Pokemon Court Chapter 965

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 965 Elf Idol idol planning, signing Altaria? Floating astronomy
    South Rias, the head of the "Idol Idol Project" of Yin Naimu Entertainment Co., is looking for elves with top-notch sounds around the world, then signing them to become a member of the idol group and eventually doing it all over the world. Tour concert.

    This project is the latest project of Yin Naimu Entertainment Co., Ltd. Currently, during the formation process, South Rias is a high-ranking music student who has just entered the Yin Naimu entertainment company. In order to complete this planning, she held several positions. It also includes the days to find the right elves in various places.

    This time I came to the Kanto Region. She had already had a goal, but she didn't expect to find a new goal in the middle of the road. It was a surprise.

    "There is no doubt that it is the top voice, and the temperament of this…It's perfect to be unimaginable. If you can sign this elf, it will definitely become the Trump Card Idol in the Elf Idol Idol Project! ”

    As the beautiful sounds fell, South Rias directed his men to move in the direction of the song, and soon they found the Terrance group.

    Of course, Terrance also found them.

    At this point, the battle with Ash has come to a close. When this group has not arrived, Terrance has noticed that someone is approaching, but because of the lack of hostility, Terrance is not in the heart.

    But when the woman in white professional ol costume came to him, Terrance discovered that the other party seemed to be coming for a certain purpose.

    "you are……"

    Seeing this beauty, Xiaogang’s eyes suddenly turned into a red heart. The “Teleport” of the “squatting” came over and held the other’s hand tightly. Some of the openings were not calm: “Xiaosheng…Xiaosheng is called Xiaogang, and is currently doing the practice of becoming the top Breeder family, single, please…"

    Still not waiting for Xiaogang to succeed, Misty quickly pulled the unbelievable guy back.

    “Ewww.”South Rias was obviously shocked by Xiao Gang, but soon she responded and looked at Altaria!

    Looking at the South Rias, I just remembered it. I knew that the sound was from Altaria. With observation, she became more satisfied. This Altaria is not only good-sounding, but also very suitable for idol. It is purely for this. The same is true of planning.

    "Excuse me, is this Altaria's Trainer?"

    Involuntarily, South Rias eyes moved to Terrance, the nearest to Altaria.

    "I am Altrain's Trainer, is there anything?"Terrance didn't figure out what the other party was doing for a while, and asked doubts.

    "Is such that!"

    South Rias quickly handed in his business card.

    “I am the head of the Idol Idol Project of the Yin Naimu Entertainment Company. Your Altaria has the qualification to become an idol. If you are willing to let Altaria sign up for our company and train, maybe it will become a global idol elf in the future. By then, you will get a lot of benefits."

    After a sigh of relief, South Rias is confident, and the usual Trainer can withstand this Captivate. Although this is her first time to negotiate with Trainer, she believes that the name of Yin Nai Entertainment is enough for most of them. Trainer heart!

    After all, this is a large entertainment company that spans several Regions.

    "Oh ?" Elf Idol? ”Terrance reveals an expression of interest. "What is this plan, let the elves become idols to have a concert?"

    "Well, this is not wrong."

    “At present, our company already has three elves with top sounds. The original plan was to form an idol group with five elves. If your Altaria can join, the Idol project can be officially launched soon.”South Rias is excited.


    Hearing here, not only Xiao Gang, Ash, even Misty can't listen anymore.

    This woman…

    Does she know who she is talking to?

    She knows what value of the elf she wants to sign up for?

    Misty silently grabbed his forehead, and some couldn't bear to guess the expression of Terrance's true identity.

    "Oh, although it sounds good, but I am busy with Altaria, I should have no time to attend any training, so forget it."Terrance smiled slightly.

    ButYou really don't think about it, even if Altaria itself doesn't matter, the conditions can be negotiated, as long as we accept it, everything is fine. ”South Rias can't bear to give up this Altaria.

    "In the voice just now, it contains the frequency of 'Astonish ''Sing ' or even 'Disarming Voice '. It can also play a movement composed of three different tricks. This Altaria is born for Sing. Please be sure Believe in my vision, don't waste its talent."

    ThisTerrance is incredibly embarrassing, but at the same time somewhat surprised.

    Who is this South Rias in front of me? Did you hear the trick of Altaria's movement played by Cotton Guard? You know, even Xiaogang, the excellent Breeder family, can't judge it completely. What's more, Disarming Voice, the Fairy trick, shouldn't be as good as Astonish and Sing, but this woman actually knows that it's really interesting.

    Although Altaria could not be allowed to go to Sing, Terrance raised interest in the Idol plan in the South Rias mouth. The other party's appreciating ability is good. The plan set up by the other party may not really be popular.

    "This aunt, you will die."Ash suddenly said.


    South Rias had an angry anger and looked at this little boy. "I am only 24 years old."

    "But I am only 10 years old."Ash fell, and the South Rias was petrified in an instant.

    "Idol planning, I think it should be impossible."Because I really like this big sister, Xiao Gang immediately explained to the other party: "Terrance, he…He is one of the Elite Fours in the Hoenn Region. Altaria is his most important partner and has no time to participate in the Idol project. ”

    "But this is Tanabata…"South Rias subconsciously wants to persuade, but when she listens to what Xiao Gang said, the face suddenly smeared a trace of shock, and some could not believe that the one in front of her was younger than her. young people.

    Hoenn Region, Elite Four…

    But in her impression…

    Wait! It’s hard to be…The other is the legendary Fairy Elite from the Contest contest, Terrance? !

    After a long period of silence, South Rias reacted violently and unnaturally began to apologize: "I am really sorry, I am abrupt, and please forgive me."

    The heart of the South Rias, whose expression is very complicated, is still jumping. I didn't think that I was going to go to the dead skin to sign an Elite Four's elf. If the company executives knew that the position of her planner was canceled, the cancellation was affirmative.

    "It doesn't matter, Miss Nanri, but I am more curious about what the three elves you have are…Can you tell me? ”Terrance asked.

    "Oh, of course this is fine. They are a Popplio, an Eevee, and a Lapras."

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