Pokemon Court Chapter 954

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 954 Ash and Queen Ilene, floating astronomy
    What happenedTerrance's eyes were confused and he quickly contacted Bai Cheng, explaining the situation.

    "What?The Dragon's Staff' can actually be Imprison Elf? Wait a minute, are you sure that you are telling the truth? ”Bai Cheng is incredible.

    "If it is true, Mr. Yalang may have mastered the special use of the waveguide, or that the use of this ore has not been completely excavated by me, confirming my guess."Bai Chengdao.

    The blue ore that he used in the waveguide gloves was the same as the ore at the top of the rod of the brave.

    "Is it true? We can do this with Ash."Terrance heard the urgency of his language and said.

    Ash listened to Bai Cheng’s suggestion and went there to attend the celebration. Ash, who experienced the event at the time, naturally has the most say.

    "Damn, such an important thing, the kid didn't even tell me."Bai Cheng Grudge is full.

    "It seems that you really want to see the rod of the brave…"

    "That is of course, but the aristocrats there are very tightly guarded by the rod of the brave. In addition to the annual celebrations, they rarely show up."

    "I will find a way, but in exchange, if you have any new ideas for the waveguide, don't forget me."Terrance opens the way.

    He is now in need of a large body of knowledge about waveguides to assist Rotom Pokédex in the derivation of the Bird Fighting.

    "That is of course."

    With the promise of Bai Cheng, Terrance began to plan and directly visit Queen Madison of Oro de Lange? Even if it is in the status of Fairy Elite, the other party will not necessarily buy it, and take out the rod of the brave to let outsiders study.

    After thinking about it, Terrance finally sighed, and sure enough to find a breakthrough from Ash.

    Ash, who experienced the incident, has some special connections with Ouledlang City anyway…



    After half a month.

    The Contest contest decided to establish a venue on Rota Street. Terrance, one of the Elite Four coordinators, will discuss the matter as a representative of the Contest and Queen Madison.

    With a major mission, Terrance began to travel to Europe.

    In addition to the staff of the Contest Contest, there are Bai Cheng and Riean.

    “The identity of Elite is good. It’s obviously self-sufficient, but it can be made public.”

    Bai Cheng followed behind Terrance and was somewhat envious.

    "It's better to talk less about your nonsense."Terrance's mouth twitches.

    "But then your work looks tired, the whole person has a lot of jealousy, hehe."

    Bai Cheng is curious.

    "Yeah, let's not talk about the training elves. Just trace the two organizations of the lava team and the water fleet. It will make me rush around Hoenn during this time. It is not easy to take time to come to Kanto."

    Terrance sighed slightly.

    "But this is my own choice."

    Listening to the conversation between Terrance and Bai Cheng, Riean sitting in the back cabin did not speak, waiting for the helicopter to fall from the air, and several talents officially entered Rota Street.

    As soon as they arrived, the three of them saw Ash, Misty, and Xiaogang who were already waiting for them.

    After receiving the letter from Terrance, Ash and his party also came here.

    "Terrance Big Brother, Bai Cheng Teacher!!"

    When they saw Terrance, Ash immediately ran over and cheered excitedly.

    "Bai Cheng Teacher?"Upon hearing this title, Terrance was speechless and speechless, but thought that Bai Cheng really taught Ash Bird, not to mention Teacher, even if it was Master.

    "Mr. Terrance."

    Compared to Ash's big shackles, Misty was a bit cautious this time, along with Xiao Gang, both of whom were also amazed at Terrance's identity change.

    From the former owner of the museum to the coordinator, Hoenn Elite, Terrance's identity was unattainable.

    But after seeing that Terrance is still the same as before, the two will soon be relieved.

    "But then, I didn't expect Grand Brother Terrance to know Bai Cheng's Teacher…"Ash scratched his head, a very unexpected look, but this little thing was quickly left behind by him.

    "Compared to us, your changes are quite big."

    Terrance looked at Pikachu on Ash's shoulder and smiled.

    As well as Bai Cheng, I also felt the power of Ash's qualitative transformation.

    The double change of Ash suddenly made Terrance curious about his strength today.

    The real power of the electric bead Pikachu, even if he did not understand it, think of the two elves that he brought, Terrance suddenly played a fighting heart.

    "Ash, are you going to have a match?"Watching Ash, Terrance directly invites the game.

    "Hey, hey, it’s too embarrassing. If you want to fight, you should have me."Seeing Terrance's move, Bai Cheng immediately waved.

    "Ahhhh……Of course, I have no problem with this. ”After hesitated, Ash was full of enthusiasm, but his behavior, in the eyes of Xiao Gang and Misty, made them both sigh.

    Ash, this guy, hasn't realized the seriousness of the problem…

    "Ash, now Terrance is one of the Elite Four, you can't care."Xiao Gang reluctantly reminded.

    "Know it, Elite Four, like Bruno and Lorelei, is one of the strongest Trainers, but I am different. I will let Terrance see my achievements."

    Ash waved his fist and said seriously.

    However, before the official battle between Terrance and Ash, the receptionist from Queen Ilene, the highest authority in the area, arrived. In the face of Queen Ilene's invitation, Terrance and Ash could only stop the game first.

    Nodded to Bai Cheng, Ash, etc., Terrance and they went with the receptionists to the city of Ouludan.

    At this time, the welcoming ceremony was arranged inside and outside the magnificent and magnificent castle. With the approach of Terrance and others, Eurodrum City welcomed them to the highest level.

    Naturally, Terrance knows that the other party welcomes more than himself, and the teenager around him, Ash.

    In the warm reception of this autonomous small country, Terrance and his party directly entered the spacious hall and met Queen Ilene himself.

    “Queen Ilene !”Compared to Terrance, which needs to be identity-conscious, Ash obviously has more Solaceon, and it is Solaceon's greeting with Queen Ilene.

    “Ash, Terrance Elite, and all the distinguished guests come from afar. It’s an honor for the city of Oululand. If you are not entertained, please forgive me.”Queen Ilene dispelled the guards around her and walked up to smile.

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