Pokemon Court Chapter 964

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 964th chapter mysterious woman, floating astronomy
    Terrance came from Hoenn to Rota Street and Queen Ilene to discuss the establishment of the Contest in this place. Although it sounds like a serious thing, the essence is the task that Terrance took over in order to come here.

    His main purpose is to do some personal matters, which is to help Bai Cheng obtain the higher use of the waveguide, which is related to his physical fitness.

    For the time being, there is a backwardness, and Terrance's goal is also achieved. Then just wait for the result.

    After becoming Elite Four, he has been investigating the lava team and the water fleet for some time. The visit to Kanto is also a rare vacation for Terrance, and there are still some days from the end of this "vacation".

    "Thank you for thanking Glacia Elite."

    If it weren't for Glacia Elite's fear that the newly-launched Terrance couldn't get used to the Elite position, Terrance might have to wait a long time to deal with the private affairs, and because of the Glacia Elite lining there, Terrance had a chance to breathe a sigh of relief.

    "When you have settled on Cinnabar Island, return to Hoenn."

    After returning from the tree of Earl Dervish of the world, Terrance received an invitation from Blaine, who had spent a long time in the Cinnabar Road Hall in order to help Altaria practice the fire of life, during which Blaine provided a lot of help, As he left, he reached an agreement with Blaine, and when Blaine's Moltres came back, let Altaria fight it with the fire of life, although a long time has passed, but Terrance has not forgotten this agreement.

    Declined the retention of Queen Ilene, Terrance has already planned to leave, Ash and Terrance, the Silver Conference is just around the corner and is planning to leave.

    The only thing left is the combination of Bai Cheng and Riean. Bai Cheng needs to study the scepter and gloves of the brave Aaron and the accompanying rock of time. As for Riean, he is here to accompany him.

    Terrance naturally didn't have time to wait for Bai Cheng's research to be completed. He just had the result. When Bai Cheng researched the results, Bai Cheng, the information about the power of the waveguide, will be sent to Terrance for the first time.

    "Terrance Big Brother, are you going to Cinnabar Island?"


    “Can you tell me what to do there?”

    When asked to leave, Ash suddenly asked.

    "Yeah, I had a match with the trainer Trainer Blaine before, and this time I was going to the appointment."Terrance thought for a moment.

    "Sure enough!!"Ash instantly clenched his fists and smiled. He thought that Terrance's trip was definitely interesting. Unsurprisingly, not unexpected…

    "Terrance Big Brother, if you don't mind, let us go with you, I want to watch it."

    "Oh, I don't care about this."Terrance saw the expression that Ash was expecting and nodded.

    But at this moment, Xiao Gang took out a notebook with anger and shouted at Ash: "I said, you should not decide to go with Terrance in order to escape this training program?"

    Xiao Gang’s plan was densely documented for several days of training. When he saw the plan, Ash’s eyelids suddenly jumped and said: “It’s not.”

    "Besides…"If you can watch the battle of the Elite Four master, it is also a practice. ”

    "Your words are not convincing at all. Who said after the last training that they will not train again?"Xiaogang's face was black, obviously Ash asked him to make a training schedule, but when he carefully prepared the training plan according to Ash's elf situation, Ash did not insist on it for three days, which really made Xiaogang angry.

    "Forget Xiaogang, you don't care about this guy. Anyway, if you lose at the Silver Conference, it's his own problem."Misty is helpless.

    Seeing these three live treasures, Terrance immediately laughed: "Will the training table? Ash, you can do it well, Xiao Gang is a good Breeder family, don't let him down. ”

    "Of course I know…But,Ash scratched his cheeks.

    "That way, after this trip to Cinnabar Island, you will train according to Xiaogang's schedule."Terrance Road.

    "Okay, that's it."Ash nodded quickly.

    Seeing that Ash is so good, Xiao Gang finally sighs. "Forget it, go with you, but be sure to train carefully afterwards. After all, Silver Conference can start soon."

    "Hey, I have a few in my heart."Ash made a winning stance.

    Before the departure of Terrance and Ash, Queen Ilene, although she did not leave Ash, but also saw Ash's temper, knowing what benefits can't stay with him, can only do a farewell party to send off for Terrance and Ash. Take a look at your own attitude.

    The next day, Terrance, Xiaogang, Ash, Misty left here.

    The goal is to cross the Vermilion City in front of the city of Nibi, where boats can reach Cinnabar Island.

    "Wow~~" After walking out of Rota Street, Ash's heart immediately twitched again and couldn't wait to start a fight.

    This time, Ash's request is even more excessive, and I want to challenge Terrance's Trump Card, which is Altaria.

    Both Xiao Gang and Misty looked at Ash with a ghostly look, so they repeatedly asked for a match with an Elite Four. I thought it was impossible, but let Xiao Gang and Misty speechless, Terrance seems to be happy to accept Ash. Fighting, but also seriously directed Ash.

    "Mr. Terrance is a little better for Ash."Misty is powerless.

    There’s nothing to be done.Maybe there is something Flash on Ash that makes Terrance appreciate it. ”Little just shrugged.

    A guide to Elite Four, maybe Ash is not aware of how luxurious he is.

    On the side of the road, there was a "war" between Altaria and Pikachu, against Ash, Altaria naturally did not use the Mega Evolution, Terrance was in a hurry, and began to let Altaria practice learning from the Altaria of the Wallace prostitute "Lissi". Special skills, Fairy Energy and Cotton Guard play music.

    "Pikachu, Thunderbolt !!"

    On the side of the road, Ash turned the hat and began to order with a big hand, but Pikachu's tyrannical Thunderbolt was directly blocked by the sea of clouds surrounded by Altaria, and there was no way to threaten Altaria.

    "This kind of soft attack can't be done. Thunderbolt's energy is too distracting to pass through Altaria's Cotton Guard."

    After Terrance observed, the instructions were given. After a moment, as the Altaria's claws twirled Fairy's energy and touched the cotton feathers, the invisible sound waves began to spread out, and then a wonderful sound was made.

    After the sweet voice came out, Pikachu was immediately stunned, and after receiving the various tricks of Psyshock in the sound wave, it collapsed and slammed into the sky, gazing at the eyes…

    This move…Sure enough, Pikachu is too lethal.

    At the same time, as the sound of Altaria spread out, on the main road not far from the trail, a truck braked and stopped, and then a smooth straight hair with a linen color came out. Amber woman.

    "This voice…It’s hard to be…"Looking at the direction of Terrance and Ash, the woman's look changed and then began to mutter.

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