Pokemon Court Chapter 958

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 958th chapter of the rainbow doubles tactics, floating astronomy
    "Togepi, Teleport."

    Oncoming is the violent current and the mammoth destruction of the light, seeing the performance of Pikachu and Snorlax, Terrance's expression reveals a surprise, and then simply issued a command.

    Then, Togepi's Teleport enveloped Froakie, and the two elves disappeared directly into the attack.

    Destroy the dead light and Thunderbolt swept through, the tyrannical power instantly let the Ground gravel fly, especially Thunderbolt, even after the attack, there is still current in the air, this move is powerful, has exceeded the standard of the Masters threshold, looked at Spark The flashing Pikachu, Terrance's eyes flashed, and the power of the electric beads was extraordinary.

    "Flamethrower, smoke."

    After Teleport, Togepi and Froakie appearing out of thin air in a short period of time, in the air, interacting with each other, ink and flame blend, instantly let the venue rise a black smoke, covering the rainbow, but also cover their figure.

    "Don't worry!

    Seeing Togepi and Froakie disappearing in front of their eyes, Snorlax and Pikachu immediately showed a panicked expression, looking at the black paint around them, and the two elves began to rely on the Ash Trainer.

    "The power of the waveguide is with me!"

    After Terence and Bai Cheng's training, Ash really grew. In the face of this situation, he quickly used the power of the waveguide. The black smoke from the ink and the flame was directly seen by him. Among them, Togepi, who was taking a leisurely walk, had already jumped. The figure of Froakie is not even the perception of Ash!

    "This speed…"Seeing a phantom-falling Froakie, the sensitive movement surprised Ash, and when Ash judged Froakie's attacking target, he was surprised again and quickly ordered: "Pikachu covers the whole body with Thunderbolt!"

    During the Bounce process, the Froakie incarnation of the Flying system is like a combination with Soaring in the sky. The action is as flexible as the wind Normal, and the Assist Gravity acceleration. If it is hit by Pikachu of Lock On, it is hard to escape, but let the watchers look at each other. Yes, Ash’s command was unusual and he made a good judgment.

    But no one thought that at this critical moment, Froakie turned Stomp air and directly changed the attack trajectory.

    ‘How?’This speed is actually…"Feeling that Froakie's landing trajectory changed, it was coming to Snorlax. It was too late for Ash to make a command. At the same time, Togepi smiled evilly, swept the flame, and released it directly toward Pikachu. The current was intertwined with the flame, which triggered Explosion, let the black smoke on the field blast.

    In the past few scenes, only Bai Cheng clearly perceives it. He looks strange and hates iron. He looks at Ash: "The change is easy and the audience is fascinating. The Froakie who becomes the Flying system wants to be treated as a Flying system elf. This is completely fooled."

    The black smoke dissipated, and Snorlax stood in a difficult position, and everyone saw the uneasiness of his expression.

    That's…Contemplative Condition, Bounce triggered paralysis, I know, it is the effect of the rainbow. ”

    After being paralyzed, the original action was not very flexible Snorlax, and the action was slower, becoming the live target of Togepi and Froakie.

    And Pikachu, even more involved in the explosion, finally climbed up with a full injury.

    Although the destructive power of the trick is amazing, but Pikachu's defense is weak and poor, the aftermath of the two tricks directly makes it panting.

    What makes Ash even more desperate is that Pikachu is covered with a fire snake, which is a sign of the Burning Condition.

    “Snorlax is in paralysis, Pikachu is in a burn, it’s awful…”

    What to doAsh was in a panic, and Pikachu was so vulnerable that it was so unimaginable.

    "The big word burst, Water Pulse."

    Terrance is not ready to give Ash time to think, so he ordered again, the big word explosion can bless the burning effect, and Water Pulse can make the enemy into a chaotic Contest Condition, no matter which trick, the perfect use of the rainbow venue.

    Togepi, the incarnation of the fire system, and Froakie, who returned to the water system, the two elves are like the demon Normal, and the offensive is fierce.

    "Snorlax?"As soon as the millennium began, Ash snorted and looked at Snorlax in front of Pikachu and stunned.

    Representational state transfer

    "When did Ash's Snorlax learn about Rest tricks? Why wasn't I informed?"Xiao Gang is also awkward.

    Ash This Snorlax is usually placed at the Professor Oak's Laboratory. It is only a short time to eat and sleep, only Smelling Salts, and this time will be sent to Ash, this time Ash sent Pikachu and Snorlax, Ash and Misty were still The thought of doubting Ash is now clear.

    Snorlax, who entered the Rest Contest Condition and quickly recovered the Status Condition and injury, resisted the big word explosion and Water Pulse, then Rage's Smelling Salts came over and got up, and Xiaogang was incredulous: "Is this the strategy of Ash?"

    Take advantage of Snorlax's Ability and size…Become a shield for Pikachu?

    "This Snorlax's Ability…Is it thick fat? ”Terrance was surprised.

    "Strategy ghosts, you didn't look at Ash and you are confused. It's all Snorlax's own judgment."Misty started thinking with Xiao Gang, but after seeing the sultry expression of Ash, he smiled helplessly, they really thought too much.

    "This Snorlax is a good talent, and Ash is really lucky."Bai Chengzhen is amazing.

    "Although something is unexpected, but the game ends here, Togepi, full-fledged big-bang, Froakie, with Hydro Pump."Snorlax resisted two tricks, but immediately collapsed, burning and chaotic dual Status Condition, let it start listening to Ash's command, and mess around, that is, just solve Pikachu.

    However, Snorlax's resistance to Pikachu's next blow did give Pikachu enough time to recover. Assist burned and consumed a lot of energy. Pikachu was also looking for the best time to explode!

    As the crisis arrived, Pikachu’s expression was firm after hearing Ash’s order!


    In the face of the big character explosion and Hydro Pump, Pikachu hands clenched his fists, Reversal tricks, the power of electric beads broke out, and the thunderstorm that swept the amazing power was directly pushed across, and the big word explosion and Hydro Pump swept together, the aftermath of the explosion, instantly Whirlwind III Only elves.

    Even the heavyweight Snorlax is inevitably tripped.

    In this case, Pikachu and Snorlax could not have the possibility of standing up. Although Togepi and Froakie were also scared by the last Thunderbolt, they did not consume too much physical strength, and the impact of supporting this aftermath was more than enough. .

    Sobbing down the mouth, Xiaogang immediately announced the results.

    "Open it up."Seeing Ash and the current Elite Four spelled this piece, it really made Bai Cheng suspect that Ash lied about his age.

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