Pokemon Court Chapter 957

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body 957 chapter Metronome's infinite possibilities, floating astronomy
    Seeing that Ash and Terrance ran to play, Xiao Gang, Misty, and Riean were all unmoved, but Bai Cheng was looking forward to it.

    However, before Bai Cheng did not break through the Masters, Terrance did not have the idea of fighting against him. Under the circumstance, it turned out that Terrance had evolved into a battle between Ash and Bai Cheng.

    But the match between Ash and Bai Cheng had to go after Terrance and Ash.

    "Ash, how about this time we played a doubles match?"

    "Double play? So what's thatAsh stunned.

    "Is you and I sent two elves at the same time, and then I am interested in the commanding mode?"

    Terrance's words, Ash's eyes lit up, as long as he made him feel very interesting, naturally there is no opinion.

    "Before the war, I will explain the rules first. When all the two sent by one party lose their combat ability, they can be used. Any means can be used in the battle, including the power of the waveguide."Terrance smiled slightly.

    “No problem!”Ash nodded.

    "In this case, let me be the referee…"Seeing that no one else took the initiative to serve as a referee, Xiao Gang, who served as the Ash Roadside referee for thousands of years, immediately said.

    After a few people packed up and found a common battlefield, Terrance and Ash stood directly in the opposite position. Without hesitation, Terrance took the lead in throwing Poké Ball.

    Togepi and Froakie suddenly appeared on the battlefield with the light.

    Seeing the two elves of Togepi and Froakie boarding the venue, Ash quickly took out the wizard Pokédex and wanted to find relevant information.

    "It’s Togepi."Seeing Togepi, Misy holding Togepi immediately showed a happy expression, cheering and dancing.

    "But what is the other elf besides Togepi?"

    Ash is also faced with such confusion, Togepi he knows naturally, but for Froakie, he knows nothing about it.

    "Although I don't know it, it should be the spirit of the water system. If so…"

    "Go, Snorlax, Pikachu!!"

    In the face of Togepi and Froakie, Ash throws a Poké Ball, a well-developed Snorlax stands directly on the field, and then Pikachu jumps from Ash's shoulder and comes to Snorlax.

    "Double-player battles have further tested Trainer's commanding ability. There are strict requirements for reaction and judgment. In the face of the experienced Trainer like Terrance, Ash may be in crisis…However, since Ash has gained the power of the Wave and there is always Pikachu able to turn the tide, he has been too inflated in recent times, and it is a good thing to suffer setbacks. ”Xiao Gang squinted and observed, and the heart was dark.

    Looking at Snorlax and Pikachu, Togepi and Froakie are very calm. The cooperation of half a year has made them two the most intimate comrades, but because of the character, Togepi is vaguely the party, Froakie is the party, two When the elves acted together, Froakie listened to the command of Togepi.

    Half a year of running-in, they no longer exclude Terrance, but unlike Altaria, these two elves experience a special experience, want to gain their deeper trust and build a stronger embarrassment, not a simple Breeder and feeding can do Arrived.

    Battle began, saw Terrance look to ash, smile, did not order Togepi on their own waving fingers, quickly make ability exchange tricks, and Froakie, also made quirky posture, and togepi between the formation of a bridge, two elves Eye Exchange Kung Fu, Through the skill Swap and role play tricks of the tactical cooperation, so that both sides can use ultra-rare ability change freely.

    Togepi's combination of Metronome and Super Lucky is critical. After half a year of practice, it has kept in mind the brain stimulation of the "Skill Swap" trick, which can quickly make a trick that it couldn't have mastered.

    In addition to the "Skill Swap", this six months Togepi also used this technique to master the vows of fire and teleport two great tricks, but forced to remember the three tricks of natural Frequency has been togepi the limits of the brain, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex has been tested, forced to remember more than three tricks of natural Frequency, Togepi brain will overload operation, will have an irreversible adverse effect on its body.

    The mechanism of metronome work is to stimulate the brain to force the trick, the essence is a special means of converting energy, Normal Elves simply can not endure metronome stimulation of the brain when the violent reaction, so the elves will then make their own do not know what the trick, can only be resigned to fate, But this evil Togepi talent is amazing, after Mismagius's fantasy honed, willpower is surging, intentional practice, unexpectedly can control the operation of metronome work!

    Skill Swap and teleport, fire vows of the mastery of Togepi half a year of most of the energy, seemingly not worth it, but Terrance is also for the future to do, there is super lucky ability assistance, if there is a strong willpower and mental strength, It's not difficult to force to remember the fixed frequencies of some moves, so the odds of Togepi being able to really master these tricks are still great.

    This also shows that Togepi hopes to master the moves that it can't learn. This technique, Terrance has never been heard before, he may be the first discoverer.

    At present, three tricks are already the limit of Togepi brain memory, but after two evolutions, using this technique, it has unlimited possibilities, and can even master the skills of certain legendary elves through metronome, which seems to be a top priority for the development of Togepi's brain domain, " Mastering the impossible to learn the legend of the trick "is the ultimate goal of this technique, the source of this technique, is to togepi their own groping, and then Terrance to" Smeargle "this kind of elf sketch trick to gradually improve the inspiration.

    For the past six months, Togepi's technique has shown a lot of highlights, so Terrance is ready to look at Breeder Togepi from this perspective.

    After getting the fascinating Ability, Togepi and Froakie stand apart, Froakie is in the front, Togepi is in the back, they look at Snorlax and Pikachu who haven't reacted yet, and they acted instantly and changed the whole venue! As Togepi ignited the flame, Froakie condensed the water, and a rainbow formed gradually across the site.

    The combination of the Water Oath and the Fire Oath brings the venue into the Rainbow Contest Condition.

    Under the Rainbow Contest Condition, the appearance of additional effects when using Togepi and Froakie moves will be greatly improved.

    Seeing Togepi and Froakie's skillful cooperation, Ash didn't recognize a trick, but he was still in a stunned Contest Condition. In desperation, he could only gnash his teeth: "Pikachu, Thunderbolt, Snorlax, destroying the dead!"

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