.


    "It’s not bragging, but if you want to say it…There is indeed a person, but that is because some special circumstances happen, I will win back sooner or later. ”Bai Cheng thought about it and decided to keep a low profile, but the opposite Trainer is still a patient-like expression.

    Listening to the naive conversation between the two, Terrance has some doubts about Bai Cheng’s psychological age. It’s really difficult to move. As a senior Trainer and Bird owner, it’s so cute.

    "I am waiting for you to win back."

    Directly plugged in, Terrance walked out from the shadows, his appearance instantly scared the two people, especially Bai Cheng, live off is a look of a ghost.

    Although he did not use the power of the waveguide, his perceptual ability was still one and the same. Terrance did not know how to appear, and there were some challenges to his nerves.

    After coming to Bai Cheng, Terrance took off his mask and hat and slowly opened his mouth: "Your perception has deteriorated."

    Then insert a knife.

    "You…you……"Bai Cheng raised his hand and felt the spiritual power of Terrance in an incredible way. Some of the mistakes that caused Terrance's mental strength.

    In just a few years, from a rookie to a real Psychic, how can there be such a enchanting guy.

    If Bai Shing is surprised, then the eyes of trainer next to it is almost to stare out, from Terrance to the position of Elite, his message in Hoenn Region sprawling in various forms spread, do not recognize their own Region Elite Four The trainer is a minority of the few, this trainer obviously recognized Terrance, at this time is excited to come over, careful opening:

    “Don't you be Terrance Elite?”

    "Shhh…keep your voice down. ”Terrance whispers back.



    After spending time to pass the outsiders, Terrance and Bai Cheng found a quiet place to talk.

    "What about Riean?"

    Seeing that Bai Cheng was empty, Terrance asked curiously.

    UhQuarreling, now, she should be in other places in Ever Grande City. ”Bai Cheng had no choice but to wave his hand and said: "But then, when can you materialize your mentality? You should have used this method to hide your breath."

    "Compared to that…"Terrance glanced at Bai Cheng's hand.

    It was a white glove with a strange ore. Although it was very strange from the outside, Normal didn't think much about it, but the Terrance just noticed the special fluctuations from it.

    This fluctuation…It is the power of the waveguide.

    "Compared to my Psychic, shouldn't you explain why you started using the power of the waveguide again?"Terrance looked at it, and in terms of Bai Cheng’s physical condition, even the doctor decided that he could no longer use the power of the waveguide, but now Bai Cheng has regained the waveguide…How did he get the waveguide first, and Terrance wondered about his physical condition.

    "It doesn't matter, I don't abuse it. In addition, for me, feeling the power of the waveguide is just as easy to breathe as breathing. Let me lose my perception of it. I will be very uncomfortable. You can rest assured."Bai Cheng smiled and said: "How, this thing was created when I traveled to Oulu Long City according to some of the sudden inspirations I saw. As long as there is such ore as a medium, anyone can feel the waveguide, but only Limited by the number of waveguides and talents, the effect will be different."

    After taking off the gloves, Bai Cheng handed it to Terrance and smiled and said: "I have collected 3 groups of this ore. Would you like to try it?"

    "I don't think I should have the talent of Waveguide."After hearing what he said, Terrance shook his head.

    "This can be said, even if you don't have the talent, you can also Assist the power of the waveguide to enhance the physical and mental strength, otherwise I will not always carry this thing, I can tell you, if you don't want me Just send someone else."

    needTerrance's eyes are pumping, not to be polite, but how to threaten it.

    "But then, I thought you knew I would restore the waveguide…"Bai Cheng suddenly said.


    "This glove looks good, but it works very tasteless, but even so, this ore is very rare, I just tried to make three gloves…You are not curious, is there a glove going there? ”Bai Chengdao.

    Since Terrance didn't know in advance that he had regained the power of the waveguide, he shouldn't know that he had given the waveguide glove to Ash…

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