Pokemon Court Chapter 963

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 963, Moltres, Cinnabar Island, Astronomy
    Mew, who communicated with the world's Earl Dervish tree, couldn't restore the Totem gas field, but according to the nature of the Totem gas field, Beautifly had the ability to own some of the world's Earl Dervish trees.

    “缪缪” apologized and shouted at Beautifly, and Mew pitifully asked for forgiveness.

    After the golden fluid merges with Beautifly, Beautifly gains the ability to devour sunlight. Although Mew doesn't know if this ability can match the Totem gas field, it can only do this.


    Feeling the changes in the body, Beautifly looked at Soaring in the sky and gently waved his wings.

    Sure enough, it can feel the light around it more clearly than before.

    Especially the light of the sun, because of the long exposure to the Totem gas field, made Beautifly feel a very intimate feeling.

    It’s like the sun is at your fingertips.

    After the expression was taken seriously, Beautifly began to try to launch the flames of the sun. Then, almost in a flash of time, countless rays of light were condensed by Beautifly, and the flames of the sun reached an instant!

    "Instant sunshine flames? The sun here is not very strong. ”

    Bai Cheng was surprised that if it was a grassy elf, but the sun flame was launched by Beautifly, even more terrible, the power of the sun flames he compared Riean's Roserade, found that even Roserade The sun's flames that are all-powered to accumulate energy are also inferior, which is really amazing.

    "Hey~" This is not over yet, Beautifly is still experimenting, it found…With the new special ability, you can complete the original version of the "source of physical strength" to devour the sun without any restrictions to restore your strength.

    Although the recovery rate is slower than the recovery rate when decomposing the Totem gas field, if it is Sunny Day, the source of physical strength beyond the Totem gas field Contest Condition may not be a fantasy.

    According to Arcanine's Morning Sun and Sunny Day integration techniques, Beautifly can also naturally Assist Sunny Day.

    Most of all, Beautifly felt that the golden fluid did change its body. This change should be permanent, not the temporary Contest Condition of the Totem gas field.

    "Mew, you have helped a lot, and the power of the world's Earl Dervish tree is more complete than the Totem gas field."

    When the Rotom Pokédex analysis was completed, Terrance thanked the opening.

    Terrance felt that the drama was a bit dramatic. What he wanted to ask Mew, but it was unexpectedly done in this way, it was incredible.

    Seeing the changes in Beautifly, Ash couldn't figure out what they thought, but also knew that Mew and the world's Earl Dervish tree should be a gift to Beautifly.

    At the same time, the distant island of Cinnabar.

    Countless residents saw a shocking picture. An elf with red feathers, a slender streamlined crown and a fire-like tail flew over the island. The elf's body has a flame and its wings. Also covered by flaming feathers, when the elf flew over, countless Trainer eyes showed Covet's light, but the direction of its landing, but many Trainer dispelled the idea of chasing.

    Flying into the Volcano of Cinnabar Island is the legendary bird sprite Moltres.

    As Moltres returned, Blaine at the Cinnabar Road Hall showed an unexpected expression.

    This guy……I am finally willing to come back. ”

    "Right, now Moltres is coming back. It’s time to invite Terrance. I had a match with him. I don’t know if he remembered it. After a long time, I didn’t think that the Trainer had become Elite Four. It’s awesome. what……"

    Blaine was in a hot heart when she thought of the fire of Altaria in Terrance.



    Outside the tree of the world Earl Dervish.

    After a short break here, Xiao Gang and Terrance were responsible for cooking meals, entertaining people and elves.

    The unique golden energy in the golden fluid changes Beautifly's body structure, causing it to mutate and become a beautic Beautifly, something that Terrance did not expect at all.

    There are very few cases in which the elves mutate. Normal requires a long-term special environment to stimulate the transformation of the elf genes. However, the power of the world's Earl Dervish tree can be such a miraculous effect.

    "time to eat."

    After the aftermath of the golden fluid riots, the elves began to play Rough again. After Ash was wrapped around Terrance to understand the Beautifly, he began to look at Bai Cheng.

    The two began to play in this place, but the ending can be imagined, Ash was once again crushed by miserable.


    Because it wasn't the first time to taste the food that humans made, Mew was very expectant, but not too greedy. Its character was still reflected in the playfulness. When many elves were eating, Little Mew showed an expression of distress. I know that it’s time to go again.

    "Mew, we will come back next time if there is a chance."As if I noticed the troubles of Mew, Ash suddenly spoke.

    One day, the world's Earl Dervish tree trip, everyone had some harvest. When they left, Mew sent a lot of treasured trees to Terrance and others. As they came back, they found a half-rock. Flower of time.

    Unsurprisingly, the associated rock was quickly taken away by White, and the flower of time fell on Terrance's hand.

    Although I don't know how long the flower of time can survive, Terrance wants to take it back and study it.

    "Everyone, welcome back."

    Queen Ilene, who got news from the soldiers stationed around the mountains, first saw the Terrance line of people returning from the tree of the world Earl Dervish.

    Although nothing can be seen from the expression, Terrance guessed that the Queen should be eager to know that they had not seen Mew.

    After all, not everyone who enters the world of Earl Dervish's tree can see Mew's true body. The result of their entry is very important for the city of Ouledan.

    "Queen Ilene, thank you for your pass."

    After returning, Ash immediately thanked.

    "It doesn't matter, have you seen Mew successfully?"Queen Ilene asked.

    "Of course I do."

    With the words of Ash, Queen Ilene's eyes are shining, it seems that this Trainer is really recognized by Mew. For hundreds of years, no one in Oru Delang has such treatment.

    "Terrance Elite, do you want to stay in Oululand?" It will take some time for the Contest competition to be completed. ”

    "Thank you."Holding Rotom Pokédex in hand, Terrance browsed the letter above and said, "But I may need to go to Cinnabar Island to handle one thing."

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