Pokemon Court Chapter 961

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 961th chapter of the crystal life, floating astronomy
    The tree of the world Earl Dervish, although the name is a tree, is not a plant.

    It consists of a rock layer that looks like a tree Normal, a crystal life that relies on light to replenish energy.

    And it has a symbiotic relationship with Mew, who lives here, and is also considered to be the origin of most fossil elves. All species that invade the area, the elves and the eternal elves who guard the trees of the world Earl Dervish, will expel the invaders.

    If the intruder can break through these lines of defense, the world's Earl Dervish tree's self-protection system will be activated, countering the numerous golden fluid elves.

    "A good life full of life…No, in addition to the breath of life, the natural energy is also rich in Rotto. ”

    In the world of Earl Dervish, Mew is equivalent to having "administrator" privileges, can decide whether the entrant is a virus, does not need to be expelled, and without the leadership of Mew, it is difficult for Terrance to come here.

    Rotom Pokédex didn't know when to fly out of Terrance's backpack. When it felt the environment, it immediately surprised.

    Although not as good as Alola's patron god Tapu?The natural environment in the specific environment of 哞哞 is rich, but the scale of the two cannot be compared at all. The area of the tree of Earl Dervish in the world is much wider than that of the temporarily created area. Besides, there seem to be countless Years are even more rare.

    “Mew seems very happy…”

    After entering here, Ash and his party had released all the elves, and Mew led them to play, while Terrance and others stood by and looked at them curiously.

    Seeing that Ash and Mew get along so friendly, Bai Cheng’s heart is envious…Who is this, luck is more than him.

    "I said, is this what you said, 'Stupid people are stupid?'"Terrance screamed with his arms, Bai Cheng whispered, for fear that Ash would hear.

    "Yeah?"Terrance was shocked by him, casually perfunctory, and still thinking about other things.

    From the first sight of this Mew, Terrance discovered that this Mew is not the Mew that appeared on the new island.

    This proves that Mew really did not become extinct hundreds of millions of years ago, and there are still several that exist in the world.

    Legend has it that Mew has no fixed habitat and travels all over the world all the time, but Normal people can't see it, but according to Queen Ilene and Ash, this Mew can't seem to leave the world of Earl Dervish's tree. , has been active here.

    Although I don’t know how this Mew became the symbiosis of the world Earl Dervish tree, Terrance suddenly felt that this little guy was a little pitiful. Mew should be a curiosity and childlike elf. If you can only live in a fixed area, then so boring.

    It seems that I feel the mood swings of Terrance, and I was flying in confusion with Pewchu's Play Rough Mew.

    “缪~~” snorted and Mew began to circle around Terrance, giving Terrance a slight glimpse.

    "Do you mean that I have the same kind of breath on me?"When I heard Mew's inquiry, Terrance was stunned by Steven and immediately released Gardevoir.

    "You may be talking about it."

    When Gardevoir appeared, Mew of the world's Earl Dervish tree flew up and smelled it. Then, as if it was confirmed, it instantly showed a pleasant expression, and took Gardevoir and began to go to Pikachu.

    "It doesn't matter, let's play."

    In the face of Mew's invitation, Gardevoir first looked at Terrance, and after Terrance nodded, Gardevoir followed the expressionlessly.



    "What did you find?"

    When Rotom Pokédex came back in a circle, Terrance asked.

    “Growth has a lot of time here, and more than 50% of the time flowers have associated rocks in the Rotto.”Rotom Pokédex Road.

    However, this is not the main message. I wished to come to the tree of Earl Dervish in the world. Rotom Pokédex took many photos as a commemoration. In the process, under the automatic analysis of the system, Rotom Pokédex found a very important information.

    The backbone crystal of the world's Earl Dervish tree absorbs light energy, stores light energy, Purify light energy and transforms it into a life energy source for your own activities!

    This news suddenly shocked Terrance and repeatedly confirmed it several times.

    Is this description the ultimate source of physical strength that Terrance dreams of?

    It is not a plant, but a huge rock. After the legendary name, this huge crystal life is more exciting to Terrance's heart, which makes him feel very hot inside.

    Beautifly has now regained the Totem gas field. Terrance is ready to solve the ill-health of the Fire Rock team and challenge the other three Elites in the Hoenn Region. Terrance hopes that Beautifly can appear as a Totem elf.

    Because the Totem gas field has a time limit, it is impossible for Beautifly to be the main force of Terrance in the years to come, so as much as possible, Terrance wants it to have more performance opportunities.

    But if the time limit of the Totem gas field can be resolved, then Beautifly has more potential to tap.

    On Alola's side, although the idea provided by Terrance was obtained, the glimpse of Zaobo began to re-enact the Ultra Wormhole opening plan, but according to Zaobo, there were some technically unforeseen problems in the process of progress, so that Terrance was patient. Wait a while, and if there is a breakthrough, you will be notified at the first time.

    There is no heading for this date, and Terrance cannot rely entirely on it.

    Now that he heard the report from Rotom Pokédex, he started to think differently.

    MaybeCan ask this Mew! After all, it is integrated with the world's Earl Dervish tree. ”

    Rotom Pokédex found a message that was crucial to Terrance and to Beautifly, which surprised Terrance. I didn't think that in addition to the original purpose, there was something else to do with Baicheng.

    At this time, Mew is tangled with Pikachu and they stay together…

    Not because of anything else, Mew had been playing with Gardevoir for a long time, and did not let Gardevoir laugh, which made Mew very troublesome.

    Eventually, it gradually evolved into a scene dominated by Mew, and many elves tease Gardevoir together, but they have not yet harvested Mew until now.

    Seeing Mew's efforts, Terrance looked helpless for a while, didn't bother to disturb Mew, but came to Rotom Pokédex to get closer to the main crystal of the world's Earl Dervish tree, called Beautifly, and then observed this together. Crystal life body.

    However, just as Beautifly looked at a blue crystal that grew on the trunk crystal, the aberration changed suddenly, and the blue crystal instantly turned into a golden fluid, which was ready to move.

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