Pokemon Court Chapter 968

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main body of Chapter 968 exclusive Breeder home, floating astronomy
    The Elf Idol Idol Project includes all expenses for elf training, project group travel expenses, food and drink, etc., which are provided by Yin Nai Entertainment.

    South Rias signed a contract with the company, so she said that most of her current work is within the scope of the work contract, and she also received a rather high salary as a reward.

    Therefore, the entire plan, all of which is the private property of Yin Naimu Entertainment Co., Ltd., South Rias is only a part-time job, and she naturally has no right to interfere with the company's decision-making.

    For this project to hang in the name of who is really behind the boss Nan RIAs actually do not care, she is worried about their own dream, and in this project to pay the effort, although this is her work, but in order to better complete this project, she put more energy than the task stipulated in the contract more, Even if there is no extra salary to take.

    "Mr. Terrance…"

    After getting the news, South Rias soon found Terrance. He wanted to find out the original reason. He wanted to know more about Terrance's follow-up arrangement for this plan and himself. Before that, the plan was completely responsible for it, but changed the boss. After that, the direction in which this plan will go is not what she can decide.

    According to the original plan, we can continue to complete the plan and suspend the plan. As long as it does not violate the original regulations of the contract, she cannot change Terrance's decision.

    "You came……Don't worry, I don't want to stop this plan. ”

    South Rias was worried about whether Terrance was dissatisfied with his offense before seeing Terrance, but she found herself thinking more.

    "The reason why I want to take over this plan is to appreciate your personal and this plan."

    AppreciateSouth Rias is puzzled.

    "If you don't mind, then I will call you Miss Rias."Terrance said slowly: "I know that the music school you graduated from is also clear about the major you have studied. If you remember correctly, you should not be exposed to the sound of the elves."

    Rias touched his nephew and nodded. "Well, because of the limited family ability at the time, I could only choose a less demanding profession based on my strengths, but the resources in the college are very sufficient. I will teach myself." I also asked some of my classmates about the magical sounds. After graduation, I spent a period of time collecting information and studying, and I took my own degree in Elf sound science."

    Elf sound science, a profession that is very popular and very popular. If it is not South Rias, this person appears in front of Terrance, he does not even know that this profession exists.

    "Can you ask, what is your dream?"


    After a glimpse, Rias said: "Although it has changed many times, at the moment, it should be done by all means, the perfect plan for this project, and then let it and my own name spread throughout the field."

    "This is not an easy task."Terrance smiled, "This project is just one of the five plans being set up by Yin Wood Entertainment company, and Yin Mu entertainment company is only a first-class enterprise in this field, not the top, with limited resources to complete the dream, and even in the future because of the contract changes lost the job, These are obstacles. ”

    "I know this……So I am working hard. ”Rias Road.

    For ordinary people, graduated music school, signed a first-class entertainment company, Rias has been a very successful person, but for Rias himself, these are not enough, can not produce the corresponding results, her current status is only temporary.

    Just saying "Ille Idol Idol Project" officially formed the 11 months, the cost of travel around the world, the various benefits enjoyed, the resources for Lapras, Popplio, Eevee during this period, it is not easy for her to bear If there is no power of Assist, she simply can't talk about what to achieve.

    Therefore, Rias naturally understands the difficulties that Terrance said. If the plan fails to be completed after the formal completion of the plan, the resources that will be invested in the plan will be reduced. Under the vicious circle, she may not be able to complete the contract. The request, I also put in a large amount of breach of contract…

    "Well, then I will open the door now. You are still the person in charge of this project. The resources and your salary can be increased by 20% on the original basis. You can even give you the opportunity to learn a higher level of Elf sounds. ,Well……In other words, those who specialize in this aspect of the senior Trainer and Breeder's unique knowledge system. Even when necessary, I can let Altaria be a member of the group, an Elite Four Trump Card. You should be able to understand the idol group that the elves are involved in, business value and influence? ”Terrance Road.

    "This…"Rias was shocked, and she was the worst to come to see Terrance. She didn't expect to hear such a great news.

    Regardless of the resource investment and salary increase, an Elite Four Trump Card Wizard can crush everything.

    What is the top star of Kalos, Mega Ge, the world's top superstar? In addition to hard power, her Alliance champion status plays a vital role! Although Terrance's identity is a little inferior now, don't forget that Terrance is one of the coordinating masters of the growing coordination field. With this guarantee, Rias' dream…It was just a matter of default. For a time, Rias lost his dreams was a bit stunned.

    "What do I need to pay?"Rias naturally knows that such a generous treatment cannot be given to her in vain.

    "Is such that."Terrance nodded. "In addition, your mission will be aggravated. In addition to idolization, I will add some other training tasks. Your research on sound tricks is deeper than me, and the perception of sound is better than me. In other words, you have the responsibility of the Elf Breeder family."

    The current Elite Four, such as the orange Elite, accepts dozens or even hundreds of elves. What makes Terrance intuitive is the giant elf army of Giovanni. Such a large number of elves can't be taken care of by one person, even if Terrance has been there. The Petalburg pavilion also hired several exclusive Breeder homes.

    With the increase in the number of elves, Terrance even have rotom Pokédex Help, but also began to be overstretched, if not with fairy Aura this auxiliary ability, coupled with his breeder most of the elves are Fairy Department, he is also difficult to cope with, Coupled with Terrance becoming elite, the responsibility of the task is busy, enjoy the corresponding resources at the same time he also need to invest a certain amount of time, there is no time for him to carefully breeder so many elves.

    At this time, the role of the exclusive Breeder family has emerged. When Terrance conquers more elves, he may hire more Breeder homes.

    South Rias is the first elite of Terrance to be a good elite. Although the other is not a traditional Breeder, who makes her the head of the Idol project that Terrance also finds very promising.

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