Pokemon Court Chapter 969

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 969th chapter on the Fairy Domain, astronomy
    It's not just the Roadshow Trainer and Elite Four.

    Most of the Trainer with a certain amount of money will hire some exclusive Breeder homes, some responsible for food, some for elf massage, some for beauty, some for correcting training tasks, and Trainer provides general training routes.

    Of course, this practice is mostly the second echelon and even the third echelon of the Breeder team. The elves that are valued by these Trainers, most of the Trainers are willing to personally start Breeder from scratch, and build a deep embarrassment.

    Just like Terrance's Banjara, Ninetales and other elves…

    Like the Ribombee at the Naplu Road Museum, although they belong to Terrance's elves, he only planned the training route, Breeder and care, and often Kathrine helped.

    Terrance is in the middle of the Idol project and Rias. I want to develop this plan into a certain ring in the Fairy Legion. Naturally, it is inseparable from targeted training. This training, he is currently unable to invest most of his energy, this time Rias this The value of a professional with excellent talents is revealed.

    Even after cultivating Rias, I can ask her about the training of sounds and the care of the elves.

    In addition to taking over this project Terrance there are other intentions, the number of elves who need to invest resources in the future will be more and more, the cost will certainly be huge, if there are one or two successful planning in their own name, the future returns are considerable, most elite Four have their own industry, Terrance's Little Naipuruda Pavilion, and some of the old elite's background, is really not what, if you do not take the time to change the resources on the hands of the future can increase the income of the background, retirement can not be so good opportunity.

    After all, the benefits of Elite are unlikely to last a lifetime with Terrance.

    Of course, the follow-up income of the Elf Idol idol project is not necessarily impressive, but compared to other projects, the current plan has a dual role, and Terrance will not lose much, it is purely an attempt.

    "Exclusive Breeder home…This, with my ability, I am afraid it is difficult to serve. ”Rias fears, give an Elite Four Breeder elf? She can't even be a junior Breeder, it's hard for her.

    "Don't worry, all I ask for is the sound class trick, this is your strength."Terrance Road.

    After Primarina's moist sound ability and its unique water air baloon skills as the core, Terrance increasingly felt that the team warfare system in mind was highly feasible, and he intended to use the project as his own fairy Legion, Fairy Domain The construction of a test link, if successfully integrated, he spent a lot of energy to study is not too late, if failed, he does not matter.

    Studying the Elf's Breeder approach is always the biggest part of the top Trainer cost, and currently enjoys the benefits of the Elite Four, and Terrance is not afraid to lose money.

    As for when this Idol combination can be integrated into the Fairy Domain, I am afraid it is a long time later…And why Rias and this plan were chosen, it is really difficult to copy the sound talent of this Eevee and Popplio. It is not easy to find the second one.

    Vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch…Fairy Domain will be more perfect if it has five senses, which is also a valuable suggestion made by Rotom Pokédex after multiple modeling.

    Nowadays, Rias does not want to reject this opportunity. She can bear the great expectations of Terrance, and she can only swear more hard.

    "The Jigglypuff you are looking for in the Idol Idol project is an indispensable one. I will find a way to conquer it."Then Terrance recognized Rias's vision.

    If you think carefully, you can find that the original animation in the Ash line encountered by the elves and even took demon Elves, almost all of the talent of the typical, very special, a wild Elf depicted by the original big pen and ink, naturally can not be incompetent, think of the Rockets meowth the great god know, Rias Lock on By the Jigglypuff, it also illustrated the uniqueness of her vision.

    Terrance also remembers the Jigglypuff. The jigglypuff's superb Sing technique hypnotizes countless elves. It is unstoppable. The dream is to find a confidant who can listen to it completely. If you get the Jigglypuff from this point, Friendship is not difficult, to sing Captivate in front of countless people, presumably that Jigglypuff will not refuse.

    In addition, Jigglypuff is the Fairy department, a talented top Fairy elf, and Terrance is naturally unwilling to miss it.

    "In the end, even if the Jigglypuff is talented, but lacks professional training, it is impossible to control the sturdy hypnotic sound waves in the song. It is no wonder that no one can listen to one of its songs…"

    Terrance thought to himself, I am afraid that in addition to soundproof and other restraint of sound waves, I want to resist hypnosis with willpower, even if the strength exceeds that Jigglypuff several levels will be very difficult.

    "Hey, Mr. Terrance, are you going to the neon town together?"Rias immediately heard Terrance want to conquer Jigglypuff.

    "Neon town? Go to what neon town. ”Terrance shook his head: "The key to conquering Jigglypuff's big battle is a word, etc."

    In the face of Terrance's explanation, Rias is very incomparable.

    But Terrance knows, just let Rias follow behind Ash and wait until Jigglypuff appears…That's just a matter of time.



    At this time, Terrance and Ash were still resting in the car, and they went directly to Cinnabar Island because of the change of schedule.

    At this time, Ash, they still don't know that the project team of this project has changed hands, but this does not prevent them from enjoying the daily training of the only three elves in the Idol plan. Even for daily training, the charm of the song is also Sufficient to Purify part of the negative emotions and exhaustion, which is very enjoyable.

    "Eevee, you want to mainly exercise it. The idea of Disarming Voice is good. When I change your training table, plus the training task to exercise my mental strength, the bonus effect will be better."Terrance said: "And, the sound system of the Normal system is not to be ignored. This Eevee's Ability is a foreseeable danger. If it evolves into Sylveon, the Ability will become Fairy skin!"

    Disarming Voice, Baby-Doll Eyes, and Psychic are all with the effect of spiritual suggestion. In a sense, the enemy can also have the ability to create mental illusions and hallucinations. It is certainly not wrong to add this training. In addition, Terrance is also thinking about the Sylveon Fairy skin's Ability…Is it possible to let it learn about the Ability exchange? In Froakie and Togepi, he has discovered the potential of the Ability exchange program.

    "Popplio's talent is very rare. Next, do not ignore its Ability while training this talent. Be sure to go hand in hand."This Popplio has a very special inheritance skill of the Primara family, which is the ability to incorporate sound waves into the water bubbles. This special technique is only possible with the Popplio family of moist sounds.

    The other Popplio, the most is to use the sound wave to control the water Air Baloon, but after mastering this skill, the manipulated water Air Baloon not only has the explosion Ability, but also has the function of "recorder player", which can contain the sound of the Ability, with extreme More variability and tactical value.

    For the two elves training program, Terrance and RIAs carried out a joint discussion and made a lot of changes, in addition to idols, but also in the direction of actual combat have some involvement, these are Terrance for the improvement of Fairy Domain to prepare, in addition to this line, Next he will also want to sprinkle more nets, as long as one of the rings, a core can be integrated into the fairy Domain, then all the investment is worth it.

    As for Lapras, Terrance did not intervene too much on its development and was temporarily handed over to Rias.

    Upon arriving at Cinnabar Island, Terrance contacted Blaine in advance and explained what happened to Ash.

    For Ash, the special Trainer, Blaine still has a deep impression, and it is also very popular for them to watch the game.

    Soon, the Terrance and Ash people came to the front of the Cinnabar Road.

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