Pokemon Court Chapter 960

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the qualifications of the 960th chapter of the text, the astronomy
    "Go and pick it up."

    Terrance and Bai Cheng, one person took off the flower of time, one person squatted with the accompanying rock, and had a great place, and the grass was not born.

    After the time spent, Terrance put on the waveguide gloves, releasing the power of the waveguide, want to witness the magic of the flower of time.

    He had only known this thing in the book before, but in reality it was the first time he saw it, naturally curious.

    "Be careful."When Bai Cheng shouted, the flower of time had been activated by Terrance, shrouded them together.

    For a moment, a few people appeared in front of a lot of phantoms. It was a long time ago. It happened in this place. It was a small piece of the battle of the ancient army.

    The elves in armor fought each other and served as soldiers in ancient countries, and the endless killings caused it to be everywhere.

    Several people were immersed in this ancient war, carrying the heart, each with a different mentality to watch history.

    All of Terrance's perceptions were placed on the fluctuations of the flower of time. He wanted to understand the nature of the flower, but until the picture disappeared, there was no gain.

    "The only thing that can be made clear is that this ore on the waveguide glove is related to the flower of time."

    Bai Cheng said slowly, when the words fell, Ash subconsciously glanced at the waveguide gloves that he wore on his hands and asked, "Is this the case?"

    ‘Yes!Bai Cheng nodded, but immediately shook his head again.

    "Forget it, don't think so much, let's chase Mew."

    The image of the time flower playback only took a few people for a short period of time. Of course, they did not forget the current primary purpose. After adjusting the Contest Condition, they rushed toward Mew again.

    "Regirock, Registeel, Regice…"

    Perhaps because of Mew's suggestion, the eternal elf, who should have guarded all directions in the world's Earl Dervish tree, has reacted and appeared in front of several Terrances.

    After walking for a long time, I saw these three elves, and several people slammed their feet, especially Ash, which was a questionable opening: "I remember…Mew has told the world of Earl Dervish trees, we are not a virus, why Regirock they will also stop us. ”

    "Is it because of us?"Bai Cheng touched his chin: "After all, Riean, we are here for the first time, maybe it is a test, we just have to squat in the past."

    Not waiting for a few people to discuss the results, the three elves immediately acted and launched an attack!

    At this moment, Terrance, Bai Cheng, Riean three Poké Ball each shot a ray of light, Diancie, Lucario, Roserade three elves appeared at the same time, a quick counterattack.

    After resisting the first round of the three eternal elves, Diancie's Psychic briefly restricted the actions of the three elves. The next moment, Grassy Terrain spread out countless vines, further tying the three eternal elves, and the last Lucario was continuous. Launched three Aura Spheres and swept three eternal elves into a wave of explosions.

    "it does not work? The skin is too thick. ”

    With the sound of "bang", the smoke has been lingering for a long time, but the Contest Condition of the three eternal elves has not survived Baicheng.

    At this time, Terrance looked up and saw a small tree on the side of the Valley, and there was a "Pikachu" laughing.

    "Pikachu? How can there be Pikachu in this place…"

    "It turned out, Mew…"

    After discovering that Mew was watching the battle, Terrance's mouth rose slightly and said: "I understand, Bai Cheng, Riean, let's storm."

    "What are you doing?"Terrance spoke, Bai Cheng immediately slammed, but did not refute, Lucario first charged, as for Roserade, also began to attack in addition to group control.

    At the same time, Diancie instantly Mega Evolution, condensing two diamond swords, leap out!

    Dazzling Gleam turned into a sword light sweeping, its own body shape is faster than Jianguang, suddenly appeared in the area of the three eternal elves, and Lucario formed a backrest posture, split the battlefield.

    "Bone Rush !"

    Hands hold Bone Club, Lucario faces Registeel alone, and Mega Diancie faces two eternal elves. Under the help of Roserade's huge vine waving, their two elves attacked with extreme speed and carried a violent offensive. Fight three eternal elves.

    Under the help of Roserade directly to counter the registeel of the Lucario, as well as the face of Regirock, regice two elves do not fall into the wind of the Mega Diancie, like the Waratahs normal release trick, strong fluctuations are directly detonated this valley , let the surrounding mountains collapse, but surprisingly, Ash they were bent on watching without any influence, and the outside environment seemed to be cut off from the battle.

    “Is this the strength of the Elite Four!”

    Seeing that Mega Diancie suppressed two eternal elves, Xiao Gang, Misty, and Ash were shocked. The three of them also faced the three elves, but at that time they only fled a choice and fled like this. They don't even think about it.

    You sucker!…

    A moment later, under the suppression of the Terrance trio, the three eternal elves struggled without a heart and quickly withdrew from Valley.

    This war came to a sudden, but it made Bai Cheng more intuitive to see the strength of Terrance…

    That Mega Diancie, don't say it is Lucario, even if the two elves of Darkrai and Lucario are together, can you beat it or not?

    Bai Cheng’s heart is rolling, and he’s really too much Terrance. It’s still a close match before, but now…

    Pickup truck

    the other side.

    Seeing the guardian of the world's Earl Dervish tree leave, "Pikachu" scratched his head innocently and ran quickly.

    Huh…?How come there is a Pikachu here? ”

    "Wait a minute, this Pikachu…It seems to be with Pikachu of Ash. ”As a person who takes care of Pikachu more than Ash, Xiao Gang immediately discovered the special features of this Pikachu.

    "It should be based on Ash's Pikachu. Is it, Mew?"

    After “缪” was recognized by Terrance, “Pikachu” looked boring and changed back to Mew, then quickly flew to Ash and pulled the real Pikachu away.

    Pickup truckAfter seeing Mew, Pikachu was like a good friend and was very happy with Mew Play Rough.

    Mew was very happy with Pikachu, and Terrance's eyes looked straight at Mew, and there was judgment.


    After playing with Pikachu twice, Mew flew again and pointed in one direction.

    “Is we already qualified to travel to the world of Earl Dervish?”


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