Pokemon Court Chapter 959

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 959 Mew appeared, the flower of time, floating astronomy
    "I still lost…"

    When Snorlax and Pikachu fell, Ash was slightly lost, but not too frustrated. He was no longer a rookie, and he understood the gap between himself and Elite Four.

    In fact, Ash can stick to this one. It is already good. Togepi and Froakie's rainbow field tactics are the most important skills used when they work together. The two elves are very skilled at using this tactic. The perfect Assist Rainbow power, the extra effect in the extreme excavation trick, causing the greatest destructive power, just this trick, it is disgusting a lot of their "sparring objects."

    "The next Silver Conference will come on."

    Taking back Togepi and Froakie, Terrance encouraged Ash to say a word.

    But if Ash still relies on Pikachu's elf to support the scene, it may not be so easy to win the championship.

    "I will work hard."Answering Terrance At the same time, Ash took back Snorlax and comforted him. Then he picked up Pikachu and planned to go to the Elf Center to treat Pikachu.

    Also accompanying Ash to go are Misty, Xiaogang, Bai Cheng and Riean.

    "You seem to be very optimistic about him, but besides being able to use the power of the waveguide, is there anything special about Ash compared to other Trainers?"Bai Cheng took a few steps forward, and Ash went to the Elf Center. His battle with Ash naturally delayed.

    "Maybe, you will find his Flash point sooner or later, but it’s still a little early."Terrance doesn't know how to explain it.

    Compared with Ash in the Johto Region period, Terrance is more expecting Ash's performance in the Kalos period. After a few years, even if it is not the top Trainer, even if only a few elves enter the top-level field, Ash's impulse is estimated. Can add a little fun to the world.

    "Forget it, let's go to the feast."Bai Cheng touched his stomach and left behind the battle with Ash. He planned to wait until tomorrow.

    Because of the match between Ash and Terrance, a few people missed a little time, but after the rush of Terrance's Help, Pikachu recovered quickly, and did not let a few people arrive late at the dinner.

    Queen Ilene's well-prepared dinner is intended to draw Ash and Baicheng. As for the Terrance Elite Four, although the same treatment is good, Terrance always feels that something is wrong.

    "This woman…"In the heart of the Queen Ilene around Ash and Bai Cheng, Terrance did not care, if you can catch the Queen Ilene line, it would be good for Bai Cheng, but Ash…This wood, Terrance estimated that he could only live with Pikachu.

    After the dinner ended, several people rested very well. According to the agreement, several people planned to go to the world tree of Earl Dervish early the next morning to find Mew.



    "You stop, this mountain road is forbidden."

    On the way to the tree of Earl Dervish in the world, the Terrances had not left the Rota Street and were stopped by a team of soldiers wearing armor.

    This team is very popular, giving people a feeling of being close to people, but Terrance and Bai Cheng are not taken seriously. This level of guards, as long as there is a heart, secretly has no difficulty in stealing…

    "We have a pass for Queen Ilene."Ash is not the first time to go there, skilled to take out the token of Queen Ilene and hand it over to the other party.

    "It is indeed the token of Queen Ilene, you can go in."The headed soldier took the letter and looked at Ash and others. He nodded and gave it a release.

    Through a review, Terrance began to approach the world of Earl Dervish, and after Ash explained, they also understood the difference between the mountains.

    "There are a lot of wild elves in it, they are not allowed to be taken. In addition, when you wait in the mountainous area, you may encounter Regirock attacks, so be careful."

    After Ash finished, Terrance, Bai Cheng and Riean nodded, but they didn't worry too much. As for Xiao Gang and Misty, they have been here since, they are very familiar with this, and they took the initiative to lead the way.

    Out of the area of Rota Street into the wild, the wild elves suddenly increased, and from the point of view, it is very rich.

    "The development of the elves here is pretty good…"Seeing a row of Geodude skipping side by side, Terrance unexpectedly opened.

    "Yes, not only that, the elves here are rarely offensive."Xiao Gangdao: "Maybe it is caused by the environment here, so that they rarely get food through competition, and because life is very comfortable, there are very few elves that have evolved."

    So it isDuring the process of several people, while listening to the environment, I listened to the three people in Ash to explain in detail the experience before entering here.

    But how many people haven’t been there for a long time, a eagle suddenly landed on a nearby mountain and looked at Ash.

    This is only a sneak peek at the eagle, but Terrance, Bai Cheng, and Ash are still discovering it. The latter two are the messengers of the waveguide. Terrance is the Psychic, and the perception is much higher than the average person. .

    "Be better than carving? This is only bigger than carving…"Terrance stopped a few people, and Xiao Gang stopped and looked down.

    After judging, they found that this is only two to three times larger than the average size of the Kanto Region. It is very exaggerated…

    "But this is better than carving, always feel where I have seen it."Ash, Xiaogang, Misty rubbed their heads, and after thinking about it, Misty suddenly surprised: "Ash, Xiaogang, you still don't remember, we saw Mr. Yalang riding by the image of the flower of time. Flying away, his one is far more outrageous than the carving."

    "Mr. Yalang's sculpture? How couldHow can the sculpture be alive for thousands of years! ”

    Ash and Xiaogang were still refuting, when Terrance slammed two people and said: "Don't argue, it's not what it is, it should be Mew."

    Terrance's words surprised a few people, but before they even waited for a few people to react, "Bee" quickly flew toward the tree of the world's origin and disappeared into the eyes of a few people.

    "But why is Mew flying away…"Ash is not solved.

    "It should be because there are too many strangers around you. Let's just follow up."

    When Terrance spoke, the first one stepped out, and as Mew left, the group quickly entered a Valley.

    When the Valley was shuttled, Bai Cheng suddenly stopped and shouted a few people.

    His eyes stared at the raised crystals in the high place, and he was surprised: "The fourth…"

    This is the same as the ore that is made into the waveguide glove. However, unlike the ore that Bai Cheng has found in the outside world, this piece has obvious features, which makes Terrance and Baicheng somewhat aware.

    "It really is the flower of time."

    Seeing the weird flowers next to the blue crystals, Terrance's eyes are condensed, is the flower of time accompanied by rocks?

    The flower of time, as an odd flower that can be activated with the force of waveguide and play back some of the sights of history, exists only around the tree of the world Earl Dervish, and it is a mystery when and when it was born, but it seems that every fixed area has a special connection, whether it dies or the flowering of the new time, Interact with each other …

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