Pokemon Court Chapter 951

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 951 Oulu Lang City, floating astronomy
    The power and mental power of the waveguide is a special kind of energy that every human being has.

    If the human spiritual power is an invisible energy released by the brain tissue, then the power of the waveguide is an invisible "qi" contained in various parts of the human body.

    There is still debate about what the nature of waveguides is, but the most common view at present is that according to some of the concepts of waveguide defined by Aura Sphere, Aura Sphere is a fighting Type, so the human waveguide is defined as a special gas field produced in the body, According to the study, fighting Type's "Detect" "Force Palm" trick is related to the waveguide, which is considered by most scholars to be an application of waveguide.

    However, just as not everyone can be a Psychic, not everyone can be a messenger.


    "Have you seen him?"After hearing the reminder from Bai Cheng, Terrance exclaimed.

    "Well, I didn't think that the Trainer you mentioned with me turned out to be a genius with a waveguide talent."Bai Cheng is very embarrassed.

    At the Sootopolis City Hospital, when Terrance and Bai Cheng talked about a topic, Terrance once said that if Bai Cheng wants to be the world's number one Trainer, he must first pass a Rainer called Ash.

    At that time, Terrance was purely a skin, and wanted to give Bai Cheng a pick of a natural selection as a rival. Then, Terrance could think of it, and Ash suddenly became a figure of Bai Cheng students…

    "That kid is really good, I only taught him a short time, he can initially master the power of the waveguide, but this is also related to his physique, the body is so strong ten-year-old Trainer is really rare, this Kind of people, not genius is a stupid thing, I see Ash, is a genius…"

    Bai Cheng said that the head is the road, and that Terrance is a bit stunned.

    "You'll talk a little more…"

    With the exchange of the two, Terrance couldn't help but admire Ash.

    "That is to say, if the power of his waveguide is strong, you can moisturize your waveguide and restore the power of your waveguide?"

    "In theory, this is because his waveguide is special, the nature is very rare, I have been to Ouroudran city, I have seen the waveguide scepter there, I found Ash's waveguide and the most famous waveguide messenger, that is, the generation known as ' Waveguide Brave ' Aaron left behind the waveguide force is very similar, if not to have been there, I dare not try so, but at present I can only gamble, success or not …It is not that important, but I don't want to accept it. ”

    Ash was so gifted that Terrance was a bit sullen, because with the wearing of the waveguide gloves, according to Bai Cheng’s guidance, he found that he did not have a waveguide talent…

    If it's not because of regular exercise, but also a Psychic, he probably won't even be able to sense his own waveguide.

    “Isn't it the stronger the body, the stronger the waveguide?”Terrance asked.

    "No…The waveguide is an imperceptible force similar to mental power. Although the two have an influence, there is no direct relationship with the physique. ”Bai Cheng pouted.

    "As for what makes some people have the 'talent' of the practice of the waveguide, I am also very curious, but unfortunately, this is still a mystery, otherwise the waveguide messenger will be as mass-produced as the Psychic."

    After Bai Cheng’s words fell, Terrance shrugged and felt the blue warmth in his body again. The power of the waveguide did have some similarities with the mental power. Unlike the spiritual power…If the spiritual ability to exercise his ability to respond to thinking, then the power of the waveguide seems to slowly enhance his physique.

    Although the promotion is not great, it is better than nothing.

    "This waveguide glove is really useful to me, I am not welcome."Found this, Terrance said seriously.

    He and Altaria's exclusive z moves require a lot of physical and mental energy, and the power of the waveguide seems to affect physical and mental strength, and Terrance certainly will not miss this opportunity for improvement.

    "It doesn't matter, if you can, you can help me pay attention to this ore."Bai Cheng pointed to the blue crystal channel on the waveguide glove: "It is the key medium for people who have not mastered the power of the waveguide to communicate with the waveguide. Even if I don't know the nature of this ore, if there is more The ore can be studied, and there may be new discoveries."

    No problem!'After thinking about his current identity, Terrance nodded and leaned back on the Hoenn Alliance. The library he could enjoy was no longer comparable to the owner's period. He said that he has not yet enjoyed some benefits belonging to Elite status. It.

    By the way

    "What did you say about 'Oulude Lang City', is that in Kanto Region?"Terrance suddenly said.

    "Well, it's the center of Rota Street."Bai Cheng nodded.

    Eurodrum City is located in the city of Nibi and Mt according to the map of Kanto. Moon The mountain in the north is a place where transportation is difficult to get into.

    According to historical records, the world's Earl Dervish tree and the Kanto century's biggest war are not far from here, so it has always been the focus of Alliance…

    "that place……If there is a chance, I will go and have a look. ”Terrance meditates and follows.

    "It’s also a coincidence. I also suggested that Ash go there to have a look. I don’t know how he is doing. I promised him to go to the Silver Conference to test his practice.”Bai Cheng recalled fiercely. Before he was eager to collect Badge, he and Ash didn't get along for a long time. Even Ash challenged the Orange Alliance.

    "Then you have to get a good job at the Evergrande Conference. Otherwise, it would be a shame to take a runner to see Ash."

    After two people talked about the topic of the waveguide for a long time, until the weather was very late, Terrance left here.



    The next day.

    The Evergrande Conference opened normally. After the torch entered the Ever Grande stadium, the torch passed through more than 100 players and finally lit at the top of the venue.

    Terrance and Charles Goodshow sat on the podium and calmly looked at the opening ceremony below.

    “It’s amazing to be an Alliance Elite at a young age, and the future is immeasurable.”As Host hosted the opening of the Conference, Charles Goodshow stroked his beard and talked to Terrance.

    Charles Goodshow has a lot of experience, and Terrance naturally won't believe that the other person will be surprised by this achievement, so he just smiled and said:

    "It’s just walking on the hard work of the predecessors. It’s nothing.”

    Without the various knowledge systems summarized by the previous generation Trainer, it is not so easy for the new generation of Trainers to grow up.

    The Terrance generation of Trainer has benefited from the grace of the predecessors, so he is not wrong.

    In Terrance's opinion, the greatest people should be those pioneers… (https:)

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