Pokemon Court Chapter 970

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 970 Sacred Fire and the god of fire, floating astronomy
    Blaine is still the attire, brown trousers, red and white tops and hats, plus a pair of sunglasses to make the old man look vibrant.

    Of course, if he can throw away the crutches on his hands, it would be better to have a leg and leg, but he would like to take a crutches.

    "Blaine owner, bother."

    After seeing Blaine, Ash, Xiaogang, Misty, and their three uninvited people immediately asked.

    "How are you, I didn't think that it would have passed for a long time, right, that Charizard should be obedient?"Looking at Ash with interest, Blaine laughed.

    "Be obedient and obedient…"Ash is very incomparable.

    When I challenged the Cinnabar pavilion, Charizard helped him reverse the situation, but…That is not the credit of his Trainer, it is entirely Charizard's own battle of arrogance.

    Now, Ash has grown a lot. I understand that I was young and I was able to hear Blaine’s scandal at the time.

    "Terrance Elite, please."

    The Blaine old man laughed and said, when Terrance was invited, the Elite suffix was added after the name, which is a respect for Terrance identity.

    “Blaine seniors are very kind, then we will only discuss things about the fire system.”

    Terrance said a little, quickly.

    Followed Blaine all the way into the room inside the pavilion, as the owner of Blaine, delicious and hosted the Terrance group.

    At this point Blaine and Terrance did not immediately mention the battle, but instead discussed the changes in the fire of life.

    "After absorbing the power of the flame orb, Altaria's fire of life is stable at the level of the law-abiding. After that, because of certain opportunities, the fire of life has once again been sublimated, and now it is completely completed."

    Terrance said that after the absorption of the flame orb, the power of the fire of life is not particularly strong, but when Altaria mastered the use of natural energy in Alola, and had a deeper understanding of life energy, the fire of life This gradually became perfect.

    Nowadays, the role of the flame of life has long surpassed that of Altaria's department, the dragon system.

    First, Fairy, then the flame…I have to say that Altaria is a wonderful flower of the dragon.

    "Sure enough, hahahaha."Blaine heard Terrance's evaluation of the fire of life and laughed instantly. If possible, he naturally wanted to see the perfect fire of life instead of semi-finished products. Terrance can be said to give Blaine a big surprise.

    "Fire of life, what is that?"At this point, the three people on the side of Ash have been confused.

    "The fire of life is a very powerful flame pursued by the fire elves. Many legendary fire elves have this kind of flame, and to some extent, it can be understood as the fire of life. -Oh's exclusive ability to be part of the Ability of Sacred Fire."

    Terrance explained.

    Entei, who masters the fire of life, has a deeper change in the fire of life because of the relationship with Ho-Oh. It has Sacred Fire, which is what Terrance knows when it becomes Elite.

    The fire of life is perfect, if you can get some Sacred Fire from Ho-Oh, then…

    But Ho-Oh…It is far more mysterious than other legendary elves, so Terrance just thinks about it.

    "Ho-Oh? Sacred Fire ? ”Ash was shocked, Ho-Oh, he knows. As for Sacred Fire, it’s very powerful to listen to the name. It can be related to this kind of thing and the legend. The fire of life must be good. I have to say Ash’s way of reasoning. Very strange.

    "Terrance Big Brother, is your Altaria mastering the fire of life?"Asked Ash.

    "Yeah, but don't envy, the potential of Pikachu may not be inferior to the fire of life, but you still need to dig yourself."Terrance smiled and glanced at Pikachu on Ash's shoulder.

    Pickup truckPikachu blinked and pointed at himself accidentally.

    "So Mr. Terrance, what you said is the battle…Could it be to fight against the Blaine Pavilion owner with Altaria's Fire of Life? ”Misty asked curiously.

    As a Trainer specializing in water, she has not paid much attention to the fire system, but after hearing a series of high-end nouns in the mouth of Terrance, she could not help but raise interest.

    "Well, next, Altaria will fight my old buddy."Blaine touched his beard and couldn't wait to get up.

    "Unfortunately, Moltres has not been able to grasp the fire of life, this time it returned to the Orange Isles, and once again with the god of fire in the Orange Islands, the defeat was so bad that it took a long time to hurt. ."Blaine shook his head and sighed.

    "Blaine Pavilion owner…What you just said is…"Hearing Blaine's self-talk, Xiao Gang suddenly stunned.

    “Is your partner Moltres?”

    "Hey, is Terrance not talking to you?"Blaine gave a slight glimpse and thought that Terrance had told Ash about them.

    "Moltres ……God of Fire…Blaine owner, your Moltres and the god of fire in the Orange Islands? ”Ash was quite surprised.

    Seeing Ash and Xiaogang in their appearance, Blaine was also confused, but after Terrance explained, Blaine immediately looked at Ash.

    "Ash, they made a lot of effort in the big crisis of the Orange Islands. If it weren't for them, the disaster would be really dangerous."

    "It turned out to be the case."Blaine immediately understood and admired the few people who looked at Ash.

    "Moltres is mostly from the same source. I respect the god of fire in the Orange Islands. My partner is very proud. I always want to challenge the position of the god of fire. Hahaha, but I think it is very difficult to think about it, maybe wait. It can also grasp the fire of life before there is some possibility."Blaine Road.

    This Moltres is no less powerful than the top-level Trainer's Trump Card.

    But that's all. If there is no qualitative leap in power, the strength of this Moltres is hard to grow again.

    "Challenge the Moltres of the god of fire…"Now, Ash has just known that Moltres has more than one, and thinks of the strength of the god of fire in the Orange Islands, and Ash is looking forward to waiting for a while.

    Fairy Elite's Trump Card vs Legendary Moltres?

    Next, Terrance and Blaine exchanged a few words about the fire system. Ash can be said to have listened with gusto. After that, the two finally decided to start the game. After all, Terrance just came, and Blaine was too embarrassed to ask for a match. This is too rude.

    After Blaine led Terrance and they came to the venue, a few people could already feel the heat!

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