Pokemon Court Chapter 956

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 956, the world of Earl Dervish tree, floating astronomy
    "I remember that the city of Ouroudran no longer has the inheritance of the waveguide, leaving the rod of the brave and Mr. Aaron's gloves, and now it can only be used as a monument, it is better to let them play their due value, regardless of the outcome, I will give the Queen Ilene your complete waveguide use method, with these two items, The city of Ouroudran may be able to give birth to a true ' waveguide brave ' rather than the ' false brave ' selected through the celebration. ”

    In the words of Bai Cheng, hit the heart of Queen Ilene.

    A few hundred years ago, the city of Ouludan still had the inheritance of the messenger of the wave, and those generations were descendants of the brave Aaron.

    However, it didn't take long for the descendants of Yalang to leave the city of Ouludan, and at that time, the city of Ouludan lost the inheritance of the messenger of the waveguide.

    Instead, it is a celebration of the "Dragon of the Waves" that is held every year.

    When the descendants of Yalang left the cost of the city of Ouludan, they left the rod of the brave, but the city of Ouludan, who lost the messenger of the waveguide, would not use it even if he controlled the rod of the brave man of Aaron. It can only be regarded as the spiritual symbol of the city of Ourud.

    Queen Ilene suddenly looked at Ash. She had invited Ash to stay in Oululand, promised to give him a hereditary great aristocracy, and could become a true brave brave, but Ash refused, but even so, she also There is no heart, because the city of Ouledan really needs a true guide brave.

    In this way, the brave rod and the ylang's glove can be of maximum value.

    Bai Cheng’s promise made Queen Ilene tempted, and she even hoped to leave Bai Cheng and let him be the true waveguide messenger in the city of Oululand.

    "This can be considered, but it takes time."

    “No problem!”Terrance smiled and the plan was not unexpected. These conditions, even Queen Ilene, could not be rejected.

    "In this case, then let's talk about the establishment of the Contest venue."



    Although the topic of the beginning of this discussion was serious, but after the transaction became satisfied with the needs of both parties, everything went smoothly.

    After several Terrans walked out of the city of Ouledlang, Ash was still wondering, "But how do you know that I am releasing Lucario from Terrance Big Brother?"

    At the beginning, Terrance's sudden contact also scared Ash. After all, Ash had no intention of arguing about the world of Earl Dervish.

    "You stupid."Bai Cheng suddenly knocked on Ash's head.

    "Did you forget when I taught you the power of the waveguide?"

    "I haven't forgotten, when you said Teacher, you said…The power of your guide is unusable because of some circumstances, so I pin my hopes on me, and let me have time to come to Oulu Lang City to see…"

    “Is it true that Mr. Yalang’s gloves and the rod of the brave can make Teacher your waveguide?”Ash suddenly woke up.

    "I don't know if it works, but my instincts…No, Bird tells me that the key point is here, and the glove that allows you to get the ability to transfer the waveguide is just a bit more advanced than the waveguide gloves I gave you. ”

    "As for the rod of the brave who can be Imprison Lucario, there is a more advanced way of using the waveguide. If you can understand it, don't say it is beyond the predecessors of Yalang, but the waveguide of the predecessor may still be able to do it."Bai Cheng sank down, then shook his head again. "Of course, the most likely thing is that it can't be studied. After all, it was a long time ago, but for our waveguide messengers, the items of Yalang's predecessors still have fatal Captivate."

    Ash "Ah," said, "It turned out to be."

    When he heard the communication between the two, Terrance shook his head, and his purpose was very straightforward. He wanted to use the power of the waveguide to improve his physical condition.

    When a few people left, they saw blue crystals from all over the city of Ouludan. These crystals, with the rod of the brave, the gloves of Yalang, and the blue ore on the white gloves of Baicheng are basically the same.

    However, they do not have the same effect.

    "Unfortunately, although there are a lot of such ores, Growth is in all parts of Oululand, but it can be used to make waveguide gloves, but there are very few."

    Bai Cheng sighed.

    According to Bai Shing's request, Terrance has also investigated the information of this ore, this ore only exists in the city of Ouroudran, he is naturally associated with the world Earl Dervish Tree, after a variety of investigations, Terrance is not no harvest, but can not be too confirmed, But in the analysis of Rotom Pokédex, both Aaron and the ore used by Bai Cheng seem to be related to the fluctuation of the substance of the flower of time.

    "In the case of this ore, I remember that there are many inside the world of Earl Dervish trees…"Ash recalled, said.

    "Maybe, but that place is really not a normal person to go in."Bai Cheng rolled his eyes, and the guardian elves of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel were enough for outsiders to eat a pot, not to mention the existence of a Mew capable of Assisting the world's Earl Dervish tree.

    If they are being expelled as viruses like Ash, then there are a few lives that are not enough.

    "But then, I have promised Mew, if there is a chance, then take Pikachu to find it to play…"Ash Road.


    As Ash fell, Terrance and Bai Cheng immediately looked at him, especially Terrance, and immediately said, “It’s rare to come to Oululand City, and you will see Mew.”

    The world Earl Dervish Tree and Mew as one, this secret in the Ouroudran City Royal family and the alliance at the top of the side is not a secret, but no one dares to move this mew idea, only because it can assist the power of the world Earl Dervish Tree, Under normal circumstances, it would be possible to take control of the MEW unless alliance was in a big move, but the consequences of destroying the world's Earl Dervish tree are not acceptable to alliance.

    It’s not that no ambitions have been trying to catch this Mew in the past few years, but all of them, including the Rockets, have failed, not to mention small organizations that are not influx.

    So Terrance thinks that the Mew that this Mew should appear with the New Island is not one, but the specific situation, he has to see it before, so when Ash mentions Mew, he immediately gave birth to visit the world Earl Dervish The tree, seeing Mew’s thoughts, is to satisfy curiosity.

    "But it's too late today. Go to find Mew and put it on tomorrow. Next, let's clean up and go to the dinner prepared by Queen Ilene."Terrance smiled and said, "Ash, there is a battle between you and me. I have been looking forward to it for a long time."

    When it comes to the battle, Ash thinks about the agreement with Terrance before, and he is ready to fight and he can't wait…

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