Pokemon Court Chapter 953

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the 1975 chapter of the text, the premise of driving Z moves, floating astronomy
    Because of the warnings of Xerneas and the four islands, Terrance did not dare to use his z-bracket when it was not necessary. The unknown cost is always worrying.

    Before the z-ring was strengthened by the four islands, he and Altaria could use the z-style to Assist the natural energy to strengthen Altaria's strength. After strengthening, Terrance was convinced that Altaria's strength changes would be even more outrageous.

    As for the price of reinforcement, it is his physical strength and mental strength.

    Terrance, who has suffered the cost of a z-style, naturally knows where his limits are. He abuses z-styles and is simply joking with his own life. He does not want to die young.

    Altaria got lightning hardened, the body strength increased, and life energy can repair the body, maybe it can withstand that level of enhancement, but Terrance is different, he has no very efficient means to restore physical strength and mental strength.

    If he uses the z move and his Trainer faints, it will be big.

    "If I can have the same physique as Bruno Elite and Psychic like Sabrina, I don't have to look at it like this."

    During Terrance's thoughts, I continued to read the information about the power of Bird.

    Unlike Psychic, the force of the waveguide does not have a very clear method of practice, and the system is not complete, but it is certain that there is a connection between the force of the waveguide and the body.

    I've got something

    With Terrance's in-depth search, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the power of the waveguide combined with some Fighting techniques can better exploit the value of Fighting.

    This method is not the power of Assist Fighting to repair the waveguide, but the Assist Wave's force to practice Fighting.

    In the eyes of some Fighting, the power of the waveguide is a better auxiliary tool than the rare medicines and high-end meals.

    This contains a very complex medical knowledge of the human body structure, and the modern scientific system uses rigorous knowledge to explain the magical effect of the combination of Fighting and Waveguide for physical enhancement. After careful reading, Terrance is delighted.

    Regardless of the principle, as long as it can improve the physical fitness, Terrance is not demanding, even if the power of the waveguide on the tall can only be reduced to the foil of Fighting.

    In terms of mental strength, he has the Calm Mind method to rely on. His physical strength can only be exercised by Fighting. These two directions of improvement are the key to his ability to control the z-style in the future.

    “It’s the information that Elite Four can access. It’s just that I’m interested in these partial knowledge.”

    "We must also improve our mental and physical strength at all costs."

    “As long as you can control the z-style, let Altaria be able to Assist the Fairy Legion, even if it only enhances the strength of 50%, it is enough to crush a large organization.”

    "If the strength can be doubled, and then cooperate with other elves, you can even suppress the legend."

    Terrance stared at the picture on the virtual screen, the eyes were burning, the lava team and the water fleet stole the red orb and the blue orb. The purpose is self-evident. They want to control the two big Legendary Pokémons, Groudon and Kyogre. By then, the entire Hoenn will be involved in the disaster.

    At that moment, it would be difficult for conventional means to suppress the two Legendary Pokémons. They want Smelling Salts to come out and get rid of the control of the deviant. Even the top Trainer is not so easy, but if Altaria can be perfectly controlled at that time. z moves, maybe you can contend with the two major Legendary Pokémon without Primal Reversion, disintegrating the lava team and the water fleet's ambitions.

    "The power of the waveguide can improve the efficiency of the practice of Fighting. With the waveguide gloves made by Bai Cheng, I can now grasp the power of the waveguide, but I can't make telepathy and feel the waveguide of others as before.Just staying in the initial stage of use, let alone condensing the waveguide to release the Aura Sphere. ”

    "It seems that the power of the waveguide can only be reduced to my ability to improve my body. But then, the simplified version of Fighting from Bruno has been explored by me. Maybe I can collect some other Fighting skills? Or combine the power of the waveguide to derive an optimal way to improve your body…"

    With the Rotom Pokédex Mega computer, you can use it as an assistant. Just give it the information about your body structure, the information of the force of the waveguide, and the information of the various Fighting techniques. Maybe you can actually introduce a method to improve the physical fitness of Terrance. maybe.

    With this in mind, Terrance immediately thought of his Calm Mind method.

    Obviously, like Fighting, the Calm Mind method that Wicktor Masters found is not a high-level Calm Mind method. It is a very basic version, and it is no longer suitable for Terrance, which is currently mentally substantive.

    As for where to find a more appropriate way to practice spirituality, Terrance thought of a few people.

    Sabrina, Capella, Olympia, they are the most powerful Psychic of Terrance.



    A few days later, Terrance successfully collected several different Fighting techniques.

    These are the secrets passed down by the ancient genre. If they were placed in ancient times, they were very precious treasures, but nowadays, they have all fallen, and not many people are willing to practice.

    It takes a few decades for humans to practice Fighting. It may not be a Fighting Elf trained by Trainer for a month. In modern society, eating and drinking, social stability, basically no one wants to eat that bitter, and wants to get it. Power is not as good as being a Trainer.

    Combined with these Fighting techniques, the force of the waveguide, Terrance let Rotom Pokédex be deduced, and want to see if there is a possibility of combining the two.

    This deduction is 3 days.

    It took 3 days to deduct, and Rotom Pokédex finally came to Smelling Salts.

    "Still not Rotto…"

    "Can't you?"Terrance brows up.

    After Rotom Pokédex explained, Terrance understood where it was stuck. Rotom Pokédex collected too little knowledge about the power of the waveguide, so it was difficult to continue every time it was pushed to a critical moment.

    After discovering this problem, Terrance began to pay more attention to the information about the waveguide. He even planned to directly ask Bai Cheng about the use of the waveguide. However, as Terrance went deeper into the investigation, he suddenly found a place in the city of Oululand. Blocked event information.

    Some time ago, in the elves battle and celebration held by Oulu Lang City for the daring of the brave Aaron, a Trainer named Ash won the battle and was named "The Brave of the Wave" and won the title. At the ceremonial ceremony, the "Dragon's Staff" is the right to transform into a brave man.

    Then, an accident occurred in the memorial. A Lucario suddenly appeared in the rod of the brave, suspected to be an apprentice of the daring of the millennium.

    At this time, this scene was seen by many people, but the news was quickly blocked. If Terrance is not using the exclusive network of Elite Four and searching almost all the keywords about the waveguide, it is difficult for him to find this information. .

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