Pokemon Court Chapter 962

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 962 swallowed, the different color Beautifly! Floating astronomy
    The blue crystals showed no signs of change, not only scaring Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, but even Beautifly did not react.

    It was a Cradily-like sprite that swallowed Beautifly.

    This fossil spirit, which is mimicked by the golden fluid, is different from the green Cradily. It is golden all over the body. After opening the mouth, the attack speed is very fast, and the unprotected Beautifly is wrapped up just like eating Beautifly.

    During the vent of Terrance, Beautifly angered, and the violent air blew the golden fluid, and the wind blade passed, instantly turning the golden Cradily into a piece of material that wriggles like a jelly.

    After the "唔", Beautifly had the wings waving, but these golden fluids did not seem to stop. Instead, with Beautifly's resistance, more and more golden fluids appeared around them.

    What happened

    Seeing that the world's Earl Dervish tree's main Executive sub-crystal was turned into a golden fluid, Terrance frowned and immediately ordered Rotom Pokédex to find Mew.

    Omastar, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Armaldo, Rampardos, Bastiadon Many of the long-dead elves reappeared and began to attack Beautifly.

    Although the strength of these mimicry elves is not strong, but the terrible thing is that they have the ability to resemble an undead body, and the offensive is endless. It seems that it is necessary to swallow the Beautifly before they are willing to give up.

    "Ninetales !"

    Suddenly, countless golden fluids converge instantly, fused into a cradily up to a few meters to devour the beautifly, this time, beautifly although The imitation Elf broke, but still did not resist the broken after the arrival of the golden Rain, by a golden fluid-like material glued up, Also do not wait for beautifly again reaction, a piece, two pieces, three pieces, countless gold fluid pounced on again, let Beautifly lost the opportunity to resist.

    Seeing this scene, Terrance quickly called out Ninetales, intending to freeze these fluids and rescue Beautifly, without the temptation.

    He learned about these golden fluids in the mouth of Ash. He has already judged that this should be the substance of the virus expelling the virus in the tree of Earl Dervish in the world. However, what makes Terrance puzzled is that these substances do not expel humans and do not expel other elves. Why do they prefer? Want to engulf Beautifly?

    You know, when Ash encounters a golden fluid attack, the elves will not be attacked even if they walk over the golden fluids.


    Just as Ninetales was about to spit out the snow and ice, and the golden fluid was frozen, Meew, who felt the change of the world Earl Dervish tree, had quickly come from afar, blocking the Ninetales who wanted to attack, and the doubts flew to the golden fluid. side.

    After a few glances at the "缪缪", as the dance of Mew, the golden fluid slammed Beautifly out.

    Beautifly being spit out, eyes stunned…

    At the same time, Ash was also attracted by the movement here, came to the main tree of the world Earl Dervish, and looked at the ground of the mess.

    "Beautifly, are you okay?"As Beautifly's eyes became clearer, Terrance asked, but Beautifly's response made Terrance extremely wrong.

    "Hey…"The same mistakes as Terrance were Rotom Pokédex, which circling around Beautifly, scanning it over and over again, and finally got a conclusion that surprised it.

    Beautifly has just been given the Totem gas field, which was not long before, and was swallowed up by these golden fluids.

    These golden fluids…There is the ability to turn the Totem Elf into a normal elf.

    damn itAfter discovering the changes of Beautifly, Terrance shouted out the three words that Mr. Lu called the country, and then there was a deep pain in the egg. The Totem gas field just obtained has not been estimated yet. It was disappeared by Beautifly with heat, and it was really speechless to hit the wall.

    At this point, both Terrance and Beautifly began to look badly at the golden fluids that slowly creeped back and wanted to recapture the Totem gas field.

    DevelopmentWhat happened was,

    At this time, Xiao Gang, who came in, looked around in confusion and asked.

    "Hey, what should I explain?"Helpless looking at the golden fluids that are squirming, Terrance can't really do it, full of complex sighs and look at Mew.

    “缪缪” Mew has no eyes open.

    With the description of Terrance, several people understand that Mew is even more troubled and scratching his head, and some don't know how to deal with it.

    The essence of the Totem is sunlight, and the tree of the world Earl Dervish is to sustain life by devouring sunlight, and when it finds beautifly, a delicacy wrapped in special sunlight, the tree of the world Earl Dervish seems to have been captivate to the same, Uncontrollably on the action, and decomposition to suck off the totem gas field, beautifly itself is naturally not attractive to the world Earl Dervish tree, so this has it was directly spit out of the scene.

    "Totem gas field…It is the one of Alola. ”Xiao Gang had an understanding of the Totem gas field. He thought about it and thought it was a coincidence.

    "Forget it, a Sparkling Stone."Terrance said helplessly, it is not a big deal, just to build a new Sparkling Stone…

    Moreover, Beautifly's Totem gas field also needs to be re-granted.

    Just as Terrance was depressed, Mew suddenly yelled twice and yelled at Terrance.

    After looking at the Maut of Beautifly for a long time, after thinking about it, I started to communicate with the tree of the world Earl Dervish.

    Under the communication of Mew, the trunk crystal of the world's Earl Dervish tree has a golden liquid flowing out, slowly floating over and sticking it to Beautifly.

    Oh…This scene surprised Beautifly, thinking that the golden fluid would be repeated again, but under the quick explanation of Mew, Beautifly did not act rashly, letting the golden fluid touch his body.

    Followed by…The golden fluid began to climb on the Beautifly body, and eventually Terrance and Rotom Pokédex were surprised that the fluids began to merge along the yellow Conversion on Beautifly's wings.

    With the fusion of the golden fluid, the yellow Conversion on the Beautifly wings, the color gradually changes, although it is still Saffron color, but there are some slight differences with the previous, carefully look at the Beautifly's wings color has indeed changed.

    "Mew, is this?"

    Terrance wondered, and when Mew gave an explanation, his expression changed quickly.

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