Pokemon Court Chapter 955

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 955 Mew and the brave of the waveguide, floating astronomy
    In the huge reception room, Queen Ilene sat in the dominant position. Standing behind her was a housekeeper in the city of Oululand. The housekeeper was holding a Mime Jr. Stay by Queen Ilene and look good.

    "According to this itinerary, we should have discussed the establishment of the Contest venue, but today I even invited Ash, and Queen Ilene already knows what I am doing."

    When talking to Queen Ilene, Terrance looked at the official mother-in-law unconsciously, and felt an extraordinary atmosphere from the person. Although the other person looked like an ordinary old man, Terrance was faint. It feels not that simple.

    "I understand that the city of Ouledlang has the responsibility of guarding the tree of the world Earl Dervish, but the tree of Earl Dervish in Terri is in crisis and I did not expect it."

    Queen Ilene smiled slightly.

    She thought that the storm of this matter had subsided. After all, even the Indigo Alliance did not intervene too much, but one who knows that Elite in the distant Hoenn Region would actually be concerned about this matter.

    Under the guardianship of the city of Ourud, the tree of the world Earl Dervish is in danger. As a royal family, she can't escape responsibility, but fortunately, there is no real disaster, so that the big guys can close one eye. It is.

    For the arrival of Terrance, Queen Ilene was very confused. She didn't understand why the Indigo Alliance didn't pay much attention to it. Why did the members of the Hoenn Alliance come to nostalgia, thinking, she came to a conclusion, that It’s Terrance, don’t have a picture.

    "Actually, this thing blames me…"Ash suddenly spoke, and Pikachu on his shoulder showed an apologetic expression.

    The cause of the incident was because Pikachu was brought to the world of Earl Dervish by Mew…

    At the end of the banquet, Ash's special waveguide, the brave man of this year's waveguide, suddenly let the former brave Aaron's elf Lucario emerge from Imprison, and Pikachu disappeared, which was discovered by Ash et al.

    At the suggestion of Queen Madison, Lucario took Ash and his team to the world of Earl Dervish's tree to find Pikachu, but because of the obstruction of the world's Earl Dervish tree, they strayed into the world of Earl Dervish.

    Then, the tree of the world Earl Dervish activates the immune system, and its white-like substance begins to devour the virus "human", but finally, at the help of Mew, no one is killed or injured, but as if the immune system of the world Earl Dervish Tree is functioning violently, With the sudden collapse of the immune system, the tree of Earl Dervish in the world began to collapse, and the city of Ouroudran, close to the tree of Earl Dervish of the world, was also affected.

    "At first we saw through the flower of time that the brave Aaron had once quelled the war…"

    In order to calm the war, the brave Aaron decided to sacrifice himself and transfer his own waveguide to Mew, so that Mew could stop the war.

    At that time, the Mew Transform became Yalang, and it did stop the war, so it was the saying that the brave Aaron calmed the war.

    This Mew is integrated with the world's Earl Dervish tree, so after the world's Earl Dervish tree began to collapse, it was affected. In desperation, Ash and Lukari learned Aaron's. The practice was to transfer the waveguide to Mew, and the force of Mew calmed the disaster.

    "Delivery of the waveguide…"After listening to this story, Bai Cheng was curious to look at the pictures of the brave Aaron on the wall.

    "So what about Lucario?"Looking at Ash's sudden silence, Bai Cheng said.

    "At the last minute, Lucario pushed me away and took everything on his own…"Ash's voice was a bit low, but it quickly recovered. "But I can feel it. It just wants to go to see its favorite friend Yalang."

    "A loyal Lucario…"Terrance sighed slightly and walked out of Impario from Lucario. He used this as a clue to investigate the beginning of the disaster in Oululand. He always wanted to see Lucario who had lived for countless years, but with the description of Ash, this thought Slowly sinking from the heart of Terrance.

    "Queen Ilene, of course, this time I came not to pursue this matter, I am not going to intervene in the chores of Oululand City."

    "What do you mean by that?"Queen Ilene looks calm.

    As the queen of the city of Ouludan, she is not worried about Terrance's excuse to use this as an excuse to get a force from the independence system of the independent state. Although she respects the Alliance Elite Four, she is not yet unassuming. Let anyone kill.

    Or it can be said that if it wasn't Ash, the Trainer who had a lot of relationships with Mew in the world of Earl Dervish and had the same waveguide as Yalang, she didn't intend to discuss with Terrance and others about the Contest venue. Things outside.


    "The rod and glove of the brave left by Mr. Yalang, I want to borrow it. Of course, Queen Ilene can send people to watch all day, and we will not take these two items out of Oululand."Terrance speaks directly about the purpose.

    "No way?"

    "If you want to get in touch with the rod of the brave, you must become the brave of the waveguide through the celebration. This is the tradition left by the city of Oulu, and I have no right to change it."Queen Ilene shook her head firmly.

    "What about Mr. Nayaron's gloves? That is the item that Yalang left in the tree of the world Earl Dervish. Should there be no tradition left? ”

    In the world of Earl Dervish's tree, Ash and Lucario found the gloves of Aaron, and Ash briefly borrowed the power of the glove to transfer his waveguide to Mew.

    But afterwards, the glove Ash was returned to Queen Ilene.

    Referring to Aaron's gloves, Queen Ilene silently said, "The gloves of Aaron's adult are returned by Mr. Ash. If he wants to borrow it, there is no problem."

    "The person who borrowed the gloves was not Ash, but he was the one who taught the power of Ash."Terrance looked at Bai Cheng.

    "Mr. Ash's Teacher?"Queen Ilene was amazed to see that there are very few people who use the power of the waveguide today. There is a slap in the world. I was surprised when she used the power of the waveguide. Later, I was asked about Queen Ilene. Knowing that the power of Ash's waveguide is also taught by others.

    It seems that the person is now a white-haired young man.

    "Queen Ilene, I used to see the brave stick from afar. I was very interested in the cane made by Aaron's predecessors. If I can, I can lend it to me and watch it for a while…In exchange, any knowledge I got from the two on the waveguide, I can give it to Oululand City. ”

    Bai Cheng is not anxious to say…

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