Pokemon Court Chapter 952

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 952 Ever Grande ended, floating astronomy
    “It’s a very novel understanding. If these Trainers can also pay attention to the achievements of their predecessors, it can be used just like Terrance Elite.”

    When I heard Terrance's statement, Dama was quite surprised. There may be many factors for a person's success, but a successful person can clearly know where his success comes from, which is very valuable.

    Numerous Breeder knowledge, training knowledge, coordination knowledge, and knowledge beyond the specifications are the wealth of Terrance. He also understands how much Help the previous knowledge system has produced for himself.

    Simply saying that the knowledge of the primary Breeder family seems simple, but it may be the result that the predecessors spent decades and hundreds of years to explore.

    This is why the new generation Trainer is getting better than the older Trainer.

    "There will be one day."

    Terrance looked down and the Evergrande Conference opening ceremony had reached a critical moment.

    On the high platform, Host took the Matt wind and shouted:

    "Okay, now enter the most anticipated part of everyone!!"

    "We will draw a lucky player to play against the special guest of the Evergrande Conference, Terrance Elite!! This kind of opportunity is not much, please be sure to seize the opportunity, and now pray for yourself! ! ”

    As the Host dropped, the huge screen flashed immediately and eventually settled on the head of a Trainer with orange hair.

    "Appeared! The lucky contestant is the orange generation from Suzuki City! ! ”

    At this time, the station was listed in the hundreds of Trainer in the Ever Grande stadium. The Trainer named Orange had some unbelievable pointing at himself. After repeatedly confirming the envious look in the eyes of the surrounding Trainer, he instantly laughed. .

    “lucky”. Can play against Elite! ! ”

    Fairy Elite Terrance, currently the hottest Elen of Hoenn, can perform a public performance battle with the Trainer at this opening, and he will gain great fame regardless of winning or losing.

    After the results came out, the other players retired to the stage to watch the game. At the same time, Terrance walked down and started the exhibition match with the Orange player.

    Terrance sent Togepi, and the other sent an Aggron.

    The two bodies were hardly a level elf to play, and immediately pushed the exhibition to a climax.

    From the choice of the elves, Terrance has a disadvantage, but the exhibition process has not unexpectedly surprised everyone. Terrance, the Alliance Elite, even showed Togepi, but also showed considerable strength.

    At the same time, in order to show the performance, Terrance also tried to make Togepi use Contest's skills in the commanding process. Fairy danced with the flames and had ample time for the exhibition, which made the Evergrande Conference interesting.

    Looking at the battle between Togepi and Aggron, Terrance was calm.

    Although neither Togepi nor Froakie have evolved, their strength is not weak.

    Don't say that this ordinary Trainer is the best in the middle of the game. Even the elite Trainer who is expected to hit the Ever Grande champion will definitely not take advantage of this Togepi.

    Togepi and Froakie, at least for half a year in Terrance's top Trainer, even if they didn't use any special Breeder methods, the actual combat experience is comparable to those Trainers who haven't experienced several battles.

    Throwing away the battle with illegal poachers, the two elves have also experienced half a year of illusions from Mismagius, mind and experience are not the same as normal, in addition, in the ultra-ancient pyramids, Terrance also let them go in a layer of challenge limit, that time, It is even better to put their foundations on hold, and it can be said that at the Earl Dervish stage of Togepi and Froakie, two of them have mastered almost all the tricks and techniques of practical value.

    After becoming Elite, Terrance had a mission to start the real Breeder.

    Before due to concentrate on the Masters, Terrance did not have too much thought to breeder them, only exercise their actual combat experience and conventional moves, now different, although still not leisurely, but at least for a short time in addition to the lava team did not have too much pressure on the Terrance body, even the lava team, Nor can he solve it if he wants to solve it urgently, and it will take time.

    During this time, Terrance intends to continue to improve the Fairy Corps, Fairy Domain.

    Next, Terrance's consideration is to further summarize the Breeder method based on the style of the two elves and summarize the special Breeder method with their own Trainer experience.

    In Togepi's beautiful flame, the end of the exhibition, with warm applause, Terrance made a few official opening remarks and returned to the rostrum.

    "If it weren't for Togepi and I was very proficient in the Fairy system, I suspect you borrowed the Sidney Elite sprite."After Terrance came back, Charles Goodshow smiled.

    Sidney Elite ……Is this Togepi a bad system?

    "This argument…It is impossible to refute…I am also very good at doing Trainer. ”Terrance smiled and knew that Charles Goodshow was talking about the fact that Togepi didn't converge on the expression during the battle, and he was full of suffocation and released the trick, which was even more evil than the evil spirit.

    This huge contrast made the audience who saw Togepi this stunned at the time. The most hateful thing was that Togepi changed his expression back in an instant, letting a large part of the audience squint for a long time, some doubting their vision…

    After the show, the game process became normal. From the qualifiers to the top 32, the top 16, the top 8, the top four and the top two, Terrance has been paying attention to every Trainer.

    Among them, naturally there is also a guy who is very special.

    So far, he just sent a Darkrai elf, swept all the Rival, very high-profile.

    For Bai Cheng, Charles Goodshow is obviously unfamiliar, but with Terrance's explanation, he also paid close attention to the Dangrai's waveguide messenger.

    "It’s really a powerful Trainer. According to this momentum, even another player who is promoted to the finals may not stop him."

    Charles Goodshow is amazed, this is the first time he has seen such a crisp and clean Region Conference, it is rare.

    "So high-profile, I am even more curious about whether he can smoothly come over in the Masters and challenge the majesty of the current Elite Four."

    Terrance smiled.

    In the end, there was no surprise. Bai Cheng successfully won the Evergrande Conference and won the qualification for the Masters. After congratulating him, Terrance investigated the power of the waveguide through the network of Elite Four based on the communication with Bai Cheng. Specific information. (https

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