Pokemon Court Chapter 966

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 966th chapter of the legendary song god Jigglypuff, floating astronomy
    Popplio, the ultimate evolutionary Primarina, is known as the soloist elf. It is one of the three beginners of the Alola Region. Among the countless elves, Primarina is also known as Idol, and is indeed a very suitable elf for idols.

    Eevee, the evolutionary elf, has the most evolutionary form, and its cute appearance is also a good member of the idol group.

    Lapras has a high IQ that can understand human language. When you are in a good mood, you will use a beautiful voice Sing. It is said that at dusk, you will find a few friends and use the sound of sadness, Sing. If you hear songs at sea, then most of them. It’s Lapras.

    When South Rias finished, Terrance nodded, the choice of the three elves was good, and the South Rias Miss's top appreciation of the sound, this idol plan may be a bit of a head, but how does Terrance think? The name of the company is somewhat familiar…

    Where did you hear it…

    "Try to ask, please ask…Are you really Terrance Elite? Because this is incredible, I did not expect to see you in the Kanto Region. ”

    South RIAs startled Way, Hoenn elite Four In fact she is not familiar with the Trainer field she is not very concerned about, but the contest competition of the two masters, she has long heard, one of the Wallace, known as the water artist, And another coordinator, Terrance, has become a high fairy Elite, both of whom are celebrities in the coordination world, and even in the entertainment industry have heard of them.

    "Yes, I am Terrance."Terrance laughed.

    "It turned out to be Terrance Elite, no wonder this Altaria Breeder is so good…"South Rias opened her mouth and she glanced at Ash and said, "That, if you don't mind, please let me and you apologize."

    "I don't know where you are going, we are coming by car. Maybe you can take it out of this mountainous area by the way."

    "We are going to Cinnabar Island."Ash said.

    "Cinnabar Island? Too good, we are going to the neon town near Cinnabar Island, which is the way. ”South Rias was surprised.

    "If you don't dislike it, everyone will ride with us. I will express my apology and introduce the Idol plan to you. I don't know if you are interested."

    “Can you see Popplio and Lapras?”Misty suddenly blinked.

    "Of course this can be."South Rias smiles, but she can see that these people mainly have to listen to Terrance, so she is waiting for Terrance to speak.

    An apology is on the one hand, and she also wants to take advantage of this opportunity to get a familiar face in front of Terrance, which is invaluable for the development of the Idol Idol project. It is very important to grasp this opportunity for the Ria of South Rias!

    "I am also interested in the elf Idol…"Ash slowly opens.

    "That's it, then it will bother you."After seeing Ash and Misty's look of anticipation, Terrance nodded, and he naturally didn't care…



    South Rias The car they used was a giant truck. Although the exterior was ordinary, it was a luxurious hall with a variety of facilities and separate rooms.

    The truck is divided into two floors. The lower level is the place where the staff and South Rias rest themselves. The upper level is the place where the three elves Eevee, Popplio and Lapras rest, and the upper level also has various entertainment facilities and small pools.

    Because it was the first time to ride this luxury truck, Ash was very novel. With the seat, Xiao Gang began to wonder:

    "Miss Rias, what are you going to do in Neon Town?"

    Neon Town, located between the Safari Zone and the Cinnabar Island, known as the Never Sleeping City, where the town is lively and bright, neon lights, bright day and night!

    Xiao Gang also went there when they traveled, so they are very familiar with this place.

    "It’s for an elf."South Rias laughed after preparing the drink.

    "You should know the characteristics of the neon town? Because the residents have very little sleep, the temper here is very irritating and irritating. It is said that the local Office Jenny is busy every day. ”

    "I know I know!!"Ash said quickly.

    "This is already a feature of the city that never sleeps. Once the mayor here had calmed down the residents of the town, he also invited a team of famous hypnotists to open hypnosis, but the effect was minimal…"

    As South Rias explained, Ash's expression began to be weird.

    "But, just before, I heard a news that a Jigglypuff suddenly started Sing in the middle of the town, and even hypnotized the people and elves in the city. It was incredible. What is even more incredible is that these people After waking up, the temper temper has actually improved, and it seems that the mind is getting Purify."

    "The Jigglypuff has been rewarded by the mayor of Neon Town at a high price, and our goal is also Jigglypuff, which is known as the legendary song of the city that never sleeps. Her singing voice plays a very important role in our idol idol planning. If you can get it, then this plan will be even more perfect!"South Rias is excited.

    Apparently, she heard the legend of the city that never sleeps. She is very much looking forward to the Jigglypuff who is said to have hypnotized the whole city and the voice has Purify spiritual effect.

    "Jigglypuff…Could it be that…"Ash, Xiao Gang, Misty twitched at the corner of his mouth.

    In fact……What Miss South Rias said is indeed their personal experience is correct! !

    "Xiao Gang…It won't be that Jigglypuff…"Ash's face is shaking, obviously immersed in the shadow of Jigglypuff. The Jigglypuff didn't start Sing at the beginning. It was only after they and the Rockets tried to learn Sing…However, since then, this Jigglypuff Sing technique has become more and more extreme, reaching an incredible point.

    "If there is no wrong judgment…I think we should know which Jigglypuff you are talking about, but that Jigglypuff may not be in neon town anymore. ”Misty hesitated.

    Jigglypuff, Sig's Jigglypuff, I heard that Terrance also knows which of the South Rias's favorite elves.

    As the wild elf who played the most in the first generation series, this Jigglypuff is very characteristic and really memorable.

    "Maybe it's near the neon town, the wild elves Normal will not be too far from their habitat. If you look carefully, you still have a chance."Miss South Rias said.

    "No…Not surprisingly, the Jigglypuff not only left Kanto, but also traveled through the Orange Islands, currently in a certain place in the Johto Region Region…"Xiao Gang reluctantly.

    South Rias: "???"

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