Pokemon Court Chapter 967

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 967th chapter Miss Rias, you are my person from today, floating astronomy
    To say that this Jigglypuff understanding, Ash is the first person, I am afraid that only James they dare to call the second…

    Although the exact information of Ash et al. was obtained, South Rias was obviously not dead, and only Terrance was really convinced of what Ash said.

    "Next, let me lead you to see the three elves."

    The second floor of the truck is like a small amusement park. At this time, an Eevee is sleeping on a soft bed.

    In the central small pool, Lapras and Popplio are playing in the water.

    "Wow, so cute."

    Popplio is a blue sea lion elf with a white mouth, a beard and a pink ball-shaped nose. A light blue collar surrounds the neck, and its body is smooth, with a pair of forelimbs and caudal fins.

    The gray shell on the back of Lapras is very unique, and the blue body and sea water are more elegant and elegant.

    Misty, who dreams of becoming a water elf master, can't control his joy after seeing Popplio and Lapras.

    "Popplio, Lapras, Eevee, there are guests coming."South Rias smiled slightly. The three elves were all found in the world. Popplio came from the Alola Region, Lapras came from the Seven Islands Region, and Eevee came from the Kalos Region. It can be said that the voices of these three elves are the most in her mind. Suitable for being an idol.


    When Terrance came in, the sleepy Eevee woke up instantly and screamed in a blur.

    This sound is so soft that they immediately make Xiaogang a shackle, and Popplio and Lapras also greet Growl. This sound, even the Terrances who don’t understand music, knows that they have the potential to be top singers. A wonderful voice can be enjoyed by laymen.

    In the end, Altaria's initial voice is actually not as good as the three elves, but also inferior, can play a beautiful movement, purely Altaria's control of energy is at the top level, and its overall level is raised, In contrast, the talents of the three elves are more evident.

    Of course, at present, this talent is purely to make them sound good, can not be transformed into strength, but the South Rias itself is only the Idol idol.

    “Eevee is from the Eevee Valley in the Kalos Region. Although she is still young, she understands the 'Baby-Doll Eyes' 'Charm'. These Fairy tricks, I hope it will evolve into Eevee's newly discovered evolutionary Sylveon, with its unique Sound, if you use 'Disarming Voice 'Sing, it will be very Captivate."South Rias gently stroked Eevee.

    “Popplio comes from the Alola Region and has a moist sound. It can turn the sound trick into a Water Type. The most valuable thing is that this Popplio hasn't evolved yet, and it has mastered the technique of using bubbles to carry songs.”

    "Lapras comes from the Seven Islands Region, also the Sound of Abuse. It is rescued from a sinister sea. It was facing a group of Gyarados' Beat Up, and it was the shock that spurred us. Perish Song in the sea!"

    Just looking for these three elves, it took South Rias 11 months!

    "Their sounds are really good for using sound class tricks."Xiaogang squinted at Zheng’s key point and gave South Rias a high degree of recognition.

    "Yeah."Even Terrance, I have to admire the professionalism of South Rias, the three elves who have been searching for a long time, the sound quality is top notch!

    Thank you very much.South Rias smiled a little and was recognized by the Master Contest. Her hard work in the past year is also worth it.

    South Rias, who graduated from the world's top music school, can be said to have entered the Yin Naimu Entertainment Company with great ambition. After all, without the financial support of the Grand Duke Division, it is difficult for her to fulfill her dream.

    Afterwards, Terrance heard a piece of music sung by the three elves. Together with each other, the song really sounded like a scorpio.



    The Idol project team needed to replenish and inquire in the next town. During this time, Ash also walked out of the car to breathe, but Terrance finally remembered where the sound is.

    "Sure enough, this is…"

    Terrance, who talked with Mr. Raoul Contesta, had the information he needed to get his own needs. It was one of the many investors in the Contest competition, which means that he had a relationship with Terrance, the coordinator. It.

    “Why did you suddenly ask this?”Raoul Contesta wonders.

    "Do you know that I don't know a 'Idol Idol Imaginary Plan' of Yin Naimu?"Terrance asked.

    Although I don't know much about it, Raoul Contesta, who is in the office, got the specific information of the plan immediately after a little investigation and told Terrance: "I know that it is one of the five new plans that Yin Naimu is forming. What is it? Question?"

    "I would like to make it clear that I want to contract this project, the head of this project Nancy RIAs is a talent, she trained the Elves voice class trick has a hand, she picked the elf sound talent is the top, this eye is rare, those elves if only as singers out of the out of a pity, they may be able to play a greater use, of course , this idol project is not necessary to abort, I just hope I can join in, give these elves in addition to the singer identity outside another way out. ”

    After deep understanding, even Terrance couldn't help but converge, Eevee, Popplio…It seems that he is struggling with the extremely critical part of the Fairy Domain that Calm Mind conceived. These two talented elves appeared in front of Terrance and suddenly made Terrance somewhat pleasantly surprised.

    ThisAt a glance, Raoul Contesta did not expect Terrance to pay attention to the subordinate planning and staff of Yin Naimu.

    "In view of your current position in the Contest Contest, the requirements are also very important. However, after all, Yin Naimu has invested huge human and financial resources in the five major projects. You have to owe them a lot of money. Human feelings."

    Judging from Terrance's current Elite status, even if Terrance compensates for the other party's investment, the other party may not accept it. After all, compared to the friendship of an Alliance real person, money is just a figure for such a large company.

    "Try to do it."After considering it, Terrance thought that this Idol project had this value and immediately reached a consensus with Raoul Contesta.

    One day later, in the Idol planning project team near Cinnabar Island, the head of the South Rias got a message that made her somewhat upset.

    From now on, the Elf Idol Idol Project will be transferred to the name of Coordinator Terrance…

    In other words, she started today and is the employee of Terrance.

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